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  1. Cat humor!
  2. Oh mate, its brutal living on the beach in California! The damn sand gets in the Esprit, the sun tan covered chicks leave stains all over the leather seats (from the lotion!) and you have to keep your AC charged as its always about 70-80 degrees! Hmmm, wonder why I left the UK!
  3. Well, I'm English but live in the USA!
  4. Here's mine (sorry about the quality)
  5. Swapped the wastegate solenoid, added all new hoses/clamps - problem fixed!
  6. Hi guys, Need some help troubleshooting an over boost condition on my S4s - under WOT and high RPM the ECU is cutting the fuel due to too much boost. Boost gauge pegs and then quickly drops to zero just as ecu cuts fuel. I've checked the wastegate hoses for leaks and found nothing, disconnected the wastegate solenoid and she runs a pretty steady 0.65 BAR under all conditions, which I believe rules out the capsule? I took the wastegate soleniod off the car and it looks grimy and the foam filter has pretty much fallen apart. So, I'm thinking it sounds more of an electrical vs mechanical boost issue. I was going to replace the wastegate solenoid next, good idea, bad idea, any suggestions or help appreciated! Cheers! Paul
  7. Has to be Caroline Munro for me! :(
  8. I think there are some on EBay right now - check out item # 7941014313
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