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  1. On 03/02/2021 at 12:58, electro_boy said:

    Yeah I think very few companies are working on hydrogen and oxygen powered rockets, out of the big players I thin only Blue Origin?  Those are the ones that produce water as an emission.  Then of course you have to ask how ecologically the hydrogen and oxygen were obtained.  Most people are using jet fuel plus additives or methane as the fuel.  I think some companies have ambitions to use bio mass produced methane to make a less impact but don't think anyone is actually doing that yet?  So there is the potential for large emissions if launches become a LOT more regular than they do now.

    The SN9 test flight was amazing to watch as ever.  Shame that second engine didn't fire up properly on landing but still good of us to see a BIG boom!  I also thought it was a pretty ballsy move putting SN10 so close to the launch and landing site!  I wonder if any small fragments from SN9 exploding have damaged SN10.

    I'm hoping we'll see SN10 laugh soon.   Just need to bolt on the engines and figure out what went wrong on SN9 and correct that for SN10.  Hopefully it was in the software so its a quick turn around rather than a hardware change which could take longer to fix.

    The second and third stages of the old Saturn V used to burn liquid oxygen and hydrogen

  2. Solved - after living with this for years (with the original factory oil cooler lines etc) I recently had my engine rebuilt (and new 3000PSI lines installed) and the whine is no more.  As far as I can tell, it was all due to a cracked oil pickup line vibrating like crazy in the pan.  New pickup line, no whine.  

    Hope it helps someone ...  

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  3. Having owned both the S4s and V8 (still have the V8 after 14 years) I can say the routine maintenance costs on both (at least for me) were about the same over the 5 years I had both.  Now the kicker comes when the V8 needs something other than routine maintenance, like an engine rebuild.  Unless you can afford to lay out at least $10K in cash for such expenses, I'd skip the V8 and go with the S4s.  While I still regret the day I sold my S4s, I wouldn't easily part with the V8 (even with my new found love of Aston Martin) but, if I was forced to pick, I'd go with the S4s.

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  4. Yet gun sales typically go up after mass shootings (go figure) ...

    The only true solution is to take away everyones weapons, but that simply isn't going to happen with the 2nd amendment "gun culture" over here (right or wrong).

    It's a sad world we live in when we accept these actions as normal.

  5. On 11/12/2017 at 03:11, Sparky said:

    Jaysus, even I don't make that much mess.

    I've got you all beat, I can barely find a car let alone a 10mm spanner


    Back to the S4s - by far my favorite Esprit, and I regret the day I sold mine (but the brakes were crap).  Roger Becker once said to me "you're an idiot selling that car" (honesty can be painful) but the great man was right.  Anyway, congrats on the S4s.


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  6. On 10/11/2017 at 13:43, HowardRoark said:

    I remodeled our garage after we moved in to our current house.   The Lotus sign was the first thing I bought.   :pizza:




    I'm sure I saw your Esprit for sale at Symbolic many years ago, can't be many white Esprits with chrome wheels in SoCal.  Great looking car

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