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  1. Sorry Chris, link seems fine. Works for me. Anyone else having problems? The spot was originally posted on Twitter and I commented there also. Try this -
  2. Bit of a good news story in these trying times. Interesting to hear that Geely's factories have reopened and they are selling new cars again. And Popham seems be saying all the right things. I'm just glad they are owned by Geely. I doubt Lotus could have survived this onslaught without them.
  3. Try this.
  4. No history between 2007-2011. Then a couple of MOTs but only 29 miles since 2011. Currently taxed and MOT'd until early May, so road legal. Most peculiar.
  5. @Bibs Remember back on 2008 when I wrote off my first Esprit on black ice and it popped up a few months later at Douglas Valley Breakers? Check out the Esprit Group on Facebook......
  6. Think so. Guess he sold the car.
  7. Evo seem to like it, but of course pepper the review with Porsche point scoring...
  8. Lunchtime today, Wednesday 4/3. Was that you @Andrew C ? Sounded wonderful burbling through the lights at Lady Lawson Street. An hour earlier I saw a TVR Cerbera in the same spot. Something Supercar ish happening today?
  9. The sidebar piece is actually more interesting. In the 'bowels of Hethel' they are scanning and fully digitising an Esprit S1. Now why would they be doing that I wonder? One might conclude that if they are indeed considering a new Esprit it may in fact be a proper update and evolution of the original wedge. Now that could be very interesting.
  10. Autocar up to its usual tricks. Or are they.....?
  11. Friday 21/2 about 19:00. I've seen it a few times out and about, usually on the road between Aberdour and Dalgety Bay early in the morning. Nice plate, E** VRA. Anyone on here?
  12. Some if the eye watering maintenance costs and procedures.
  13. Just passed the Bankhead site on the tram - showroom and forecourt devoid of Lotus, although at least the lights are on in the empty showroom. All the branding gone. Just checked the Grange Motors website and they proudly announce their new Rolls Royce and Aston Martin main dealerships in Scotland. But no mention whatsoever of Lotus, even in their marque list. Ditto with the Cambria Group, who own Grange. I hope Laura is right and we see them back up and running soon. But I remain mildly concerned....
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