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  1. Funny you should mention the P word. It's not discussed in the overall Elise story (for a change). Its only the Alpine that is compared to "The class leading Porsche 718 Cayman and "it's most deadly and accomplished rival, the Porsche Cayman." For all I love about EVO, they simply can't help themselves can they?
  2. Really good piece in the new issue of EVO on the gamechanger the Elise was back in '95 and the cars it influenced. And of course how it will be missed 😞
  3. Today's Windle interview, about what he learned at Tesla. Some interesting snippets about the Roadster and why Lotus is going straight to electric. Hard to think of a better qualified bloke to be in charge currently. I'm very hopeful for the future.
  4. Yep, worlds longest running joke. Used it a few time to introduce meetings I've led over the years, in an attempt to persuade colleagues to steer clear of jargon. Kind of reminds me of Stanley Unwin.
  5. Anyone fitted one of these? Thoughts?
  6. I can highly recommend the recent Sky documentary about Steve McQueen's attempt to bring F1 to the silver screen. Lotus content including superb colour footage of Clark winning his second world championship at the Nurburgring.
  7. Henry Catchpole's drive of the Elise FE. He was at the factory last week. Looking forward to the next magazine issues....
  8. Emira Origin and Meaning The name Emira is a girl's name of Arabic origin meaning "commander, prince". Emira is one of those pan-exotic names that feels pleasant enough but seems so unrooted to any one culture that it might as well be made up. Found online, not my opinion 😁
  9. One of the more interesting and I think best looking renderings I've seen so far. And a sensible view of how the 131 might turn out. From the current issue of CAR.
  10. Thanks all. I've had the car 13 years and there is no record of a respray or any repairs/touch up before then in the file that came with the car. There is no overspray anywhere or any other evidence of new paint that I can see. And as I say, I've only noticed them in the last few months. In fact, they weren't there when I did the last big polishing job late Autumn last year. They are exactly what you'd expect to see from the dreaded steel worm but of course its GRP. The car has been outdoors for the last 18 months after being garaged for the rest of my ownership, so I suspect wa
  11. 2001 V8 Esprit Starlight Black 94k miles. Only appeared in the last few months otherwise the original paint is in excellent condition and well looked after. Buffs up nicely but these are appearing mainly on the leading edge above the windscreen, down the edge of the bonnet and a few other random places. It's been open to the elements the last 18 months but is about to back under cover. Can the experts on here provide a diagnosis and suggest a solution? Or is it respray time?
  12. Well that was a nice surprise. Not a programme I normally pay much attention to but sure enough, Russell Carr appearing on tonight's Antique Roadshow. His Dad was part of the team putting Malcom Campbell's Bluebird back together after it sank on Lake Mead in the US testing. He was based at Nellis air force base and Campbell invited him to join the team as reserve test driver. Russell has some great memorabilia from then, including Campbell's overalls and helmet and stacks of photos. A fascinating and very personal story. Worth catching up with on iPlayer if you get the chance. And no men
  13. First time I've seen a Cullinan in the wild. This one at my local Booker wholesaler this morning. Someone in retail obviously doing well in these difficult times. Even uglier than the photos suggest. Like one of the new electric taxis on steroids. And look at the crap (entitled) parking. Four ruddy spaces!!!
  14. I really struggled to get in it when it was at Parks Lotus a few weeks ago. I have an Esprit which has a lower roofline and a much smaller door opening. I have no problem dropping into the seat. Then it dawned on me, left hand drive. It felt extremely awkward leading with my right leg. Totally counter intuitive. I guess its muscle memory. So I'm with you Spinney, I won't be ordering one on that basis.....
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