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  1. As a LEGS founding member I'm disappointed not to have been able to contribute more to the organising, although I have sorted a few out over the years. But as many of us have found out, with business and family commitments at weekends its been getting more difficult to put the effort in to even attend as many as I'd like, never mind organise them. Big thanks to @bingoking for his efforts over the years, but I guess Brian you are hob nobbing with the AM crowd now If the consensus tomorrow is to continue to mix it up, rather than have a regular slot somewhere, I'm happy to organise a couple during the year (the run up to Gorgarff in October is a particular highlight for me). 1. Al. 2. Dude (Mini-me - well all but in physique ) 3. Alfa2Evora 4 & 5. Johnny & Audrey 6 & 7 Alan & Gwen 7 & 8 Mark & Jane (tentative)
  2. Ah, don't you just love English grammar. Actually the car has been sat at the garage for a week and half while they tried to source the sump plug and sensor. Not sure where it came from (can't pick the car up until early next week) but it was £30 delivered. Which is of course a bit steep for a threaded bolt with a threaded hole drilled down the middle. Until I looked at a well known Esprit parts supplier website. £72.91 plus £14.58 VAT plus £5.94 delivery = £93.43. How can that be justified. And that's without the sensor!!!
  3. That's a new one, tubes that crack. No idea what that's all about. The sub-frames that the engine/suspensions hangs off perhaps? Buying the best you can afford and keeping up with the maintenance (good mechanic essential) is always the best advice. But that's true of any classic car surely? Of course achieving the first sometimes precludes the second and therein lies the Esprit problem; over the years there have been too many examples that simply haven't been looked after. Mine is ready to be picked up from Leven Lotus (nee Murray) after the annual A service and MOT. All that was needed to pass the MOT was some handbrake and emissions fettling. Only new part required during the service - sump plug and temperature sensor. Total cost £430 incl VAT. Not bad for a 17 year old, 90k mile (7k in the past year) V8 supercar. My mates 20015 Freelander is in for its minor service today and that's well over £400. Big thumbs up to Ian at Leven who has looked after my car for over 10 years now. So, as far as I am concerned (and I know I am tempting fate here) , that tired old definition of Lotus simply doesn't apply. And at a valuation of around £18k more than I bought it for, its been a sound investment, not that I bought if for that reason of course.....
  4. The Esprit moulds were saved from the skip in a campaign led by Bibs on this very Forum a few years back. I seem to recall them ending up with a Forum member in Belgium. Or Holland. Or somewhere on the continent. But could be wrong, memory not what it used to be. Anyhow, I'm sure a quick search on here will locate them.
  5. The ugliest, most unnecessary abomination of a car I have ever seen. That is all.
  6. Yes its only one quarter but it shows Musk can't be written off just yet, despite his weirdness over the past few months. Hopefully the numbers continue to work in his favour and his detractors will STFU.
  7. Let's not forget Lotus already has form with electric taxis. Back in 2012 Lotus built one for use during the London Olympics, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell range extender to keep the battery topped up. I suspect the timing of the Lotus acquisition meant little involvement in the development of the new one, but I'll bet they are all over it now.
  8. Thanks @JerryS for capturing the moment Hazel gave us a little wave as we pulled onto the pitlane. I had the good fortune to have a brief word with her 10 years ago when my Esprit won Car of the Show at the 60th Anniversary Celebrations. Now I have photo record of our Chapman connection. however tenuous and brief Could I be cheeky and ask you for a copy of your original photo? Many thanks.
  9. What an awesome day. Huge thanks to Bibs for getting this thing off the ground and working so hard to make it such a success. And to Geely for writing the cheque. A huge step up from the 60th and with Friday's announcement a sign of good things to come. And extra thanks for sorting the weather and inviting me into the inner red badge sanctum Bibs. I thought our parade lap would be the usual follow the lead car, don't exceed 15mph, no overtaking and so on. Bloke with the flag said "4 Laps mate, go for it". Made my day even more awesome And now I find myself quoted in the EDP! It's not quite what I said, but hey, I'm in the local paper
  10. You beat me to it. Any excuse, any thread, however tenuous the link, I post links to the Bahar Elite concept and, I believe, a market Lotus should address seriously i.e. me in a few years when my knees and hips have gone and I can't cope with the Esprit anymore......
  11. I posted about this when the print edition came out but despite trawling through EVO online I can't find it. Maybe they just couldn't bring themselves to publishing a Porsche defeat.... Anyhow, I found what must be a syndicated version elsewhere. This I believe is the EVO article.
  12. As a biker myself, this just doesn't look right although I can see why they are doing it.
  13. Another solid looking appointment, the Sunseeker experience proving out QF's ambition of Lotus becoming a luxury brand. As long as he doesn't throw the baby out with the bath water.....
  14. Given that in all likelihood Lotus at 70 would not be happening if JMG had not been in post for the last four years, I wonder if he's been invited?
  15. The naysayers would say a predictable result I guess but it does give the GT3 a run for its money. And plenty of complements for the 430.
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