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  1. Oh bugger. And it all looked so promising when I had a long chat with the CEO 18 months ago.
  2. 20 cars, 16 bikes. What they cost Harry in 2019. Some nice Lotus content and a bonus, for me at least, a Kawasaki Z1300. On my wish list since 1979...
  3. Wondering what a V8 OEM glass roof with deflector, replacement seal all in the original bag might be worth in the UK. I've used it once in 12 years and am decluttering. Might consider selling if there is enough interest.
  4. I can see the Esprit in there but my immediate thought was this
  5. A bit weird to think that Blade Runner is set in the past.......or am I just feeling my age?
  6. Twas a bit nippy, despite the sunshine.
  7. Geely were one of the original sponsors, helping to bankroll much of the development and were featured quite prominently in the promotional stuff. I'm surprised they didn't pick it up when it went it went into administration. Maybe they are still involved somehow?
  8. Meanwhile, back in the real world....
  9. Starlight Black over magnolia. Seats retrimmed a few years ago in the 25th Anniversary style by Allon Whyte. Rest of interior original, 2001. Centre tunnel, doors etc still look really good and the seats are an almost perfect match.
  10. Perhaps one of the weirdest badging exercises ever. £30k for a badged and spruced up £15k Toyota IQ. It's up there with the Tickford Metro for those old enough to remember.
  11. Yes, that was me waving at you this afternoon @Johnny5 not some mad random biker. You looked a bit startled as I rode past! Got it back on the road in the summer, taking advantage of another glorious Fife day. Esprit has a small radiator leak so need to attend to that before the next big drive out. But on a day like today, the Zephyr is a damn fine substitute. You can probably recognise the location..... Its been a while, hope you and Audrey are well.
  12. Now my desktop wallpaper. The first car to oust my family photo for years. Very cool pic
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