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  1. First time I've seen a Cullinan in the wild. This one at my local Booker wholesaler this morning. Someone in retail obviously doing well in these difficult times. Even uglier than the photos suggest. Like one of the new electric taxis on steroids. And look at the crap (entitled) parking. Four ruddy spaces!!!
  2. I really struggled to get in it when it was at Parks Lotus a few weeks ago. I have an Esprit which has a lower roofline and a much smaller door opening. I have no problem dropping into the seat. Then it dawned on me, left hand drive. It felt extremely awkward leading with my right leg. Totally counter intuitive. I guess its muscle memory. So I'm with you Spinney, I won't be ordering one on that basis.....
  3. Excellent read and huge credit to Lotus, given the cars they could have chosen over the past 699 issues. Lovely car Justin. But no spoilers from me you'll have to read it yourself folks
  4. Several sales in the UK have been mentioned but most are in the States as you'd expect. Whilst some buyers are fussing about the gold inlay in the nose badge, some have seen it as a technology step change and are keen to add it to their collection as it is likely to be 'historically significant'. And most intend to use it every day
  5. I was watching Supercar Megabuild on National Geographic yesterday. Couple of guys brought a Camero over from the States. Amongst several performance and handling upgrades they converted it to RHD. Hugely complex of course and needed a whole new dash imported from Australia (!) but here's the thing. The biggest issue they had was the routing of the steering column and rack round the the engine and exhaust system. None of which is present in a BEV of course. And with such a simple interior and drive by wire, I would have thought doing both RHD and LHD Evijas would not be a huge challenge for Lo
  6. Just back from Parks. Had an invite about a week ago from Laura, ex-Leven. I used to get stuff from Murray, both Lotus and Aston Martin and Leven kept in touch. Don't know why some folk are kept in the dark. Evija is awesome. Pity I forgot my cheque book
  7. Pictures don't do it justice. Quite an astonishing piece of kit. I did fit but it was very awkward getting in an out despite a bigger door opening and more space than my Esprit. Then it dawned on me, left hand drive. 15 years muscle memory wiped out. Leading with my right leg felt most peculiar. So I'll pass I think, if there's no right hand drive
  8. Further investment in engineering and technology. Good news.
  9. Sunday lunchtime. First and only lotus out to play we've seen in a while.
  10. From a distance thought this was an Elan S2. Walked through waist high grass and nettles and found this in front of an overgrown dilapidated garage. Not a huge fan but a shame nonetheless.
  11. Original bread van rear I think. It was in a garage but my wife saw it out and about the next day. Also an original Vauxhall Viva on jacks out front at some stage of restoration. Obviously a connoisseur of fine automobiles. Might be cheeky and knock on the door next time I walk by.....
  12. Seems to be the bastard child of an Evora and an Evija. Quite a mash up. For some reason, clicking on the +5 image icon and scrolling down reveals......what appears to be the Eterne from 2010 (quite a pretty thing, that and the 2010 Elite). Makes you wonder if Autoexpress know what the hell they are talking about.
  13. I've put a few cars through these guys and can highly recommend them. Rob and Lauren really know their stuff and as a broker they have access to a range of lenders and schemes including asset finance and equity release. Their newsletter and market information is always interesting to read and customer service is top notch. They are also real petrolheads....
  14. So that's another major objection knocked off - the 'upstream' generation of electricity has now gone completely fossil fuel-free in the UK. So no feelings of guilt when you plug your BEV in to top with 'dirty' electricity. To be replaced by smuggness no doubt . Whilst the end of Covid-19 and the advent of winter may bring one or two power stations back on stream there is no doubting the trend. I for one would now seriously consider a BEV for the next family car. But will never sell the Esprit....
  15. As a long time fan of Harry's Garage and an EVO subscriber since Day 1, he has been at the top of may Petrolhead Superhero list for a long time (Henry Catchpole is a close second). I doubt his crown will ever be taken. This has been on my wish list since about 1978, when it would have be in my dream alongside the Esprit. I'm almost there, having owned a 1992 Zephyr 1100 for the past 15 years, along with the current V8. I have started perusing the classifieds since Harry announced its arrival . Better get one soon before I'm to old old and feeble to hold the damn thing up.
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