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  1. I have to agree, but I am rather biased. Probably the only V8 I've seen recently that I would consider. I could swap it for mine and SWMBO would never know 😆 (yes dear, I've just upgraded the wheels and refurbed the interior......)
  2. They ran this piece, with an identical picture just over a year ago, in October 21. Wonder why they feel the need to repeat it now? He's not about to leave is he?
  3. Prompted by a comment on my FB post, it's been suggested it's actually a Pontiac Fiero. I think they might be right. What do you guys think?
  4. Checking out a few videos about this awesome looking hydrogen FCV. Look what's hiding behind a tarpaulin in the back of their California workshop. I wonder if they are mulling over a conversion?
  5. BBC promoting their coverage of the World Cup, how everyone will be distracted and unproductive. Including the company boss who drives a Turbo Esprit apparently.....
  6. The news that Britishvolt is teetering on the edge of receivership is bad news for Lotus. I thought Matt was rather hesitant on Harry's video....
  7. I think you have to subscribe to the updates - the invites came out on email last week with a full list of locations and times to choose from.
  8. Nice to see two Lotus in the Goodwood list 🙂 Nine best road cars of the 1990s
  9. Probably the same list I had in my teens. And of course it includes the Esprit, naturally. Goodwood Estate Company Ltd&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=13401476_MS - PAS - Friday newsletter - 12%2F08%2F2022&utm_content=The eight best road cars of the 1970s BUTTON&person_id=100521507&dm_i=1QLU,7Z8N8,W7UZF7,WMEUE,1
  10. I do envy you chaps with the early orders and imminent delivery. The extended wait, the poor comms, the lack of information - all that will be forgotten I'm sure as you take your first drives. Memories are short. For years Crossrail was an over budget, late and hugely inconvenient (to Londoners at least) overblown engineering project. I used it, as the Elizabeth Line that it now is, for the first time last week. My god what a marvel. Fast, smooth, comfortable, cool light, airy stations and corridors. Bearing in mind it was the hottest week of the year (of history?) it was frankly a delight to be down there! Crossrail? What was that, no idea........ Enjoy your cars, I for one am very envious.
  11. Agree it's odd this has come out now. All the pre-production drives were a couple of months ago. The Evo road trip was indeed to the South of France. Given the expected weather in the Alps Lotus provided the tour set up, which unfortunately got taken to Anglesey as soon as he got back..... So, at least we have the French trip to look forward to. Henry is superb at these. I love his laid back but analytical style. He knows his stuff. The last Home Run he did was a McLaren GT to the seat of Bruce McLaren's ancestors in Balquidder via the Dukes Pass. Highly recommended, even if it's not a Lotus.
  12. At the Aberdour roundabout, from Dalgety Bay. Nice to see you out and about Luke.
  13. It seems to there is no limit to Geely's ambition. Not sure how Aston would sit alongside Lotus but I guess there wouldn't be any overlap?
  14. True. But nice pictures.....
  15. EVO Replies Jethro responds to accusations of bias and favouritism towards Porsche and their 'good but not great' review of the Emira. A little tongue in cheek but an interesting conclusion.....
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