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  1. hedgerley

    Lotus Emira

    The Autocar piece from two weeks ago is now online for anyone that missed it.
  2. Not sure this has been posted. Looks good in motion. The filming referred to is I think is a Discovery Plus documentary.
  3. hedgerley

    Type 132

    Screen looks similar to me, almost squarish on both shots. I'd be more concerned about the steering wheel boss - Lynk & Co - with the tape hardly disguising it all. Lotus wheel not available yet, or are we looking at a future Lynk & Co SUV and not the 132? What a game this is......
  4. hedgerley

    Type 132

    As it happens, that's how it's described. "Imagine a more muscular Evija inspired body on 23 inch wheels and you won't be too far from the mark" according to the design team insiders...
  5. hedgerley

    Type 132

    New issue of CAR. 6 page spread, reckoned to be very close to the real thing. But they would say that wouldn't they. Certainly makes for an exciting read πŸ‘
  6. Confirmation again of the "four door sports coupe" Type 133, contrary to some reports saying it was an SUV coupe, whatever one of those is 😏
  7. hedgerley

    Type 132

    This☝️. 133 has been described as a 4 door sedan, hence my opening post on the 133 thread.
  8. Probably more to do with their F1 ambitions if it happens at all.
  9. hedgerley

    Lotus Emira

    Next week's Autocar if anyone is interested....
  10. Was just composing a similar reply myself @freefall_junkie I think describing Emira as a reskinned Evora is rather disingenuous. I see the progression and incremental improvements in the chassis, in its broadest sense, as the evolution of a design philosophy for sports cars that Lotus got right from the very beginning, with the Elise S1. The experience gained over the last 25 years, along with the technology improvements, and their ever broadening partnerships, has allowed Lotus to evolve that philosophy. Whilst the basic concept is similar, in its execution, Emira is a whole lot different to Evora. Don't fix it if it ain't broke would sum it up for me.
  11. hedgerley

    Lotus Emira

    Which they have corrected. All hail our mighty leader and keyboard warrior @Bibs
  12. Whilst not overly enthusiastic, Harris has on occasion been blown away by a Lotus. I know it's quite a few years ago (look how much hair he has) but it's worth checking out what he thought about the Exige S back in the day. I suspect and indeed hope we'll see something similar when he drives the Emira.
  13. Whilst no doubt true @jimichanga, eCoTY is a shortlist based on NEW performance cars from the previous 12 months. Lotus have only been releasing variations on a theme for the last few years as we know 😟
  14. Popped up in the EVO archive today. Probably my all time favourite car video, filmed on my favourite road less than an hour from home. I led a LEGS run on this very route a few years ago; what a great day that was 😎 I had a brief chat with Henry at the 60th Anniversary do at Hethel (he was admiring Dave Minters 'oldest Elise on the road', which I was parked next to) and he said it was one of the best drives he'd ever done. And he loves Scotland, for obvious reasons. Enjoy the video.
  15. Porsche (911 GT3 Touring) comes third. THIRD. In EVO's Car of the Year. I had to go for a lie down. BMW M5 CS came first. Wonder if Emira will feature this time next year and where they will place it.
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