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  1. Twas a bit nippy, despite the sunshine.
  2. Geely were one of the original sponsors, helping to bankroll much of the development and were featured quite prominently in the promotional stuff. I'm surprised they didn't pick it up when it went it went into administration. Maybe they are still involved somehow?
  3. Meanwhile, back in the real world....
  4. Starlight Black over magnolia. Seats retrimmed a few years ago in the 25th Anniversary style by Allon Whyte. Rest of interior original, 2001. Centre tunnel, doors etc still look really good and the seats are an almost perfect match.
  5. Perhaps one of the weirdest badging exercises ever. £30k for a badged and spruced up £15k Toyota IQ. It's up there with the Tickford Metro for those old enough to remember.
  6. Yes, that was me waving at you this afternoon @Johnny5 not some mad random biker. You looked a bit startled as I rode past! Got it back on the road in the summer, taking advantage of another glorious Fife day. Esprit has a small radiator leak so need to attend to that before the next big drive out. But on a day like today, the Zephyr is a damn fine substitute. You can probably recognise the location..... Its been a while, hope you and Audrey are well.
  7. Now my desktop wallpaper. The first car to oust my family photo for years. Very cool pic
  8. A quick run up the coast in the sun this afternoon, between Dalgety Bay and Kinghorn via the back roads. I met an Elise 220 as I left left the Bay, was followed by a Ferrari GTS on the way to Kinghorn and coming the opposite way, before I got there, were a Jaguar C Type and an E-Type convertible. Capped by a red Evora leaving Aberdour later on. All in the space of less than half an hour. Made my day.
  9. Sure I read somewhere that they will provide a 'plain' hatch cover as well so the signed one can be removed and displayed. In one's man cave I presume....sorry, MY man cave
  10. There's some good coverage here, with the opening remarks and the interviews. I was asked mid afternoon if I and fellow drivers could hang on until 4:30 for a live broadcast walk along the line-up and a piece to camera. Unfortunately there were only two of us left by then, it had started to rain heavily and the Borders TV guy said 'TV doesn't work in the rain'. My chance for stardom lost forever, like tears, in rain (to misquote my favourite movie.....)
  11. What a great day at the official opening of the Jim Clark Motorsport Museum in Duns by Sir Jackie Stewart with Alan McNish and other notables in attendance, including Doug Nye, Doug Niven, Sally Stokes, John Cleland, Loiuse Aitkin-Walker and a few others I didn't recognise The weather held and the speeches and reminiscing from those that knew Clark where wonderful. And some interesting cars in attendance of course, including a Bitter, only the second I've ever seen!
  12. Err, don't think so guys. I'm heading along to the opening tomorrow to collect the keys in person when my name is called. So back off..... And I'll be wearing the Jim Clark polo shirt I bought over two years ago at Ingleston when the fund raising was announced. So they have no excuse not to give me the car.
  13. Second that. I've taken a few people out for a drive over the years. Was even offered up as a prize in the village gala a few years ago. Raised a stack of cash. Post your location, there's probably someone reasonably close who could oblige your girlfriend. And take her out in the Esprit.....
  14. So, another young whippersnapper this morning, at the cash and carry (Esprit is a delivery truck for our cafe at weekends.....) Car fanatic 7 year old and his dad (just bought an M4). Knew what it was, performance and the BHP. Knew there was a 4-cylinder before it. Knew it was the Bond car, asked to see the pop up headlights etc. etc. Had never seen one in real life. Was completely in awe. Then he has a sit in it, oh is that the fly-off hand brake? Did I say he was 7? But then I had him - hands on the steering wheel and reaching round, he asks me where the gears are, it's got no gears he says! Ah says I, no flappy paddles about when this was made. Harrumph he says, and walks off. 7 years old. Bloody know it all.........
  15. Yep. mi
  16. Plus one here. Always was a nice place to visit and wile away an hour two, even more so after the recent revamp and investment in the workshop. With the bonus of Aston next door
  17. That's the photo that Leven Lotus posted on Facebook last week. I reposted here but it disappeared the next day, from their Facebook thread as well. Wonder if they or someone at Lotus were being a bit previous?
  18. Pulled into the drive last night as a bunch of schoolkids wandered by. Eldest no more than 10 probably. The usual schoolboy questions then one of the lads started asking about the engine. Is it the V8 he asks, so that'll be the 3.5 he says. It's got twin Garrett turbos hasn't it? I'll bet I could drive it. I doubt it very much says I. Well, he says, I had no problems with the Lamborghini Gallardo manual the other week, so I doubt I'd have a problem with this. 9 years old. Out of the mouths of babes......
  19. Sorry Bibs, Didn't word that well. I didn't mean you or anyone on this site. I've just checked the Leven posts and the photo has disappeared. I was wondering if someone at Lotus had perhaps been a bit presumptuous?
  20. My repost from Leven Lotus, another teaser for the 130, appears to have disappeared. Makes a nonsense of my Mmmmm comment. Did someone make a cock up? Any ideas @Bibs?
  21. Nice piece about the GT3 Esprit on Pistonheads.
  22. Immaculate Triumph TR7 drop top, green. Probably rarer than the Esprit, launched at the same time as it happens. Pulled up alongside at the roundabout out of the village and complemented the driver, which he acknowledged and returned the complement about mine, which was nice.
  23. I think. Heading towards Cowdenbeath over the A92. Looked very tidy, nice wave from the driver.
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