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  1. Amex do this every time! PMSL Not heard that before - you've just made my Friday!
  2. Well, looking on the bright side, at least it would be a bit easier to put in your hand luggage.
  3. And now this from Deecee: Obviously hasn't got a clue what is going on here!
  4. Thanks for ending my [email protected] day with a good laugh
  5. ... and this thread has five replies but zero views. How does that happen?
  6. Thanks for posting that. I remember buying and reading that issue like it was yesterday. Just like I can clearly recall standing in the queue for school dinners with my mate - reading that first test of the Red S1 also in Car. Cheers
  7. I know I'm just a newbie interloper who doesn't even own an Esprit (yet) but I sincerely wish you a speedy and complete recovery. Esprits are very special and underrated cars - as are the people who have a passion for them. All the best, mate.
  8. The concept of flying buttresses that rise and fall with the rear window is interesting - although hideously executed in this case. I'd say you're correct, yet it has been badged as a Turbo! All in all: sad!
  9. I have to agree with your final sentence on your page - hope it hasn't deteriorated much more over the last 3 years.
  10. Found an English page now:
  11. I saw the white submarine car at Beaulieu a couple of years back but don't recall the Silver Car being there. So, what "Esprit Prototype" is being referred to in this article: I guess not the elusive Silver Car?
  12. You're also excluding the original Elite and the other Lotus models with the Coventry Climax engine? Do the early Lotus vehicles
  13. Wow! Hilly, I've seen the thread about your conversion but never knew that you were so close. I drive past the end of your road every day on the way between Walton Bridge & Sunbury. Got to say I'm in complete awe of your project. "I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy...etc"
  14. This lunchtime I happened to be driving from Sunbury to Shepperton when I spotted a Red Esprit on the way. It looked like it was on axle stands and getting some TLC. Anyone on here?
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