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    Thank you for all the useful information. They even offer Lotus driving expericence at Castle Combe. ( not during my visit unfortunately ) In the meanwhile, what would be tourist attaction in general in the area aprat frm the spa. ( I found that much. )
  2. ST1


    I am going to visit Cheltnham the next week on business, and I have a day to spare. The place is quite unfamiliar to me. I wonder if you have any suggestions on what I should do that day. Anything related to Lotus, car, and racing would be welcome. FYI, I have been to London a few times.
  3. Thank you for all your concern. Here is a situation in Tokyo. -Railway and subway is partly suspended. But mostly operational with some delay in the central part of Tokyo. -Highway is partly closed. But mostly operational. -In a town where I live, which is very close to downtown Tokyo, we've had some minor cracks in buildings and roads. -Since people are stocking up supply, we have shortage of foods, drinks, and so on. But nothing serious I think. It is purely psychological. Stores are already receiving supply. -It is almost impossible to get gas. Seems like no station is receiving supply. -We still have some earthquakes. TV says that there is 70% possibility that we have another big one in the next three days and 50% in the following three days. And my Evora is perfectly fine, but she is in desperate needs of fuel. It took me almost eight hours to get home from one of my client last Friday. ( usually takes just an hour ) The first thing I did was to check if my Evora is all right. Since I live rather close to Tokyo bay, I was a bit nervous.
  4. British racing green. I like the way the tone changes in different light.
  5. Oh. I have not noticed it yet. I will check the next time. Thank you.
  6. According to the spec. sheet, "optimal gear shift-point display" is standard on Evora. But I cannot find anything like it in my Evora. I wonder if anybody knows about it.
  7. Living in Tokyo, the most congested city in the world, the parking/width is a big issue. Here is my situation. My apartment has a parking lot where each slot is 2.4 – 2.5m wide. Mine is 2.45m and I can park my Evora without any problem. However, the car needs wider gap to get in/out than its width suggests, for it has very long doors and the door opens very wide. ( and the side sills, of course ). I park my Evora closer to one side than the other so that I have enough space on my driver’s side. Those who use slots on my sides usually park their cars as far from the Evora as possible because of its presence. ( So I guess ) I do not drive my Evora unless I am sure that there are parking lots that I can park the car without a problem. I just use train or subway. There are still many parking lots where an Evora simply won’t fit. But this is getting less and less a problem, for many people in Tokyo now drive a SUV or minivan wider than an Evora, and a parking slot is pretty wide in recently developed areas. When I park in a city car park, I find a spot far away from others. When I have to park my car right next to somebody else ( which has not happened to the Evora, yet ) I always find a place next to a person with respect to a car. The clues would be; 1) He/she has a nice, expensive car 2) Keeps his/her car clean 3) Parks his/her car well in a right position
  8. Does anybody find the pedals offset on Evora? In Japan many magazine reviews mention that all the pedals are located rather close to the center. I did not notice that when I test drove a right hand vehicle. But after I spent some time in my left hand drive Evora, I am starting to notice that. Does anybody else notice that? I wonder if 1) it is something you get used to 2) if not, how do you drive around it 3) there is difference between RHD and LHD vehicle It is not a serious problem that makes driving difficult. But I imagine it is quite painful once you get stuck in heavy traffic which Japan is infamous for. In general, I find the Evora a great vehicle. This is my first Lotus and it is very easy to understand that people have been fascinated by the marque so much. The car feels big, but it is very agile. I am particularly impressed by its road holding. I feel as if the car is glued onto the road!
  9. As to interior colour I was debating between Oyster and standard black, and I chose standard black. I am extremely happy with my choice of colour ( both exterior and interior ) The dark interior makes great contrast with bright BRG exterior and sets very chic tone.
  10. After seven month wait the car has finally arrived. I believe that these are the firts pic's of a BRG production car in the forum. The car is just stunning. It has charisma of Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Aston Martin.
  11. Thank you! How about 2+2 w/o premium pack? I am curious what the rear seats look like. I am under impression that my dealer does not have definite information.
  12. Does anybody have a picture of them? My dealer used to tell me that they are in leather w/o premium pack. But now he says that the Lotus changed it to fabric. He also told me that the dashboard is now in leather instead. Does anybody know what the interior of the base spec. car w/o premium pack looks like? Is it nice enough?
  13. ST1

    Evora 2+0

    I checked with my local dealer. He confirmed that the rear seats are in black leather even without "Premium Pack".
  14. ST1

    Evora 2+0

    >>>Areas that will be cloth covered include.. >>>Rear seats and seat surrounds I thought the rear seats are leather. That is what a brochure said. Does anyone know for sure?
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