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  1. Hi Glyn, My car is a V8 GT, a 1999 model. Both my driver and passenger jets are the same with the extra bits. Might an Elise share the same jet arrangement? I have a huntch they do - but it has been some time since I had an Elise. Jim
  2. Hi, The washer jets are exactly as you describe on my car. I recently ordered a new jet from Lotus. It came with everything apart from the black cosmetic collar which pushes over the jet from the outside and the white spacer. I guess a dealer will be able to identify these 2 parts seperatly? Jim. PS I found the new jets made quite a diffrence to directing the spray!
  3. I have been stripping out the dash of my UK '99 V8GT to get the heater matrix. In a burst of ill advised haste, I have confused the connection of the radar detector into the alarm control unit. It has a phone style jack. I think this goes into the socket marked "vol" at one end of the alarm unit. There is an identical socket right beside all the other connector blocks - I don't think it is that one. Can any one confirm? Jim
  4. Hi Dave, Think I would be interested in a grill for a v8. My only comment is about the towing eye. If I was going to replace the grill, I think I would like to get rid of the standard eye, and replace it with a screw in arrangement. I think this is what the Elise has (if my memory is correct). This would clean up the front of the car a bit. In the end, I suggest you go with what you want for your car! Jim
  5. I have thought about trying that (extra ducting onto breaks), but I can't think of an easy way of doing it. I have found that with my new set up, I am not having problems on the track with overheating (but, I haven't really pushed the breaks hard yet). I had exactly the same issue as you with the brembo set up. I think a key isue is the pad area. With the larger discs and larger pads, the heat build up between the two is reduced (think of it as energy over area). The calipers I am using are actually CP5200 (not 2500). I have Ferodo DS2500 (I think) pads front and rear. Produce m
  6. You can get 330mm for the front if you have OZ saturn wheels - that's what I have on my V8-GT. Might fit with other wheels, but you would have to check. I uprated the disc and calipers using AP stuff so I now have 330x32 at the front with matching CP 2500 calipers. Not a cheap option, but it works well. Also changed the back to 320 x 26 retaining standard calipers. I think if you are upgrading your breaks, you have to think about the use you plan to make of them. The standard discs get very hot with hard use. To overcome this you not only need a greater diameter but a larger pad
  7. About 900 mile. No problems. Didn't expect any either.
  8. When I first approached my insurers to ask about a parade lap on Lotus
  9. V8 - GT Most interesting modifications: 330 x 32 AP groved discs on front with matching AP calipers 320 x 26 AP groved discs on rear with standard Brembo calipers Poly bushes all round Spa Le Mans carbon fiber wing mirrors CD multi-changer unit mounted on shelf above ECU in engine bay Clear front indicator lenses and stick on number plate Clear side repeator lenses from a Saab 900 / 9000 (they are just the right shape for an Esprit)
  10. Hi Glyn, Most of the roads were very good. Although some sections of the motorway were a real eye opener with large pot-holes and adverse cambers bends (the bit just over the border from Biarritz - and it was pissing down). I treat my chin spoiler as expendable. It is a long way from "as new." The worst problem is getting in to and out of underground car parks and on / off ferries. If I can, I load the rear boot and use the handbrake to ease the shock on the front. Oh - and approach everything at an angle. At one hotel the porter told me that the Esprit was not too bad. They had
  11. Hi, Just back from a 2,500 tour round France and Spain in a v8. Fully loaded (2 people, both boots full) I was easily getting 300 miles between fills. I did get about 370 miles on one motorway run before the warning light. If you are driving without much use of boost, I think you will get a similar result. For interest, I got just over 27mpg! Jim
  12. I am using AP discs 330 x 32 on the front with AP CP 2500 calipers (from memory) and 320 x 26 AP discs on the rear. This is a close to the SP 350 set up as I could get at resionable cost (about 2.5k pounds all in including the bells, pads, discs, brackets, front hoses). Very good results. I found the standard discs were not up to the job I wanted. Try BG Developments if you are interested. Jim
  13. Hi, I put the roof in the boot all the time. It just takes practice. I have moved the boot alarm switch on my car from the off side to the near side to improve access (it makes life a bit easier) but it is possible without doing this. On my old GT3 I did think about moving the vacume pump (on top of the rear near side wheel arch) to make more room for the roof. Never did in the end. I have always thought this illustrate the best and worst of Lotus design. I really like the large removeable roof (key selling point for an Esprit for me), but am shocked at the poor attention to det
  14. Hi Mark, Should see you at Hethel! Hope also that V8-GT will form basis of new "super sports car" Jim
  15. Hi Ian, I think Murray are pretty good. I have had 3 cars from them, and have always been happy with the service. I don't get everything from them as I do some of the work myself (I enjoy it working on the car from time to time) and use some of the specialist suppliers where it makes sence. Have you ventured to Knockhill yet? Jim.
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