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  2. Last week the long awaited Track path creator/importer arrived on Gran Turismo. So I spent a few days recreating the iconic Hethel test track. First attempts were scrapped off as I struggled with getting the right amount of curves fitted into a 2.2 mile track. Also the test car I used was lapping too quickly. So had to settle for making the track slightly longer than it is in reality. But this did enable me to include all the turns, the chicane and the hairpins. The result is an accurate replica of the Lotus test track, both in lap times and feel of the track when driving it. The pit lane is
  3. Outstanding effort from The Sunday Cup team saw a 3rd in class finish after this weekends Silverstone 12 hour event. At the halfway point the team were in P2 with 1 lap seperating them from the leaders, Green Hell Heathens in the Renault Sport Megane, with P3 being taken by Hyperion racing in the NSX LM RC on the same lap as the Lotus Sunday Cup team. Some confusion after the final driver change saw the team ordered back to the pit lane to serve a penalty, which cost us some time, and ultimately the position. The standings after this second round still sees the team at the top of the l
  4. Its raining, but no surface water at the moment so pace is still good. We are prepared for rain though. 1st driver change coming at the top of the hour.
  5. Sunday Cup team SCAR Lotus are competeing now in the GTPlanet Silverstone 12 hour race. The link for the live stream is below the pictures. 12 hours of Silverstone GTPlanet endurance series 2/5/2015. Live streaming now.
  6. The Monza race saw Weescotman stretch his chamionship lead to 9 points over Capt D in a thrilling race which had some very close place finishes. Some cracking pictures from the Monza race can be viewed HERE. There is now a break in the season before the next race at Suzuka on May 10th. This is so the Sunday Cup team can compete in their second endurance race of the season this coming weekend. The GTPlanet Silverstone 12 hour race will take place on Saturday and Sunday 2nd/3rd May. It will be held over 2 x 6 hour races, with the first race starting at midday on the Satur
  7. Awesome mid season review on the Lotus facebook page today. Also, here are some links to some great race weekend pictures and reports from Sundays race at Motegi. Capt Ds race pics. Theewars race pics.
  8. Race 4 at Motegi was a blast. Another super close finish after 40 laps and over 1 hour of racing. Jammy Rex and Weescotman were locked in a door to door elbows out race for 23 laps, until a spin off which left Jammy in the P1 spot for the rest of the race. But after the tyre change strategys came into play he was denied the win on the last lap and 0.7 seconds by Theewar. So at the halfway point, the standings table sees just 1 point splitting 1st and 2nd in the championship. Race 5 at Monza on the 19th April will see new upgrades bringing the car up to Elise S Club R
  9. Sundays race at Red Bull ring saw some super close action. Championship leader SokaGt could not make it 3 wins out of 3 races though. Instead the top step went to Weescotman, but only by half a second after 70 minutes of close racing. Next stop is Twin ring Motegi East course on 5th April.
  10. The provissional results from the Bathurst 12 hour race are now final. Sunday Cup team SCAR LOTUS finished 1st in class with a total of 313 laps over the course of the race. Next up is the Silverstone 12 hour in May. Now that the break for endurance racing is over, tonight sees race #3 of The Sunday Cup at Red Bull ring. Times again are very close. RED BULL RING PRACTICE RESULTS COBANI...1:52.534 SHIN ROH...1:52.669 THEEWAR...1:52.691 WEESCOTMAN...1:52.759 CAPT_D...1:52.808 MEGG230...1:52.875 GOODWOLF...1:53.134 CAPTAIN TIGGLES...1:53.147 SOKAGTRACING...1:53.171 HASSLEMOFF...1:
  11. Provisional results from the Bathurst 12 hour race are now available. After weeks of practice and preparation, the Sunday Cup team qualified 3rd in class, and 12th on the grid in the Lotus Elise 111R. The race got off to a rocky start for the team, with a driver swap required before the green light had even been given, followed by a disconnection, which cost the team 4 laps and saw us running 6 laps behind the leaders in class. However, as the hours went by, the team didnt give up and managed to pull the strategy back in line. By the time the final driver took his stint behind the wheel after
  12. Sorry folks, huge streaming problems. the stream has been moved to HERE,
  13. The stream is now live. Good luck racers. BATHURST 12
  14. Today at 19.00hrs The Sunday Cup team, S.C.A.R Lotus will be taking on mount panorama in the GTPlanet Bathurst 12 hour race. After a tense weekend of Qualifying, they will be starting 12th on the grid and 3rd in class, after out qualifying DART racing (NSX) and GHH racing (Renault). The race will be streamed live in its entirety tonight on the GTPlanet youtube channel. Go Team S.C.A.R.
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