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  1. amoss

    Evora MOT

    You can get reminders about MOT being due - sign up here
  2. My Excel was fitted with Dim Dip which I have disabled. As mentioned pull the Dim Dip Relay, and then there will be a fuse (34 on the Excel) which has to be pulled to stop the headlights switching on whilst the pods are closed. Works for me and I run LEDs in the sidelights to get a pseudo DLR effect. No change to the wiring - I suspect the the Esprit uses the same basic system.
  3. There was a service bulletin early in the Evora's life (Dec 2009) about water ingress. I have attached a copy in case it helps. Check the rubber boot seal also; there were problems with these. Evora TSB.pdf
  4. My 1991 Excel is only on its third battery from new - current one since 2012 and still strong. Always kept on battery conditioner (CTek) whilst in the garage).
  5. My Europa Special in Roman Purple taken in 1977 - it was "special".
  6. At Launch in 1994 the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta was about £78000 (plus add ons) or about 30% more than the Esprit V8.
  7. 60 litre alloy tank from Pro Alloy - used in some of the race prepared Exige V6s. Straight swap therefore also fits any s2 Exige/Elise.
  8. In action at Rockingham 17/08/16 with the Sporting Bears
  9. amoss


  10. Sad news. I will mention it on the Excel forum but you might want to put it in their "For Sale" section.
  11. First Lotus I drove (in 1970) was an Elan S4 belonging to a friend. Newly graduated bought a Ginetta G15 kit as I couldn't afford a Lotus. Fist Lotus was a Seven S4 with Big Valve Twin Cam. This was followed by a Lotus Europa Special. Later came my first Excel SE which was followed by an Elan M100 SE. Finally I acquire my Excel Celebration in March 1994, which I still have
  12. Quite right. Mine was one of the later ones (1991 Excel Celebration) and the V5 says "Eclat Excel".
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