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  1. Renaultsport Megane unit? Possible given new tie up with Alpine/Renault
  2. The leave vote resulted in a significant drop in the value of the pound, which increased cost as oil/fuel is prices in dollars. However since this was over 3 years ago the problem, which seems to have been dealt with by most other businesses in the sector, points to poor management at TC. After all TC nearly went under 8 years ago. Most of the (erroneously) reported £600 million cost of repatriation is covered by ATOL and ABTA. Cost to the taxpayer will be nearer £100 million.
  3. amoss

    Evora MOT

    You can get reminders about MOT being due - sign up here
  4. My Excel was fitted with Dim Dip which I have disabled. As mentioned pull the Dim Dip Relay, and then there will be a fuse (34 on the Excel) which has to be pulled to stop the headlights switching on whilst the pods are closed. Works for me and I run LEDs in the sidelights to get a pseudo DLR effect. No change to the wiring - I suspect the the Esprit uses the same basic system.
  5. There was a service bulletin early in the Evora's life (Dec 2009) about water ingress. I have attached a copy in case it helps. Check the rubber boot seal also; there were problems with these. Evora TSB.pdf
  6. My 1991 Excel is only on its third battery from new - current one since 2012 and still strong. Always kept on battery conditioner (CTek) whilst in the garage).
  7. My Europa Special in Roman Purple taken in 1977 - it was "special".
  8. At Launch in 1994 the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta was about £78000 (plus add ons) or about 30% more than the Esprit V8.
  9. 60 litre alloy tank from Pro Alloy - used in some of the race prepared Exige V6s. Straight swap therefore also fits any s2 Exige/Elise.
  10. In action at Rockingham 17/08/16 with the Sporting Bears
  11. amoss


  12. Sad news. I will mention it on the Excel forum but you might want to put it in their "For Sale" section.
  13. First Lotus I drove (in 1970) was an Elan S4 belonging to a friend. Newly graduated bought a Ginetta G15 kit as I couldn't afford a Lotus. Fist Lotus was a Seven S4 with Big Valve Twin Cam. This was followed by a Lotus Europa Special. Later came my first Excel SE which was followed by an Elan M100 SE. Finally I acquire my Excel Celebration in March 1994, which I still have
  14. Quite right. Mine was one of the later ones (1991 Excel Celebration) and the V5 says "Eclat Excel".
  15. I am happy to be corrected, but I think it may have changed to film. It is listed in the parts list for the Exige V6 Cup: Part Number: A702U0007F Description: Paint Mask Rear Clam
  16. Paint the car and apply black vinyl for the black pack (or clear for a non black pack car) makes economic sense compared to paint the car, paint the sills and then apply clear film. There are other areas where the use of black film has been introduced; the Exige V6 Cup black back panel is black film for example..
  17. My 1991 Excel was converted to the newer gas which does have smaller molecules. after changing the fittings for the recharge the air con engineer pressuried the system using nitrogen with a fluorescent dye to check for leaks. None were seen and the pressure held. As a precaution the system was first charged with what the engineer described as the air con equivalent of Radweld and the newer gas was then installed. Seems to work.
  18. I was privileged to spend some time with MJK during the Classic Car Show. An enthusiast and a gentleman. A copy of the Excelnet calendar will be auctioned on eBay shortly, signed at the NEC by Mike and Oliver Winterbottom, to raise funds for children's charities via the Sporting Bears.
  19. So sad that another great man has been taken too soon. RIP.
  20. I understand that a certain factory in Norfolk had something to do with the handling on the Vanquish!
  21. In 1993 Lotus produced the Esprit Sport 300, to some people the finest Esprit. It was £64,995. Inflate that to today it becomes £118,000!!! Yes really. At the end of the Esprit V8 sales in 2002 it was reduced to £59,950. Inflate that it becomes £87,100. At £80,000 a fully specified Evora 400 looks like a bargain.
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