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  1. OK, my fault, I got distracted and crossed neg and pos wires when installing a new battery. The car has power, but will not start. The alarm will work, but I think I need to re set the alarm. I remember a sequence with unlocking and turning the keys, I looked in my black electrical book and could not find it. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Need a tachometer for an '01 Esprit V8. Anyone?
  3. Turns out I have a bad tach. Quote from repair shop is $600 for the part. [email protected]!!!
  4. I just lost my dash lights tonight (oh joy), tach went out a while ago... turn signal lights work, high beam indicator works, hazards work... no instrument lights work. Window buttons light up, but when I press up or down they move, stop, then I have to press them again to get them down or up a bit more.... Damn Lucas! Any thoughts? Anyone else had this problem?
  5. I'm an idiot, got it... couldn't get pistons push back, but done now.
  6. How do you replace the front pads? I'm stuck. I read the service manual, but it shows two pins and I only have one, do you remove the caliper?
  7. Upon start up my tach reads 300 rpm's. At what should read 5k+ rpm's it only shows 1k at most. By which I mean it is getting some sort of a reading and always moves if the engine is running.... but never goes over 1k rpm's. My motor is definitely running over 1k rpm's. Also, my temp gauge recently stopped reading anything. Unsure if this is related.
  8. I need just the brain and corresponding fobs.... How soon?
  9. I tried a search and am just dim-witted I guess.... I heard Lotus has a few deals and I can't find a link.... anyone? This is for my 2001 V8, so I hope this is in the proper location. Thanks.
  10. Hey, Haven't been on in a while, what parts sale? Thanks....
  11. OK, I tried the reprogramming procedure in the owners manual and it didn't work. Took it to my dealer and he tried same thing without results. He now says I may have to order a new alarm module! Anyone????
  12. Can an admin please contact me... I bought a day, but am still in hot water.... ty
  13. Sorry, Should have stated that I tried all 4 touch-keys. My only guess is to try to trace the wiring from the touch-key receptor to the harness and verify it is hooked up. Otherwise, I have a new touch key receptor and will replace it, but it would be faster if I can just unplug the alarm short term.... Will that work? I can verify my extra parts (new alarm parts not used, only new brain was used) if required....
  14. Help! Lost my key's with the transmitter key. I have replaced my Cobra with a new one (ordered from Lotus on 4/19/06). I have a part number, but not a model number. My owners manual states that I have a model 6422 system. I do currently have 4 touch keys. I have to assume 2 came with the car (old alarm) and 2 are for the new alarm. Sorry, lots going on and cannot remember. I HAVE to move it tomorrow. Can anyone pm an easy way to disconnect the alarm? I have spoken to my local dealer and they will reprogram the transmitter, but I cannot afford towing right now and don't trust my local AAA exce
  15. Will any top post 12volt car battery work short term in an '01 Esprit? I need to move my car and have a verified dead battery. Can't get a battery from dealer until Monday. Have a 12v top-post in both my '95 T-100 p-u and '93 Ford Aerostar..... is there a safety concern? Did a google search and had no real luck after 15 minutes of worthless pages. Thanks in advance....
  16. Just ordered the yellow pads from JAE.... will let everyone know soon. Jeff was very helpful and the price was great.
  17. Paid for it, now I need new one. Blacked out girlfriend.... Any pics to help with the new install?????
  18. Finally got pics of my exterior gasket. Sorry about the quality, they were taken tonight.
  19. I know you said it sounded electrical, but could it be as simple as the air intake? My belief is start simple and work towards the complicated. Sorry if I'm under thinking things.
  20. Just got my new camera in mail today, will post pics asap. What I meant was the outside of the glass between the glass and the A-pillar and the glass and the windscreen. There isn't a trim piece along the bottom is there? Sorry, bought my car with no windscreen and am working blind here. Any outside looking in pics of all four sides would be greatly appreciated. BTW it's an '01 model.
  21. Is there a visible gasket around the perimeter of the windshield? My new one did not come with one and I wanted to know if it needs one. Pics would be great. Thanks in advance. Mat
  22. My bad, I have an '01 V8. I'd assume it should be the 16"
  23. Good luck. I'm taking mine to VIR for my first time ever on a road course. A client is the GM and is letting me run solo after the Ferrari Challenge May 20th. Gotta get my fuel cut @ 5k rpm fixed by then. Of course I'd change the oil before going on the track. New brake fluid is a good idea. Spark plugs, regular tune up stuff is very important. Watch the boost going into turns... that's all I got, hope it helps.
  24. Anyone know the spare tyre? Mine's missing and probably melted;) I need the wheel and rubber btw.
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