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    What you really want is one of these: Now that's VERY cool.
  3. Cheers chaps! Bibs - welcome to share any of my images I post here, anytime. Andrew Swift (chevronB37, as he's known on most forums), has written a superb piece on the 3 cars over on his blog - he's sent it out to do the rounds this evening. It features more shots from the same shoot. Here's a selection of my favourites: ...and finally, my favourite shot: See the rest, over on Andy's blog: Well worth a visit and a read.
  4. Cheers guys. The car was lit with 3 light sources - the ambient underpass lighting, an off camera remote speedlight to light the flank of the car evenly, and then several frames of 'light painting' with the trusty Snap-On LED torch, to provide appropriate highlights along the roof line, spoiler etc...
  5. With help from a couple of NYLOCers and JCT600 Lotus, on Thursday night I had the chance to shoot the new V6 Exige: Properly, you know, not just a snap on a forecourt, or sitting on some lucky souls driveway! Thanks to JCT600 / Andy Bryan for supplying the V6, and with Andy Swift for doing the organising. There'll be some more to come, including a few other lovely looking Lotus's, with appropriate thanks in due course... Very pleased with the first of the batch… The 2013 Exige S:
  6. You're right Bibs.. Here's a warmer version I did: It's as a result of the LED torch - it's quite a 'blue' light to it. Thought this one was worth a post up too: A combination of a long exposure star trail, and a bit of light painting on the sleeping Lotus: "Let sleeping dogs lie":
  7. Done a few shots like this recently: Long exposures, LED torch, and some deft photoshop layering when you get home: The 'xige: S1 Elise: Think I'll be doing a few more too!
  8. Crikey... has it really been a year since in posted in here?! (Time flies, when you have a baby!) I've probably quite a few others I should add to this thread... I'll have a dig about! Anyway - In preperation for an upcoming Lotus shoot (Stay tuned - I'll post up pics in a couple of weeks...), I thought I'd best dig out the light painting kit, and head out into the darkness to refresh my memory / skills... I say out into the darkness - This was shot in the exotic location that is: my driveway. Hiding in the shadows by Martyn Lewis, on Flickr
  9. I've done a great deal of weddings over the last few years Bibs. Started out, like you, shooting a friends wedding, then it was friends of friends, friends of friends of friends... now UK wide. I don't actively promote 'doing' weddings, but people seem to seek me out regardless - Even ended up shooting one in Krakow, Poland, last year!? I'd echo all the comments above - make sure you have back-up gear with you - shoot RAW, and keep your images on many smaller memory cards, rather than a couple of large capacity one's. (I had a mid-wedding card failure last year, and lost around 300 ima
  10. Speakin' of star trails... I haven't been here for a while - too tied up with looking after the new arrival - He's 10 months old now! Time's flying! In any spare few minutes I have, I've been writing some photoshop scripts and plugins - one of which is a useful script for star trail stacking: I posted up on my blog about a 'new' type of trail, that seems to be growing in popularity...!.aspx
  11. Yeah - that's what i was concerned about... Have you thought about a combined set up? I've seen one rig, where a single clamped section (car end) is Ali, and the rest is carbon - but with a shot ali insert in where the magic arm / super clamp goes... Might be worth consideration. Be careful with the clamping - i remember crushing an expensive Hardy carbon fly fishing rod, a few years ago, with not a lot of force!! Regarding stability - I sometimes think that a bit of 'elasticty' in the entire set up alows for some more stable looking shots - on a very short set up, where there's more r
  12. I f*&£*%$ LOVE that shot Andrew. AWE. SOME.
  13. Some craking shots there Malcom. Really like the last one in your first set. Like Andrew says - keep an eye on the Avengers - although I had no issues with mine - I saw a couple of failures that ended up VERY expensive for the shooter! Car & camera damage when they let go - just keep a close eye on the pump redlines... I upgraded from avengers, to these one's from Filmtools - much stronger rating: They also do an oval suction cup - not quite as highly rated in terms of hold, but useful on the Elise/exige where the curved panels are occa
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