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  1. Hi Paul, what brand and reference number is the crane and leveller are you going to use?
  2. Thanks Dave, particularly for the measurements. I was hoping to get a lot of suggestions of makes and models known to work from the rear of the S4 , so I could pick one up secondhand. If you have one that works ,please let me know and specify whether it was for combined engine and gearbox or gearbox first , as this obviously moves the centre of gravity further forward.Thanks.
  3. Thanks for replies so far.Dave can’t tell from your photos, is your Clarke crane, 2000 ie 2 tonne , 1000 ie 1 tonne ,1000 LR ie long reach or the oddly named CFC 100 also 1 tonne?
  4. Hi All, do you need a long reach crane e.g. Clarke CFC1000 LR to remove the S4 engine from the rear? have no room to do it from the side, or will a standard crane suffice? I would appreciate a list and comments on cranes ,with manufacturers and reference numbers,if possible, available in UK, members have successfully used.Will your suggestion remove the engine complete ,although I am likely to separate the gearbox from the engine ?Thanks
  5. I would use it so rarely, so I accurately count the troughs over the maximum length and use a calculator.Are M10 nuts/bolts usually 1.5 pitch on uk cars?
  6. Hi, I have looked at the parts diagrams that I know of and they do not show the thread of the nuts or studs. Hi, I have counted the threads on a bolt that fits the M10 k nut I have and it seems to be 1.5 pitch
  7. Hi John, I understood they would corrode less and are smaller across the flats than the M10 and M8 aerotite standard nut sold by SJ etc. so easier to fit/remove. Does anyone know the thread pitch of my required M8 and M10 nuts?
  8. Hi John, I intend to use them with the lock tabs if they will bend over the integral washer.
  9. Hi, thanks for replies. Is it M8x1.25 and M10x1.25 or not? Is there a source at at a cheaper price than Demon Tweeks? Has anyone used the much cheaper ordinary temperature K nuts?
  10. Hi all, choices for nuts: S/S aerotite, k (kaylock), high temperature k, copper covered, other. Comments please.Thanks. Are they both 1.25 pitch thread?
  11. Hi Andy ,hope this is what you want.When I get round to it I will post all I have done on my running rich problem.PM me when you have time.Steve
  12. Hi thanks for replies, the cat is about 5 years old from SJ , I removed and kept the original simply because of its age.The over fuelling is now very bad. I am toying with the idea of putting air up the tailpipe to try to identify where the leaks are and how bad they are to plug them with gun gum as a temporary fix to drive the 20 miles or as I said to disconnect the o2 sensor or both.Will a hair dryer work?Will a vacuum cleaner in reverse work or else I will get under the S4 when the engine is running when cold.None of these remedies has appeal in the wind and rain! Has anyone tried reverse air up tailpipe? I repeat, I have done all the likely sources of running rich except ecu.
  13. Hi all, I have not looked yet (rain)but I am fairly sure I have a large air leak in the exhaust manifold/gaskets which is causing the S4 to run very rich and I am reluctant to drive it and damage the catalytic converter. I have done my best to solve this problem from other sources,( except the ecu) as I have long suspected a minor leak. I need to drive it about 20 miles to a friend’s garage and engine crane, engine out new exhaust.My question is, will my S4 drive ,without problems ,with the o2 sensor disconnected on default ‘open loop’ settings so the large amount of excess fuel does not destroy the cat. Have you done this? Thanks for any help.
  14. Hi all, in order to make sure I have the best spark possible I have removed the coil set up, cleaned /sandpapered the chassis plate and coil back plate to make sure of good electrical contact. Using ring connectors I have grounded the coil backplate direct to the battery and also grounded the two lower 5.5mm bolts using a wire loop and then direct to the battery. My questions: on the Oe and MSD coils the 5.5mm bolt holes have a lot of clearance.Why is this? I presume the brass(?) ferrule is part of the coil circuit and should have a good ground between it and the bolt which appears to be covered in black paint! If it is a gap left for expansion it seems very large. For a later date how do you measure the primary and secondary resistance of the MSD coil? The resistance of my approximately 5year old Magnecor KV 85 leads are,7.9,7.4,5.9,5.9 k ohms.There are suggestions on the forum that much higher values than these are ok, comments please
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