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  1. Thanks Steve, It’s not getting any better.CLR website says causes pitting on aluminium, copper , alloys.......2minutes!
  2. Thanks for reply. I had a reply from lotus archive but they had no information on the metal used in the heater matrix.The reason I want to know is that if the CLR has time to remove deposits surely it has time to “eat” any aluminium present and I don’t want to cause a leak .Does anyone know the brand name (Uk) of a CLR that doesn’t have any effect on aluminium or any other metals. Does anyone know the matrix and water valve metals? Sanj? I have used de-ionised in this S4 for 25 years but I used radiator leak sealant about 6 months ago !
  3. Does anyone know for sure the metal the heater matrix is made of and any other metal used in the section to be flushed i.e.the water valve.
  4. Hi all, someone please post the step by step method for back flushing the heater in my S4,I don’t believe all esprits are the same.Thanks for any replies.
  5. Hi all, anyone made any progress with the non availability of the canister? Has anyone had success with an alternative canister and separate solenoid?Has anyone had a successful repair of the original canister?Has anyone had the solenoid apart? I have not looked at mine yet but I’m running rich with no codes.
  6. Hi all, those of you who are using silicone hose in your induction and purge canister systems have you had any problems with your lambda sensor due to silicone contamination. I started to think about this when deciding whether to make replacements for the rubber connectors in the vacuum system ,that continually split, out of silicone .Has anyone made successful replacements? Will 2.5 mm I/d stretch to 4+ mm I/d in silicone ?
  7. Thanks for replies,I had seen the gizmo on eBay ,glad to know it’s a good fit ,as that’s why I didn’t just buy it in the first place. I am currently running Redex Advanced in the fuel to try to clean the complete system and will then clean the injectors separately. I used an auto stethoscope yesterday to listen to the easy to get at front 2 primary injectors and the rear secondary injector to see if I could hear their solenoids firing.They all sounded if they were.Surely the secondary doesn’t fire at idle.Could the sound be travelling from the tappet and this method not work.
  8. Hi all, I am using a syringe etc. to make a gizmo to blow cleaning fluid through the injectors. I want to make it before I take them off my esprit S4. I need to know the diameter of the rubber ring when fitted to the injectors, top and bottom, primary and secondary .Hope they are one size. I need it to be a tight fit in the open end of the syringe or source another rubber ring.Thanks for any help.
  9. Hi Luke, have you successfully used the canister and separate solenoid? I have seen on YouTube how the canister filters fail, has anyone managed a repair ?
  10. Hi all, can anyone tell me how to remove the arm from the wiper ball without breaking anything. It’s rusty and I don’t think I can use much force.
  11. Hi all, got wiper blade from SJ. It wouldn’t stay fixed in arm.Enlarged pin channel by about 1.5mm(to match the old wiper pin) to accept the fixing “tab”.Still not firmly fixed to arm. I think there is too much play from wear in mechanism that holds the “tab” etc. I want to investigate this and refurbish the pivot plate etc. My question. Can l remove the 2 screws that hold the pivot plate without the bits they go into moving or falling so putting the plate back will not be a problem. parts diagram. 17.21a. 25,27,28,29. Thanks for any help.
  12. Hi all, Section ML sheet 4 ,what does the sec inj resistor do? It has ow in to 6 and ou out from 4 to sec.injs. on to ecm. I can see it on no other wiring diagrams.What do the pins 1,2,3,5,7,8,9 do?
  13. Hi all, how do you send a personal email?
  14. Hi Bibs, I have downloaded espritmon onto my old laptop which uses windows vista (and runs Freescan ) I t is showing the icon but I can only view the contents, loads of zeros and ones and the words of the instruction manual ,which I don’t understand. I t took a while for me to set Freescan to work from comm 4 and I have yet to use it to log data when driving.Do I have to do something similar with espritmon? I would be very grateful if anyone would list the steps to get espritmon running.
  15. Hi all, have any of you got a good technique for removing the primary and secondary injector electrical connectors .lv not touched them in 25years.Not yet removed chargecooler, but sprayed connectors with wd40 and tried to push the easily accessible lugs in but got nowhere with a fair bit of force. Can you lever up the edge to get it over the lug? Can you get it over one lug and twist it free of the other inaccessible lug? Am I likely to break something ? Thanks for any help.
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