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  1. Thanks Tom, no idea how my search failed to show that.What about my question what is inside it? Anyone know?
  2. Hi Ian, I can see SJ listing of the coils and backplate as a unit, not just the backplate for those of us who have recently bought the MSD 8224 coils.Have I missed it?
  3. Hi all, I have replaced the o/e coils with the MSD 8224, but what is inside the base plate and is there a replacement compatible with the MSD version. On the back of the base plate is. 1049 0H13 00022. Thanks for any help.
  4. Hi all, 1/2inch (12.7 cm) doesn’t fit and as Filip says ,it is the same as plug for cam carrier bolts ie it’s 12mm.
  5. Hi Barry, I mean the tie rod that connects the two ball joints that you have to adjust to get a good gear change ,which would be easier with a stainless steel turnbuckle. lotus service notes section FG page 7
  6. Hi all, want to change my gear selection translator “stud “ M6 by 45mm plus 2 locknuts at rear right hand side of gearbox ,for a stainless steel turnbuckle version .Anyone know a source?Thanks
  7. Hi all, found the Allen key socket it’s 12mm also found a large Allen key 1/2 inch. I know the 12mm socket fits haven’t tried the Allen key yet.
  8. Hi, block of wood, square at one end and approximately 2.5cm by 5cm.One side 20cm opposite side 22cm to make a wedge (for my S4.) Pull the alternator up on its pivot bolt, jam the square end against the chassis near the aluminium coolant pipe and force the sloping end against the casing,holding it in position and providing the correct movement for the belt and freeing your hands to torque up, all from kneeling in boot ,leaning over top of engine.
  9. Hi all, thanks for the replies.My description “hex socket” was doubtful as I seem to remember an Allen key type end projecting from the socket and half inch seems about right. I will report back when I get a chance to have a look ,as there are a few alternatives and I am not sure of my memory.
  10. Hi all, lost my sump hex socket for my S4 , is it metric or imperial and what size? Thanks
  11. Hi Paul, what brand and reference number is the crane and leveller are you going to use?
  12. Thanks Dave, particularly for the measurements. I was hoping to get a lot of suggestions of makes and models known to work from the rear of the S4 , so I could pick one up secondhand. If you have one that works ,please let me know and specify whether it was for combined engine and gearbox or gearbox first , as this obviously moves the centre of gravity further forward.Thanks.
  13. Thanks for replies so far.Dave can’t tell from your photos, is your Clarke crane, 2000 ie 2 tonne , 1000 ie 1 tonne ,1000 LR ie long reach or the oddly named CFC 100 also 1 tonne?
  14. Hi All, do you need a long reach crane e.g. Clarke CFC1000 LR to remove the S4 engine from the rear? have no room to do it from the side, or will a standard crane suffice? I would appreciate a list and comments on cranes ,with manufacturers and reference numbers,if possible, available in UK, members have successfully used.Will your suggestion remove the engine complete ,although I am likely to separate the gearbox from the engine ?Thanks
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