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  1. Hi all, anyone know the size of the o ring that is used on the fuel pipes to plenum nozzle connections, it’s the same part no. A082L6169F as either side of the fuel filter? I don’t want to pull them off to measure them in case I have to reuse them.
  2. Hi all, has anyone used any of these? Are these dimensions correct? How do they compare to the Oe? Suggest others. Bosch(Hella Hengst) H229WK Height 114mm or 108? O/D 55mm. M16x1.5 Fram G 3727. 114. 55. ? Crosland F30279. 114. 55. ? Borg and Beck BFF8116. 112. 55. M16x1.5 What Do SJ ,Pnm, others supply?
  3. Hi Freek, thanks for the info.Does anyone know the Bosch alternative for the secondary injector (or other).Do they require adjustments?
  4. Hi, tested resistance of Oe secondary injectors, both about 13 ohms not 16. Used my gizmo to clean them.First cleaned well to give good even spray.The other initially cleaned to give a good spray pattern but on about the 6th sequence I built up the pressure and the solenoid valve leaked and sporadically leaked after that.So beware. My engine is stock. I have just put in RC PL2-0370 primaries.2.5ohms compared Oe 2ohms and seemed the same size . I am thinking of using RC SL4-0205 as the replacement. Rochester(GM)are 190cc,128Hz,16ohm, RC are 205cc,12.5ohm,Hz? Has anyone used
  5. Hi, SL9-0270 is a saturated type but if it is ok for your set up I don’t know, the nearest to stock I can see is SL4-0205 ,205cc,12.5 ohms compared 190cc , 128 Hz,16 ohms of stock. WC engineering supply an RC version but no one answered my q if it was the 205 or if it was modified or a different version.
  6. Travis,Thanks for all the info , I was worried about the plastic.
  7. Hi Travis, for what reason should carb cleaner not be used as this was on YouTube?Also the small bracket holding in the secondary injectors in your photo is the opposite way up to how I found mine and also appears to be in the parts diagram and you don’t seem to have the ties that act as spacers.
  8. Wouldn’t it make sense to reverse flush first unlike most videos? I ask about the filter ( also other parts made of plastics) in case immersion for a length of time in the Holts carb cleaner might cause damage ,as it says on the can “avoid using on wires and connectors “
  9. Thanks Andy, what is the injector filter made of?
  10. Hi all, on YouTube I have never seen anyone stand the injector ends in carb cleaner for a time to remove deposits before using a gizmo to spray through them.This would seem to be obvious, so would doing this cause any problems.?
  11. Hi Scott, for future reference, did you take the glove box out? Straightforward?
  12. Hi Giniw, Alastair? did not answer either question and neither did anyone else so my accumulator is still on the shelf.So can anyone answer these questions?
  13. Hi Clive, has rosin cored solder got the flux in it? Ebay has 1m 0.7 mm for £1.25 or 1.0 mm diameter for a little more.
  14. When I get the S4 back together I will try to sort out freescan and get espritmon. .The manual says running rich caused by high fuel pressure may be due to a partially blocked or kinked fuel return hose.Has anyone ever had this happen ? What’s puzzling is that I was getting no codes for sensor problems ,charcoal canister or running rich, except a very rare 26.
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