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  1. Hi all, bought 2 of these coils less than 1000 miles ago but more than a year, so no guarantee. I think one of them is not working properly. The coils are off the car. With a multimeter how do I measure a) the secondary resistance ,should be 7.8 K ohms and b) the primary resistance should be 0.35 of 1 ohms ,is there a meter out there that measures this low value accurately? These coils are round ,the latest 8224 coils are square, will one of each fit on the S4 ignition module? I am assuming the specifications are the same.Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi Ian, due to the weather and being away for a few days I have not attempted to loosen the rear higher hex head screw but I know it’s on f.t. I have removed the heat shields and will have another go when it is dry. I have universal joints but not the wobble type but Christmas is coming.
  3. Hi Ian, have more tools to try to remove the rear higher bolt but if I have to cut one hose/ pipe then I will cut at least two. Cannot use flame heat on the union as fuel pipe and tank close by so I have tried freeze spray but as yet hasn’t worked. Eventually I will resort to a stillson wrench and if no luck then cutting.
  4. Gary, what was the problem with the high pressure hose supplied by SJ ?
  5. Hi Gary, what made me think of doing this is : the under chassis pipes are corroded, the reservoir pipes are sweating fluid and the rounded fixings. I will have another go at getting them off. What I really want to know is about the clearance as a last resort and whether the SJ pipes are stainless.
  6. Thanks Ian, Cannot undo the rear higher bolt holding pump to bracket with a 200mm plus long 6mm Allen key using all the hand leverage I can get ‘trapped’ under the esprit. Cannot undo the high pressure hose to under chassis pipe without rounding the 18mm union nut with an open end spanner, bought an 18mm brake pipe spanner but rounded it some more so stopped. New ,expensive idea, cut the high pressure chassis pipe at the union, cut the low pressure pipe, reservoir to pump ,near the pump end jubilee clip , as this has also rounded. Will there now be enough clearance to remove the engine with the pump in place? If not ,and I need to cut the high pressure hose nearer the pump,is it reinforced with metal? If SJ has all of them, the cost of renewing these 5 hoses and pipes is approximately £550.Are their under chassis pipes stainless ? Are their hose ends stainless,brass,other? Thanks for any comments
  7. Hi Ian, you have still not said how and with what you can jam the pump flange. I would like to try this method first before the two spanner method as you well know you can see next to nothing.Thanks
  8. Thanks Gary, I definitely would not of thought of that. I will give it a go.
  9. Hi Ian, never mind which gear ,I think the belt slides on the pulleys anyway. How did you prevent the pulley/flange from moving.Please answer as I will be under the esprit tomorrow . Hi Peter, I will have a look for the cavity but there is very little room.
  10. Thanks for replies so far. I can’t remember if the car is in any gear and I have removed the gear change cables. Ian, how did you stop the flange from turning? I was thinking of jamming a short length of rubber hose between the pump belt and it’s pulley.The charge cooler pump has been removed but is there any other reason to worry about the engine tending to turn backwards as I try to undo the three pulley bolts?
  11. Hi all, how do you stop the pulley from turning when you attempt to undo the 3 bolts holding it on and what should the torque be? The access is very restricted, the belt is still on and tensioned and the starter motor is off but I am hoping it is possible not to do it by jamming the flywheel through that hole. I am attempting this because I cannot get at the Allan key head pivot bolt because the pulley is in the way. I am taking the engine out and decided to remove the pump from its bracket not bracket from engine.Thanks for any help.
  12. Hi all, a diode,just a connection,....?
  13. Hi all, see photo of knock sensor with part of the connector top ‘flicked ‘ off the blue wire.Does not seem to want to come off under gentle persuasion so what is the correct method as I don’t want to break it.Thanks.
  14. Hi all, ends Tuesday 9/11/21, , free delivery (£25+) Castrol 10w/60 4L £47.99 Mann Filter £4.97 Crosland Filter £5.81 Bosch Filter £6.29 all h 95, I/d 62, o/d 93 mm, how does this compare with the Lotus? Comments on quality of these filters or others please.
  15. Hi all, how many men do you need to easily remove the tailgate and where relative to the hinges are the shim plates? Thanks
  16. Hi Ian, so far read the first 55pages of your thread. I note you have a scissor lift which gives you a lot more room underneath. I am changing the pas fluid anyway ,so I am thinking of releasing the two top hoses from the reservoir and cutting channels in the engine sidewall(I think I have already done this) so that I can free these hoses. Undo the other connections at the chassis pipes and lift the engine plus pas pump together with the hoses which are still attached to it.Will this work? Is there enough clearance?Has anyone done this? Note I will only do this if I haven’t got enough room to get at the fixings of the pump to the engine block. Hi Filip, will get chassis high as possible when removing bits and drop it as much as possible when removing the engine and/or gearbox.
  17. Hi Ian, did you take it out as one unit without removing the tailgate? PAS on your back? When I removed the heater return hose from above and looked at the rad return hose the jubilee clip was in a difficult to get at position from above. It may be necessary to cut through the hose. I will be replacing the engine bay hoses and will ask for opinions rubber/ silicone later.
  18. Hi Ian, the PAS and rad return hose - can these be done lying on my back underneath the car jacked up at the rear? Oil filter- When I have removed the oil filter does the sandwich plate just pull off? Do I need a load leveller with a long reach hoist? I am after every tip and detailed method any member has. I anticipate having great difficulty working through the chassis access holes lying on my back. Thanks again. Thanks Tom, any help on the other points?
  19. Continued, I have Clarke long reach engine hoist but will I still require a load leveller ? what is the best way to support the car doing it this way ? from above I have undone a few things already , but ... which is the best way to get at / undo /remove .... to free the engine .? - the PAS -the oil hoses at the oil filter - the ac- it’s not working - size of the hose connectors not the same and large - coolant hoses to the water pump- took more than an hour to undo the jubilee clip and pull off the heater return hose. How do you get the radiator return hose off ? I have the full workshop manual but members photos show they have done this in different ways . Thanks for any help
  20. Hi all, using jacks/ supports, to take the gearbox out first and then the engine to do exhaust manifold etc.,etc.,hoping to leave the tailgate in position as it’s outside.
  21. Thanks Tom, no idea how my search failed to show that.What about my question what is inside it? Anyone know?
  22. Hi Ian, I can see SJ listing of the coils and backplate as a unit, not just the backplate for those of us who have recently bought the MSD 8224 coils.Have I missed it?
  23. Hi all, I have replaced the o/e coils with the MSD 8224, but what is inside the base plate and is there a replacement compatible with the MSD version. On the back of the base plate is. 1049 0H13 00022. Thanks for any help.
  24. Hi all, 1/2inch (12.7 cm) doesn’t fit and as Filip says ,it is the same as plug for cam carrier bolts ie it’s 12mm.
  25. Hi Barry, I mean the tie rod that connects the two ball joints that you have to adjust to get a good gear change ,which would be easier with a stainless steel turnbuckle. lotus service notes section FG page 7
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