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  1. What, that shopping trolley...?! Cheers Stu. We got there in the end....
  2. "....... therefore to all intents this is a new company?" - at last, the coin appears to have dropped! "....I still feel despite my lack of first hand knowledge in the industry that Lotus would've been a better match for the task in hand..." - or maybe not.. "I suspect Caterham are up to the job of doing the required engineering. They may currently have more experience than Lotus themselves!You need to bear it in mind that key lotus people (inc. Tony Shute program manager for Elise, Evora, etc.) are now working for Caterham. I can’t remember if it was EVO or Autocar, who on a visit to Caterham said they thought they were at Lotus as they kept on seeing ex Lotus employees whilst walking around the building." Listen to this man Stirling. "Hingham eh?" - there goes that coin again..... Ged
  3. I agree with you Stirling, the name "Caterham" is irrelevant, as is what Caterham have done in the past with their "shopping trolleys" and "50 year old space frame". What is totally relevant is what they are going to do from now on. The most relevant part of the equation is - this relates to my initial question (unanswered) "Is it the Company that has the technical know-how and experience or the people working there?". Hopefully by now you realise the answer to this question, and it isn't "the company". This only leaves the "people working there" part of that question as the answer. This leads into my penultimate question from my last post. "Do you know the level of the technical knowledge and experience of the people who are working at Caterham?" (unanswered) The answer to that one is, you don't. So how can you possibly question the ability of a company you nothing about, in an industry you know nothing about? Ged Simon, You will have to ask Pistonheads the answer to that one. Ged
  4. "I've no experience in the motoring industry other than putting the key in the ignition... however Caterham have never even produced a car with doors, ( aside from the '21' which they'd probably sooner forget! ), let alone build an Exige S beater." Stirling, I had guessed your experience in the industry is "limited", but I am amazed at the depth of your knowledge of the industry. "I've no doubt given time they'll do a good job, but compared to Lotus who've 'been there, done that' a number of times, this is a steep learning curve. Not to mention the need for new production facilities, production techniques, quality control, software issues, extensive test programs.... it's a whole different ball game from the niche market they've been in since their inception." I will repeat my initial question on this point, "Is it the Company that has the technical know-how and experience or the people working there?". Why would they need their own Production facility immediately? Do you know the level of the technical knowledge and experience of the people who are working at Caterham? I know the answer to that already...... Think of it like an F1 team, if Red Bull was to change the name to Lotus would that stop them winning straight away? Ged
  5. Hedgerley, One out of two isn't bad. 50% correct is about right on here... Ged
  6. I see what you are saying, but consider this: 1. If Lotus were doing the job, they would have to get a team together internally and gel that team as well. 2. What is the experience of the team that Caterham have working on this job, and therefore how much of it is " all new territory"? With any new client there is some "different territory" because people work in different ways, not necessarily "new territory" though. 3. How long have Caterham been involved with this project to allow the team to gel? As an aside to this, just out of interest, what is your experience in the Automotive Engineering industry? Ged
  7. Stirling_Villeneuve, Is it the Company that has the technical know-how and experience or the people working there? Ged
  8. So yours is an early x180 then ? Let me know how you get on Malcolm as I may have a spare washer bottle that you could buy. I am heading to Sittingbourne area on 23rd Feb so could drop it in if required. Ged
  9. Malcolm, What year is your Esprit and whereabouts do you live? I did look for this info on your profile but it's as much use as a chocolate teapot! I only ask in case I can be of assistance to you in your hour of need. Ged
  10. Andy, I have this one. There are a couple of chips/scratches. Scratch top right corner and chip top left corner. Ged
  12. Andy, Is this what you are looking for? Ged
  13. Paul, I will get the panel out of the garage tonight and take some pics, then pm them to you and take it from there would be best. Ged
  14. Hi Paul, As I am now looking to sell my Esprit, how much are you willing to pay for a heater panel? I could get my spare out of the garage tonight and take a few pics if the price is right. Ged
  15. .......or a cheeky little black 1989 Carb Turbo. Ged
  16. Paul, I do have one that is not on the car, however, I wasn't intending to get rid of it at present... Ged
  17. Just a suggestion, why not put the oddments bin and lighter above your blanking plate? That way it will actually be easily accessible no matter what gear you are in and the upper area wont look so bland. Are you going to label up the switches as well? If so, how do you intend to do that? Ged
  18. Hi David, Welcome aboard Sir. Whereabouts do you live?
  19. Hi Buddsy, The Engineering Centre was vacated in September. I was at Lotus until the end of October. Ged
  20. The car is not being developed at Hethel, Caterham have no links with Hethel or the Engineering Centre. We are based in Hingham. Ged
  21. Woza, How did you fix yours? Did you disconnect the battery for 10 mins? Ged
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