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  1. Mike, What you described above is how to see if the Solenoid valve is actuating as it should. There is no point removing the purge pump when it only takes a HA87U/RE385 12v electric motor for £5.99 from Maplins and an hour or so of your time to fix. It would probably take as long to remove the purge pump and block off the plenum outlet. Ged
  2. Cheers Bibs, obviously I intend to keep up with the forums and local Lotus activities. Ged
  3. Hi Bibs, It's basically the same role as I was at Lotus (with mostly the same people as did the Evora) on the Project Management team. Any more info than that and I would have to shoot you..... Ged
  4. Being an iconic car, they appreciate the fine engineering that has gone into it. Plus most of them there are ex-Lotus people anyway! Ged
  5. Started my new job at Caterham Technologies today Ged
  6. That is your purge pump. It should run after shut down once your engine is up to temperature, then shut off once your engine has cooled to a certain temperature. You should be able to hear it running once you have shut down a warm/hot engine. It's purpose is to introduce fresh air to the plenum to aid hot start. The part is obsolete now but is easily and cheaply repairable. Hope this helps, Ged
  7. Have you sorted your vacuum issue? If not, first place to check is for the heater/ventilation flap actuators, one quick check is, with the engine running, to cycle the ventilation from screen to fresh air to recirc and see if you can hear the flaps cycling.then cycle it to fresh air and the inlet flap under the bonnet should open, then stay open when you turn off the engine. Then check the hoses are connected as these can fall off. This bit can be a pain as they are located behind the centre console. Hope this helps, Ged
  8. As soon as I get my tanks in, I will let you know. Ged
  9. If it was factoy owned for the first 6 months, it was possibly used for developing something for the Federal Market. Ged
  10. Morning Paul, I would definitely avoid the supermarkets unless you had absolutely no choice - their fuel is cheaper for a reason, you say yourself it is noticeably variable. I use either ESSO or Shell Super Unleaded. Hope this helps, Ged
  11. Front suspension is off as well now...... while I am waiting for the fuel tanks. Ged
  12. I should have both fuel tanks replaced by then! Old ones are out, just waiting for the replacement tanks from SJs to arrive. To be honest, they came out easier than expected. Hope the new one's go in as easily! Ged
  13. Thanks for your response Gary, would it be possible to leave a VIP parking hangar for me on the gate? Cheers, Ged
  14. Do I need a VIP parking pass to park with the rest of the TLF Group? If I do, where/how do I get hold of one please? Where will the TLF Group be parked please? Cheers, Ged
  15. Likewise, do I need some sort of parking pass and if so, where/how would I get hold of one please? Cheers, Ged
  16. Myself and a colleague are coming down on Sunday, we will be coming down in a Lotus (don't know which model yet) . Is there space for us to park with the TLF group? Cheers, Ged
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