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  1. Glad you had a great day out, shame I missed you. I waited at the lay-by until 10.35 but then had to get back to sort my daughter's party out. I've now got the prospect of 10 11 year old's (8 girls and 2 boys) having a sleep over!!! oh whoop.....
  2. Gents, If you're coming out through Thorpe End and Wroxham onto the North Walsham road, you'll be going past my place - I live at Sco Ruston just North of Coltishall. I'll see if I can spot you. If you're leaving Pizza Hut at 09.30 and going round the by-pass and through Wroxham, I reckon you'll be coming past my place about 10.00ish. Cheers, Ged In fact, what I'll do is sit in the lay-by on the left hand side just past the "Scottow Horseshoes" pub around 10.00 - look out for a blue Chimaera Ged
  3. What time at Costessey Pizza Hut please?
  4. Thanks for your replies chaps, but is there no one in the Norwich area who would be willing for me to come and look at their car? Cheers, Ged
  5. Hi Andy, No I didn't go to the Norfolk Gala/Police Gala day, we may have met at Hethel a couple of years ago though. Regarding which model I am thinking of, not S1 or S2, not X180 N/A and not a V8, but anywhere else in between.
  6. Morning everyone, my name is Ged and I currently own a TVR Chimaera but I have decided to get an Esprit. I live near Norwich and was wondering if there is anyone on here who also lives in the Norwich area that would be willing to allow me to look over their Esprit, so I can get an idea on the following: a: if I fit in the car b: if I will be able to operate the controls comfortably c: what to look out for when looking to buy d: which model would be best to look for Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Ged
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