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  1. The heater panel is an S4 heater panel.



    attachicon.gifheater panel 4.jpg

    attachicon.gifheater panel 3.jpg


    I drilled out the spot welds that hold the HVAC control knob bracket and re-welded the bracket and therefore HVAC control knobs at the bottom of the heater frame, thus giving enough room for the double DIN unit above. Simples!


         I still have the frame from an S4 in the above pics, unfortunately I don't think I have the heater control panel though.

  2. Nice job!


    My panel and surround is a bit different from yours; the heater panel is at the bottom and a bit bigger.




    Looking at the image above it's going to be tight. I'll measure it tomorrow, see if it's possible at all.

    That is how mine started out. Mine was an 89 Turbo.

    Cut out the heater control panel from the frame and bin it, cut out the thin piece that goes across above the single DIN radio aperture and bin it. Get an S4 heater control bracket and weld it in in place of your current one.

  3. Sold the Esprit today to a chap from Mildenhall.

    Got some spares to sell, V8 comfort seats, pair of front spring/damper units ready to bolt on and an SE spoiler.

    The seats are already listed in the classifieds. The other bits I will get round to soon.



    Now on the look out for a Jaaaag XKR.





  4. I sure did! The body work was in really good order and I loved the SATNAV install.


    The bodywork is the area that I haven't done much work to at all - it's more as Edd China does on Wheeler Dealers where all the effort goes into the mechanical and therefore unseen parts! Except for the SATNAV (with reversing camera - which has saved the back end of the car on a couple of occasions) as you pointed out.


    Well done Ged shame you are having to sell!




    I'm afraid I've succumbed to "subtle hints" from 'Er indoors on that score mate! :(

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