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  1. Great info!


    Is Chris Dunster also in that 2 part documentary about the birth of the Elise, in the bit where they are all thrashing the principles around a meeting? Was he something to do with VARI?

    I don't know if he was in that documentary - more than likely that he was - Chris joined Lotus in Sep 1969 and left in 2011, he was involved in every Lotus - in some way or other - between those two dates.

    Ollie is my Godfather, I remember John Freeman and obviously RB. There was only one on there my dad couldn't remember which I now know thanks to Chris.


    Just texted my old man and he asked to be remembered to Chris.



            I've passed the message on as requested. 

  2. I've have just had a chat with Chris Dunster and the picture was taken on a Saturday morning in 1971 at Hethel, between where the Test Cells and the White Building are now. 

    The car is the 1st prototype Europa Twin Cam

    The people in the photo are - from left to right:

    Keith Loader - Manufacturing

    MJK - Project Manager

    Oliver Winterbottom - Styling Guru

    Chris Dunster - Engineering Designer

    John Freeman - Technician

    Dennis Jewel - Technician

    Roger Constable - Technician

    Roger Becker - Technician



  3. Eric. Thats the design team on the TC. MJK was Project Leader and it was his first Job for Colin after Colin head hunted him from Jaguar ( He was working on the LeMans V12 at the time).

    This picture is pertinent as it shows MJK with, for the first time, Roger Becker (far right) my father pulled him off the production line after seeing his potential.




             The chap to your Dad's left in front of him is Chris Dunster, I used to work with him at Hethel and now work with him at Hingham. He's forever going on about the old days working with your Old Man for Chunky!



    How about this for a cool jacket?


    Genuine 70s pit jacket, 100% nylon!




  4. Upon further investigation its stamped 7JK X 14 FHA-H E-19. I think this makes it a 14". Does that help?


    Ok a 7Jx14 E19 then. The 7J is the rim width, the 14 is the diameter and the E19 is the off-set. Esprits of the era used 7Jx14 fronts - I'm not sure what the off-set was though.



  5. Sparky you are so not with the program

    like move with the times man


    Alex, are you American? The reason I ask is because of your spelling of the word programme.



  6. If the arm is stiff enough to stay in the full position the sender needs to be removed and the arm needs to be freed off. Otherwise it will always show full.

    If there is something in the tank that's stopping the arm falling then that needs investigating as well.



  7. I thought he was very eloquent. Got the point across with the minimum words required to do so.

    Most refreshing...

    The thing is that he doesn't spout all the drivel and crap that all the other drivers are told to by their teams. Unfortunately spouting the team line has become the norm and expected way to conduct interviews these days.



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