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  1. so Buddsy you prooved that it can not be 'holes in the underside' for its own, as just as I said, the V8 does not have them in this way   ..but the problem with the tanks is still the same ;)   


    ( ..have 'repaired' my, so I have seen that also the later cars can getrusty tanks by sitting in the wet)


    Did the water get in past your quarterlights?

  2. I spoke to Steve at SJ sports cars and hew told me its not the foam they sit on but the rear windows that leak. When I had mine out I checked and found the windows had water marks from the windows going down inside. The filler neck gaiters sound a similar idea. I know everyone will tell you its the foam they sit on and I can understand what makes people think that but Steve has had many years of working on Esprits so I believe his thoughts are a valid consideration.


    So in short check for leaks in the area too!




    Buddsy is correct in that a major area of water ingress is around the rear quarterlight glass. The bonding of the glass fails, the water gets in behind the glass onto and past the trim panels and then down onto the top of the tanks. The original foam soaks up the water and keeps it on top of the tank. Some water also leaks down the side of the tanks where it is then soaked up by the foam under the tanks and is held there also.

    An easy way to see if the bonding has failed is that the quarterlights will not feel solidly fixed to the body - i.e. you will be able to see the quarterlights moving even with the application of light pressure from the inside. Also, the black band around the glass will look detached from the glass, as you can see in the picture.


    Hope this helps,




  3. Just to let you all know my Esprit is for sale, it is advertised in the Classifieds section on here and elsewhere. It's the one with Sat Nav & Bluetooth.      :smoke:




    I have now reduced the price by £800 to £8,995.


    Hopefully someone will be interested at that price.



  4. John,

          The oil temp gauge sender should have one terminal on it and the pressure gauge sender has two terminals - one of which is for the low pressure warning light.


    oil gauge wiring s4.doc



    The wire you describe being Brown with White trace (labelled NW in the diagram) is for the low pressure warning light. The pressure gauge wire is White with Brown trace (labelled WN in the diagram). If your pressure gauge is working, the sender is working.

    Your oil temp gauge sender should have a single terminal and the wire for this is Yellow with Black trace. Both senders are earthed through the block.



    Again, does your low pressure warning light illuminate when you key on prior to starting the car?





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