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  1. That is your purge pump. It should run after shut down once your engine is up to temperature, then shut off once your engine has cooled to a certain temperature. You should be able to hear it running once you have shut down a warm/hot engine.

    It's purpose is to introduce fresh air to the plenum to aid hot start.

    The part is obsolete now but is easily and cheaply repairable.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Have you sorted your vacuum issue?

    If not, first place to check is for the heater/ventilation flap actuators, one quick check is, with the engine running, to cycle the ventilation from screen to fresh air to recirc and see if you can hear the flaps cycling.then cycle it to fresh air and the inlet flap under the bonnet should open, then stay open when you turn off the engine.

    Then check the hoses are connected as these can fall off. This bit can be a pain as they are located behind the centre console.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Morning Paul,

    I would definitely avoid the supermarkets unless you had absolutely no choice - their fuel is cheaper for a reason, you say yourself it is noticeably variable.

    I use either ESSO or Shell Super Unleaded.

    Hope this helps,


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