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  1. The radiator duct et al weight quite a bit and without the stay will act to lever against the upper fixings so I think the stay is important. From the chargecooler models onwards the stay became V shaped and fixed to the chassis in two places so it may be worth copying that concept to reduce the amount of flexing the broken bracket seems to have suffered.

    As sailorbob said but also, without the stays you can/will get stress cracks in the body over the front wheel arch area as this is where the body work is relatively shallow.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Another thing I forgot to mention is that there is a pool of murky liquid in the bowl below the flip up headlights, is this common and if so how is it usually solved?

    Assuming you are referring to the Esprit, the headlamp recesses should not be full of water. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the recesses which needs clearing out. You may be able to get a rod down between the headlamp pod and the body to clear the drain hole,but if not you will have to disconnect the pod actuator arm from the motor and flip up the pod manually to gain access - this is the better way to enable you to do a thorough job.


  3. I got a lot of comments at work when I turned up in my TVRs, so I decided to get an Esprit. It had to be black and a running project - and as a bonus it has colour coded door handles as standard! :-)

    I would have put in an emoticon or two there but I can't enable them for some reason. :-(


  4. Hi Jed,

    The car is Simons, and I have seen many pics of the car on here.......

    ....A beer and nostalgia, any takers?

    Simons??? Simon who?

    Would be nice to see pics if you have any..

    I am down in Kent this weekend, however I won't be able to take you up on the beer and nostalgia :(

    Enjoy the car..


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