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  1. While the push fit might be perfectly fit for purpose, if there is another way that gives you more peace of mind I wouldn't argue against it. BTW your car looks to be in very good condition from the photos, very clean underneath. I am more than a little bit green with envy. cheers -Chris
  2. @Jacques I found myself an online converter and I don't want to be too picky but I think your units should be Nmm. It looks like 60Nmm is about 340 lbs/inch. 70Nmm is about 400 lbs/inch which is quite a jump. Here the converter I found.
  3. What is this strange language you are using Jacques? I know we claim to have the metric system in the UK but certain traditions will always be upheld, speed is in miles per hour and spring rates are in pounds per inch. I am keen to know what rate they installed on @Trevsked's car since he is very happy with those. If they fall into the lower end I may opt for a slightly stiffer setup but need to think about it. It would be interesting to know how much the springs are on their own in case I make a mistake and need to change them. @bibs that was more or less my question, however I was keen to make sure that I didn't need any additional components like spring seats to make sure it all fits correctly.
  4. Thanks @Bibs, I have asked Nitron a couple of questions via their website last week but I haven't heard back yet. I am investigating the spring rates I would like to order and I'm keen to know what they fitted to @Trevsked 's car. cheers -Chris
  5. Have you seen this thread.... ?
  6. Hi Bibs, That is very generous, thank you. I'll take a set please, how do I set about placing an order? Do I need to talk with Nitron to make sure the springs supplied are correct for the Sport 350 or are they suitable as they come? If I do need to contact Nitron is there a contact name I should talk to in particular? Last question, what discount are you offering on a full set of poly bushes ? And can I have them in blue to match the engine. cheers -Chris
  7. I know @Mightymetro, I think @Bibs is waiting until Friday to give us a very special Black Friday price for them.
  8. @Mightymetro don't forget @Bibs was offering you a discount too on the Nitrons. I'm also going to buy a set (at some point) and was serious about a 'bulk buy' of two sets, although not so serious to expect it to impact the discount at all. The Nitrons seem like the sensible choice to me with the Lotac poly bushes. cheers -Chris
  9. Where are you planning on getting the refinishing done? I'll be interested in the results and your experience with whoever you use. Thanks -Chris
  10. But is the texture the effect of the Zinc doing it's job or is it something else, mine looks exactly the same and it's not very nice.
  11. You are shaming me with the progress you are making, I may have to get my hands dirty and tackle the chassis work that I know is needed. Looking forward to any news on the Nitrons, I'm pretty much sold on them, it's just a matter of when (and how massive the discount is from @Bibs ) cheers -Chris
  12. Is there an even bigger discount for a bulk group buy of two sets by Gold Members?
  13. I am guessing it is to with the position of the cams against the valve springs to ensure a consistent resistance, just my guess though. cheers -Chris Hi Makis, I would expect you need to find an engineering shop that can make up the tool (or borrow Mike's). I don't think there is a huge amount of rocket science required. Some careful measurements to make sure you know the offset of the guide hole and a mechanism for controlling the depth of the drill. You can choose the diameter of the drill in combination with the pin you intend to use (have made), I would expect this does need to be a reasonably tough piece of metal to make sure it doesn't wear or deform over time although the load should be minimal if the bolt is doing it's job correctly. cheers -Chris
  14. At the risk of looking stupid, why not and what is the best way to clean these up before re-finishing?
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