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  1. Maybe upgrade the transmission first...
  2. Mike, would I be right in saying that you could flash the Sport 350 code and if it wasn't enough zip, you could flash the Race Red code next? Makis, maybe that is an option, try the safer option and if you really don't like it go the whole hog. It might cost a bit more but then again it might save the cost of a gearbox rebuild, I don't suppose the crown wheel is thoughtful enough to destroy itself in isolation.
  3. Hi Dan, Great to have you onboard. I don't think you need to change anything apart from the original turbo to plenum inlet pipes that get modified as part of the deal. The kit should contain everything needed, not having fitted one myself I cannot guarantee that but that is what I have been lead to believe. One more and I think we can order 10 inline with Andy's comments above but I'm hoping we'll get 10 on the list to keep it simple. 1. Chris W 2. Mike Sekinger (for stock) 3. Alex Adamou 4. Paull Colclough 5. Dave Excell 6. Dan Tebay 7.
  4. I can't believe I didn't think to run that calculation myself, it looks like Pro Alloy didn't either, great spot. As an update, Pro Alloy will take Nick's car at some point (I don't have a date) and reverse engineer their original work to create the template needed. So we still have more time to grow the list to reduce the cost for everyone. Price for 5 off units built together - £2748.99 + VAT Price for 9 kits ordered together - £2661.11 + VAT (plus potential rebate if 10th is sold) Price for 10 kits ordered together - £2395.23 + VAT
  5. Thanks, it wasn't clear originally if I needed 1 part number which included 4 items or if I needed to buy 4 of the one part number. Turns out I needed to buy 4x of the one part number at 4x the cost. I have them now so when I'm ready nothing should get damaged.
  6. Get some of these to get or keep the real fake leather smell...
  7. Seeing this posted in the Lotus Babes topic...
  8. I hope they are still around, they are (or an affiliated engineering shop is) vapour blasting and ultrasonic cleaning my V8 bits and pieces as we speak. They are also working with other suppliers to provide more services, Ultimate Performance are being subcontracted to prep my heads for example ( I paid them a visit earlier in the summer and was very surprised at the size of the outfit plus all of the like minded businesses on the same trading estate, panel beaters, chassis engineers, engine builders, Toleman Motorsport etc. Mike Taylor was very generous
  9. I'm pretty sure that Wilwood initially and didn't have dust seals but do now. The lack of dust seals in the early days was enough for me to build an instant dislike for the brand, one which I still hold today somewhat unfairly maybe.
  10. You can improve your standard brakes considerably by changing the pads, use braided hoses and a high boiling point fluid. Years ago on my '87 HC Turbo moving to Mintex 1144, braided hoses and Castrol SRF fluid (sadly no longer available) had a huge impact for not a lot of money. cheers -Chris
  11. I don't think the clutch has been replaced, Steve says that he has been recommended to replace it since the garage fear the splines might have been damaged, but that comes at further unwanted and unexpected cost. I can't imagine how the clutch could be damaged getting the box out, but I can see opportunity when putting it back. If the plates were not aligned properly and the box arriving clumsily. This is a tough one, is the judder when you put your foot on the clutch or releasing or both? It may be that the plates or drive surface has some contamination which might also lead to some
  12. JAE supplied me with ones for the Esprit, might be worth checking if you can't find a match from cross referencing etc.
  13. It's an interesting question Justin. I was actually excited at the thought of a Lotus SUV for a moment there. My wife is looking for a new car right now and is currently favouring an Evoque (), if Lotus had an option that was fun to drive, comfortable interior and kudos (to those who know) I'd be promoting it to her. At the moment the current range is a huge amount of fun but lacks a certain amount of practicality. They can be daily drivers but not without a level of compromise, a compromise my wife is not ready to make.
  14. Happy Birthday TLF. What an amazing resource, thanks Bibs.
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