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  1. Is anyone else a little horrified that he drills and grinds the crank to adjust the weight with minimum protection against the swarf from damaging the journals while spinning the crank? cheers -Chris
  2. Hi Paul, Out of interest which alternator did you buy and where from? Thanks -Chris
  4. Some blocks of wood can easily be shaped to make them fit. I would be a little worried about having two sets of independent stands on wheels. If one set get stuck on something as you are moving the car it would be very easy for things to get ugly. I would recommend joining them together somehow to make a single 'dolly' that would be more stable. cheers -Chris
  5. Hmm, that coming from 'Goatboy', sounds perfectly weird enough to fit in well around here.
  6. When I tested mine a year or so ago they were all somewhere between a little over 9 and 9.5 bar. Since they were fairly consistent I put down any lack of compression down to the gauge inaccuracies (since it suited me to do so). I'll dig out the pictures if I can find them.
  7. I would take the back box off and shine a torch into the cats. I assume you replaced them with more ceramic Lotus cats or are these metal? I have had both types break up on me and will lead to a drastic loss of performance, difficulty revving and misfires. Here are some pictures of a metal cat that broke up and got wedged in the back box that needed surgery to remove!
  8. Yay sanity restored. Agreed, the drift works to undo it but a tool is really the only safe way to reinstall it.
  9. I'm sure Mike Sekinger sent me a link to the pump ring removal tool but I'm stuffed if I can find it. Mike, do you still have the link or remember the name of the obscure tool? cheers -Chris PS Mike, if you can remember the thread you posted it in the first time that would save me going mad.
  10. The secondary injectors are fed fuel from the side and the o rings prevent this from leaking past the injectors into the plenum. If the o rings fail you will either leak fuel to the outside or the inside of the plenum since the fuel pressure will be greater than the air pressure at either side. cheers -Chris
  11. Hi John, Did you get any pricing indications? cheers -Chris
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