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  1. I'm pretty sure midget has more than one meaning and is used appropriately to describe the gems as small. People just looking to be offended is such a waste of time and effort. 😞
  2. And such a shame for the worthy recipients to have their moment tarred in such a way, disgraceful decision.
  3. cweeden

    Clean V8 SE

    However, shouldn't it have a centre exit exhaust? 🀨
  4. cweeden

    Clean V8 SE

    I'd take a clean looking low mileage one over a well used rust bucket (underneath at least), if it passes a good once over I'd expect you to be onto a good thing.
  5. Hi Bibs, I'll pop sticker price to charity if the voucher is still available.
  6. Hi Tom, This is great, I'm up for the full kit except the two diamond stud plates, mine aren't too bad and seem to be totally inaccessible. I'm not in a burning hurry but would rather have something before March. It would also be a good excuse to pop over to Buckinghamshire, say hi and collect them when ready. πŸ™‚ cheers -Chris
  7. I think it would be helpful if everyone who has their name down for a kit could reply to Alex here regarding the deposit request and their arrangements for OE boost pipes, are you assigned a set from Mike, sending your own pipes or looking to modify them yourself (is that wise ) please. πŸ™‚ Maybe something like: Chris Weeden - I'm fine with a deposit in the 30% - 40% range and I have a set of pipes I'll be posting to Alex when he's ready to receive them. cheers -Chris
  8. Also another huge thank you to @nick_wannop for pioneering the kit and lending it back to Pro Alloy so that they could make more for us. πŸ‘πŸ™‚ cheers -Chris
  9. Hi @ProAlloy-Alex, This is really great news, thank you for the update. I'm OK with the deposit amount mentioned and really happy to have an approximate due date to work towards. I'll mirror the information in an email since I don't think all of those on the list are members here. cheers -Chris
  10. I had mine balanced by Vibration Free along with the other usual balancing candidates I have the results somewhere but more than that I am hoping it will translate into a noticeably smoother engine. 🀞
  11. What's the measuring device in the small aluminium cradle for? I am wishing I'd replaced my rods too after replacing just the conrod bolts with originals from Lotus, I suspect the new rods and ARP bolts might have almost been cheaper! πŸ˜–
  12. Hi Alex, @ProAlloy-Alex It would be great if you could share the status of any progress (or not, any info is better than none), ideally if you have any photos of parts during various stages of manufacture I know that is stuff most people on here would be interested in. cheers -Chris
  13. I’m mulling over exactly the same decision, if you go down the route of having something manufactured I may be interested in a pair depending on design and price. πŸ€—
  14. Hi Chris, There is a pre-rad included with the Pro Alloy kit and this is installed in addition to your current radiator pack (including air con condensers if you have them). Don’t worry about asking questions we all do it. πŸ‘ cheers -Chris
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