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  1. It might be more cost effective (albeit not standard) to fit the Quaiffe ATB instead, it doesn't have the groove. That may make it stronger but it does make it more difficult to seal. Barry, the link below has an interesting conversation about the differences between an LSD and an ATB. It's interesting that the unit in the Sport300 is labelled as Torsen LSD but the service notes refer to is an ATB.!) cheers -Chris
  2. Why do you ask? I have the Quaife so just curious.
  3. I'm seeing the same problem. cheers -Chris
  4. I guess what I meant to ask, is it a press day, but I can see it isn’t. If I can engineer the time I may see you there. Cheers -Chris
  5. Can you get in without a press pass? I might be able to make it for part of the day.
  6. The magnet on the right looks like a nice Christmas tree, is that what you would expect the magnet to look like on any gearbox or is it just that this was bedding in or due to the failure (although I would only expect the bigger bits as per the other picture)? I'm asking because mine looked a lot like that shortly after the GTO upgrade a few years ago (but not many miles ago) and I was told it's normal but just checking. cheers -Chris
  7. I wonder if you have a problem with the pressure regulator (first check the vacuum hose is fitted correctly)? I recommend you buy a cheap fuel pressure tester from Amazon or wherever and make sure you have good fuel pressure to begin with. cheers -Chris
  8. Hi Dave, Congratulations on your purchase, it looks great in the picture and on the spec sheet too. I am very envious of a number of items on this list "forged pistons, new liners, chargecooler, hybrid turbos, ARP head bolts, Forge waste gates new fuel tanks, Quaife LSD, Alcon 6 pot front and AP 4 pot rear brakes". I'd like to see some pics of the chargecooler setup when you get the car. Mine had been sat for a few years until earlier this year and I found the wastegate capsule springs were badly corroded. These can be rebuilt if all the nuts and bolts holding them together are not too badly corroded as well. However the only impact they had on mine was to bleed off pressure too early and reduce the max boost available. Most scenarios I can think of relating to the waste gates don't seem to prevent boost from arriving on time so I'm a little confused by that. Still there are much more experienced folk on here than me and PNM always get a favourable response on here so I think you are in good hands. If you feel like you need to replace any of those upgrades with standard parts let me know. cheers -Chris
  9. This is what the fuel pump assembly looks like. You can get replacement pumps from SJ Sportscars and I would recommend you plan on replacing the 'in-tank' fuel hose too as it will almost certainly have perished. You need to make sure it is intended for use within a tank and able to withstand petrol on its outside surface as well as internally. cheers -Chris
  10. After eliminating the relays I would suspect the fuel pump, not really sure how else to test it without whipping them both out of the tank and testing on the bench. I'm going to put a beer on the fact that you do have a shrader valve on the fuel rail at the rear of the engine like the one in the picture below. This one still shows a rubber bung that needs to be removed once the dust cover has been taken off, you can buy a pressure tester quite cheaply from Amazon or similar. I had to make up a special tool (bleow) to loosen the pump assembly retaining ring, I don't know if there is a proper tool you can buy instead to do this but I think I would have struggled to 'tap' the ring with a small hammer and drift due to the lack of clearance. It's not very pretty but it did allow me to get a socket with a long extension onto it.
  11. That sounds like your primary fuel pump is not working. The secondary will spin up for just a few seconds which will allow the car to start but if the primary isn't working you will quickly run out of fuel in the rails. If you can get a fuel pressure gauge onto the schrader valve on the fuel rail you will be able to see that happening. cheers -Chris
  12. Hi Bibs, Are these in the shop already or do I need to be more patient? cheers -Chris
  13. Well said, can you ask them to reduce stamp duty while you are at it (or move the thresholds in line with house prices) to prevent home owners from becoming stuck and unable to afford the privilege to be allowed to move.
  14. That does look very nice, great to see the gearshift still on the right of the driver but a shame it doesn't have 8 trumpets for decoration. Did you build it or buy it ready made? I'm expecting the former since it's not registered, it looks beautifully finished. cheers -Chris Having driven one at the Ring when we were asked to remove the massive rear wing (told it was a danger to motorcyclists. Grrr!) I would very much agree and recommend a rear wing to keep it planted. Over 120mph (earlier shape than yours) it was very scary without the wing. We were allowed to put it back on later in the day and the difference was unbelievable, the car was rock solid with it. cheers -Chris
  15. Can you post some pictures of the Ultima and of the under bodywork stuff.
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