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  1. I have item 5 handy, I'll have to dig out 8 from wherever I put it. 🤷‍♂️ should have that tomorrow. Item 5 is 670mm x 20mm (it's 1.5mm thick but it looks like your plates are a little thicker than standard which is a good thing) There are 5 slotted holes that are 6.7mm x 9mm From each end there are two with centres at 15.5mm, 135.5mm plus one centres on the plate. In addition there are two grooves with a semi-circular end, these are 6.5mm wide and 15.7mm deep centred 278.25mm from each end. Sorry for the fractions of a mm, I got my calipers out and couldn't help
  2. Sorry you are having to wait for your shocks Dave, but not sorry enough to offer you the Nitrons back. 😇
  3. I'm watching this thread with interest (and fingers crossed for you it all goes well). I am wondering if there are any opinions regarding the use (and value of using) an oil accumulator? cheers -Chris
  4. It was always a possibility and I went into this with my eyes open. You will notice there is a temporary rear cross member in place (that I will cut off and touch in where its masked the chassis) to add the necessary support at the rear. I had invaluable advice from @CHANGES with points to consider. At the moment I don't know if it has moved or not. I have the 'before' measurements but not yet had the chance to capture the 'after' measurements yet, so fingers crossed. 😟😬
  5. But I do have some of the finished article and I couldn't be happier... Huge thanks to Joseph Ash Galvanising, Medway. 👍 cheers -Chris
  6. After the dip... Thickness testing... (I have to confess I was a little concerned by the finish at this stage but it was explained as an industrial coat) Then, lanishing and another chemical dip to prepare the new zinc surface for the next step... The next step was the powder coating itself, unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that.
  7. I may inadvertently have created a contender for that title (in the chassis refresh department at least). I spent some time looking for a company to restore the corrosion protection on my chassis and looked at a few different options. I was keen on the e-coat process that @mike_sekingerhad done on his chassis but the only place in the UK I could find was prohibitively expensive. I looked at powder coating and plasti-coating, with fancy etch primers or other new tech but none seems to bond to the chassis like e-coat or hot dipped zinc galvanising. So I looked into re-galvanising more clos
  8. Hi Ruud, If you are replacing the fuel lines in the tank make sure you get hoses that are specifically design for use inside the tank, standard hose is not suitable. cheers -Chris
  9. The original bolts seem to have a lot going for them, both mechanically and financially. 🙂
  10. Where do people stand on this topic with regards to the 918 V8 engine? ARP apparently don't have a suitable bolt and the Lotus ones are not cheap especially when you need 16 of the little monsters. cheers -Chris
  11. Hi Tom, I'm interested in a full set but there are some additional plates that have no captive parts as well, I'd like to see if these can be made up too? Items 5,6,8 and 2x 12. I will have them off my car over the weekend and can share dimensions or post them as examples if you fancy completing the set? I'm not sure if I have items 92 and 93 or not or if I'm supposed to?? cheers -Chris
  12. Yup, sign me up for a set. I was planning on doing the same but see no reason to reinvent the wheel yet again. 👍 I'm wondering if there is an option to have a nut welded rather than the rivnut? I would trust a welded nut not to spin more than I would the rivnut. 😇 cheers -Chris
  13. Hi Tom, Did you make the new fixing plates yourself or did you have them made? Anyone who has been into the bumpers will know how much of an improvement having them in stainless will be, great work. 👍 There are a few other plates in that area, will you be replacing them with stainless items too? Would you consider having a few more made? I'm sure there would be a few takers on here.... cheers -Chris
  14. cweeden


    They made it look too easy, I had to stop and remind myself of the accomplishment. It's astonishing really, what can be achieved. 👍
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