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  1. I'm thinking really hard about my photographic ability here, I'd love to take the pass etc but I'm pretty sure I'd get found out once you saw the pictures. However, if you are interested in a social experiment to see if an iphone can be used for press images, I'm your man. 😇
  2. Which bit of that is a wing? I'm guessing that gets dropped from a great height and falls to the ground, not much lift available.
  3. Popping can also be caused by an exhaust leak or leaky exhaust valves, a compression test will help eliminate the valves at least.
  4. If it doesn't seize or blow up that will be reward enough. You can't rush these things. 🙈
  5. I've whizzed through this so not sure if its been mentioned or not. Have you checked the rough terrain / crash imobiliser (not sure of the proper name off the top of my head)? It's a trip switch that you may need to reset located at front of the engine bay behind the drivers head (in the UK).
  6. cweeden


    I'm afraid the genie is already out of the bottle, no one can stop this now I suspect.
  7. cweeden


    On the positive, that would most likely save the planet. 🤗
  8. Seems like only last year we were doing this. 😁 Happy Birthday Bibs 👍
  9. I have to confess I had a similar thought when I watched it back. I suspect there is an element of diminishing returns and some basic checks are better than none.
  10. I'm a bit slow, I was going to share the link to those wheels but realise Bibs just beat me to it. 🙂 Congratulations on your purchase. I'd also look into where the wheels you have came from, you might find they are worth a few quid on another marque perhaps. 🤷‍♂️ cheers -Chris
  11. I had a good chat with an engineer at Vibration Free when I dropped off engine parts for balancing. He also commented on gearbox alignment having a large potential to introduce vibrations, exaggerate the effect of the input shaft not being inline with the crank and you can quickly imagine where vibrations may come from. Since Vibration Free work to very fine tolerances he recommended I 'clock' the bell housing (see something like this for details ), I'm not quite at that stage yet (embarrassing revelation) but plan to investigate that area during my rebuild. cheers -Chris
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