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  1. Hi @mike_sekinger, I am always interested but unless I break an original while refreshing the running gear my budget is being stretched with the engine rebuild and other chassis components.
  2. Going through DeRoure to make a list of what items I need to replace plus those I'd change if they were cheap enough. I don't think I'll replace the plate that holds the brake pipe unions as it goes through the body with an original Lotus item, they're sold out anyway, which I'm somewhat surprised at after seeing the price. This is the plate... And here's the price... If anyone wants to buy an original one, I have a second hand one for sale at half the price of an original. cheers -Chris
  3. Well after a little brave pill I lifted the body until the front wheels were just off the ground. I put some pressure on the drivers side front wheel and wobbled it a bit which wobbled the chassis and the body a little. I kept up the pressure and could hear some very gentle creaking (not cracking) and waited, I few moments later the chassis dropped to the floor and was essentially free. I was then able to lift little by little and check carefully as the body came away, keeping a close eye on the area Mike ringed in red above. This is very tight, the chassis bumping into the fan shroud and the bolt not fully clear, so a little flexing of the shroud was necessary but nothing excessive. Beyond that point it was plain sailing, I have no idea what was holding it up, nothing obvious. Many thanks to all for the hand holding and advice.
  4. I think it must be just wedged. It has moved about 1/4 of an inch at the front so doesn't suggest it's being held fast by a couple of bolts anywhere. I'll do some gentle jiggling tomorrow and see if I can get it to move any more. Thanks for all the helpful feedback. I'm just a little worried that if it's this tricky to separate how hard is it to marry them back together later.
  5. Sorry Dave, I should have explained that I was able to get my hands in through the radio aperture and have a good feel about and take a bunch of pictures. I took reference from the steady bar that comes straight up from the lower chassis fixing and fully explored where I'd expect them to be plus all the way forward to the heater and all the way backwards to the rear of the lower switch panel, I am certain I do not have the top of the chassis fixings that are in your picture. I am curious about the captive nut on the top of the front suspension turret, I don't think I have one of those and it doesn't look like Barry's chassis has one either, Mike's has been modified there for his pesky shocks so not much help. I was hoping I'd find an extra bolt there but I haven't. I have been under it again and inside it and still the steering column has no tension on it but the chassis still rises at the front with the body. This is Barry's, not sure what the black thing on top of the shock is but the fillet with the captive nut isn't there.
  6. Hmm, well I don’t think I have those bolts on mine. From your pictures @CHANGES they are just behind the lower forward mounts. On the passenger side there is a bar that is bolted in at the bottom and runs vertically up under the dash, so the lugs would be just behind this bar and they are not (having investigated via the radio aperture). I think I’ll need to lift the front with a jack and have a good look under there but I’m sure I’ve not missed anything that’s been mentioned so far. cheers -Chris
  7. Hmm, looks like their shop is for trade only... Any idea where else this is available? If not I'm sure I can find a trader who can purchase for me. Thanks for the info.
  8. I would but I don't want to lose the originality of the green pipes.
  9. Thanks Dave, I'll investigate those tomorrow. cheers -Chris
  10. Yup, they were actually the first to go, so it's not them.
  11. Did you buy new brake lines and were they pre-formed or have you formed them yourself? Where did you get them from (assuming they are not the originals).
  12. The engine is out. Turns out there are two bolts just in front of the seat belt bolts, I thought the seat belt bolts were the chassis bolts at that point. So that was the problem there, however it is a game of resolving one issue and moving on to the next. There is something holding the chassis to the body at the front right corner. I suspected it was the steering column at the U/J but I've opened up the pinch a little and given it a little squirt of penetrating fluid to help it slide, it doesn't feel as it there is much pressure on it to be honest. I can wiggle the lower part of the shaft and it rattles the U/J which I wouldn't expect if it was supporting the front corner. The pedal box bolts are out, the brake pipes are undone and out of the way and the two little bolts into the support plate where brake pipes pass through the body have been removed. The two bolts that go through the top support rail right at the front are out and so are the two foot well bolts (and the earth strap on the passenger side). It's properly holding on too, it will lift the front wheels off the ground without any nasty noises (only a brief check just to see if I was being a wimp). It lifts the drivers side clear first though and there is a small gap on top of the support beam on the passenger side, so it's all pointing to something around the drivers side foot well. Any other special tricks for the steering column that I've missed or bolts in that area? cheers -Chris
  13. Yup, all of those have been taken care of. I think it might just either be gripping the chassis or a little sticky perhaps???
  14. Question for @Barrykearley, @CHANGES and @mike_sekinger or anyone else who knows the answer. I think I have everything disconnected (including the water recirculating pump which I nearly missed) but as I raise the body the chassis lifts with it and seems to be connected around the rear of the tunnel near the seat belt mounts. I'm pretty sure I've got all the bolts out from the tunnel but wondering if there are any bobbins or sleeves that need to come out as well? I've taken out one bolt from each side of the tub through the leading edge of the passenger and driver's side foot wells, another each side of the centre tunnel in line with the trailing edge of the wheel arch and the the two securing the seat belt mounts (and the rear bulkhead captive bolt brackets, the two in the rear of the chassis, the two at the very front of the chassis and the pedal box bolts and steering column pinch bolt, all hoses, brake lines and electrical connections etc). Have I missed something or is it a case of be brave and use a little persuasion to break the bond between them? I was looking at @mike_sekinger's chassis pictures and there seem to be a few turrets on the side of the chassis near the captive nut for the seat belt, what are these for? Not more bolts I hope. cheers -Chris
  15. Just reading this topic as I narrowly missed out on a second hand insertion tool that popped up for sale but was snatched up too quickly by one lucky customer. Anyway, I would recommend everyone lends @Mightymetro something, I too received a similar thank you pack in return. A very pleasant surprise. ( @Sparky I may need to ask nicely if I can borrow your insertion tool soon once I get to that stage ) cheers -Chris
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