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  1. Oh nice, I had assumed you would only plate the steel items.
  2. Chance to upgrade to a Sport 350 one, but you would need more new bushes as well. You are not having an easy ride with this one but you are doing a fantastic job, keep going, not long now. BTW with the newly refreshed suspension bits and exposed hub castings are you considering any anti-corrosion coatings like ACF50 for example? cheers -Chris
  3. Hi @Barrykearley, what are the jobs you want to do with the body off? It seems as if most of the big ones have been done already with the suspension refresh and tank replacement (although that one just needs the engine out). I would like to split mine one day and have the whole chassis and running gear refreshed along with rad pack etc but I don't really have the facilities to do it myself. cheers -Chris
  4. @Espritv8black there seems to be something wrong with the parts diagram, I only see blank pages. Would you mind uploading it again? Thanks -Chris
  5. I have to confess my first reaction was to check the date, nope it's not April 1st. I have my fingers crossed you like it and admire your commitment. cheers -Chris
  6. Sorry, I don't but I'm sure you'll get more responses if you share some pictures of the rad pack ready to go back in.
  7. Hi @Mightymetro everything has scrubbed up beautifully, I am green with envy now looking at all those better than new items, I guess I'll have to get my finger out. Not long now and it will be back on the road, awesome work. cheers -Chris
  8. Out of interest @Mightymetro since your car is a bit of a factory special, do you have the standard ARB or the Sport 350 ARB, I believe they are 16mm and 17mm diameter respectively (but not positive on the dimensions)? If it's badly corroded you may have a hybrid depending on where you measure it. cheers -Chris
  9. Hi Rob, Good to see you on these pages. I still have mine, #29 or is it #26?? I'll have to go and check, senior moments coming thick and fast. It's not MOTd at the moment but I will sort that out soon. BTW you might want to consider changing the title of this topic to "Esprit Sport 350 Owners Now year 2020", it can get confusing since they launched the Exige Sport 350, a great car I am sure but we know it's not as special as the Esprit Sport 350. cheers -Chris
  10. I believe the F1 clutch has a service life of just 3,000 miles too.
  11. I would start by charging the battery (assuming it will hold a charge), they all tend to make a clicking noise when the battery is too low to turn the engine over. If it all seems OK with a fully charged battery you should probably check the alternator and the ability of the battery to hold a charge. I would expect mucking about with the immobiliser is less straight forward than it sounds. cheers -Chris
  12. Ah man, that sucks, I do feel for you. Can you be bothered to let him know the mess he's made and present the bill for two new bushes? cheers -Chris
  13. Hi Michael, I'd love to know the answer regarding all 8 ignitors, how soon can you post the video? This thread is fascinating. Keep up the good work everyone. cheers -Chris
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