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  1. I need to call Alex, there are still activities going on which suggest this isn't dead yet.
  2. cweeden

    Goodwood FoS 2022

    I'm guessing the Red Arrows will be with you soon, they've just gone over Dorking. πŸ‘
  3. Hi @eeyoreish I'm sorry for hijacking your thread, for the brake pipe work which is all 3/16 the two tools you found on ebay are the same or similar to the ones I've been using successfully (I think, not pressure tested yet) so you should be fine. πŸ™‚ cheers -Chris
  4. But doesn't do 1/4" tubing which is what is used for the clutch on my V8.
  5. I still need to check but I think it is a DIN type which is why the search is hard. However, if it is SAE I'm going to be eating a lot of humble pie. ☺️
  6. Ok, your first comment was helpful, this one less so. I've spent soooo much time searching for components that this one hit a nerve. πŸ€ͺ
  7. Thanks Ian, now I need to check if I need a DIN or SAE, I should have been more specific before. Oh and can you find one for less than a queens ransom please. 😱
  8. I need one like this but for 1/4" pipe, any pointers please.
  9. Hi Mike, Did you get any DM's ? If you don't I can help but I suspect there are others who are closer. πŸ‘ cheers -Chris
  10. Happy Birthday Bibs. πŸ‘
  11. Thanks for the feedback. The body is off the chassis so I don't want to fit the wrong something that is easy to do now but will be much harder to replace once the body is back on, no room for experiment I'm afraid. The 77% increase is more than I'd realised because I've been too lazy to do the maths (or think about it, doh!) and yes more movement too, so now this is starting to make sense. I'll stick with 1/4", thanks. πŸ™‚ cheers -Chris
  12. That is quite an horrific idea. 😱
  13. Hi All, Is there any reason why the clutch pipe on my V8 is 1/4" while all the brake lines are 3/16" ? I wouldn't expect 1/16" change in pipe diameter to have an appreciable impact on the operation of the clutch in terms of pedal feel or operation, am I missing something from my physics education? Finding M10 x 1 male fittings for 1/4" pipe is quite a challenge (especially in stainless steel). cheers -Chris
  14. You might want to hold on tight, it might be a touch more lively if the cat was blocked. πŸ™‚
  15. Hi Mike, No I haven't yet. I have spoken with Nick Wannop a couple of times and he has spoken with Alex. I will call Alex this week and see if I can talk this through with him, I don't think this is completely sunk just yet. cheers -Chris
  16. Any price indication anywhere?
  17. Try they do a lot of work with the 4 pots.
  18. While you can turn off the warnings I suspect any related exceeding speed limit events may still be stored in the black box for later retrieval should an investigation be necessary. πŸ™
  19. I had one of those when the odometer display went a little funky and wouldn't display all of the characters for a while. πŸ€ͺ
  20. Ignas did run some analysis with 'greatly increased loads' (I don't know what unless it's obvious from the pictures), needed to show some stress. To be fair I don't think the standard carriers fail in normal operation (but I could be wrong) it's mainly failures when removing seized lower mounting hardware. cheers -Chris
  21. Yesterday I finally managed to fit the prototype pair that Ignas had machined. I had to have the ABS/speed sensor hole machined and the relief's added for the two bolts that attach the trailing arm. I've also had to shim the sliding bush with some shim steel since the hole on these were 0.1mm diameter too large, we figured that out when the drawings surfaced. I can't quite remember if anything else was done but I don't think so, apart from them being anodised which I am aware will have reduced their strength a fraction. I know Ignas has been waiting for this moment for a long time and so I want to apologise to him for the time taken. Naturally I am very interested to learn what other points are raised. cheers -Chris
  22. I'd rather you cluttered this thread so we can all learn, I am keen to know what discrepancies you've spotted. cheers -Chris
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