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  1. Hi @ProAlloy-Alex, can you add Tom ( @Thartje ) to the list of customers please? 👍 cheers -Chris
  2. If you want to take it flat safely I would recommend one of these... 😄
  3. Can you keep a note of the parts you use, this is going to be interesting to a lot of us if it works. 🙂
  4. Sorry, I didn't read the title properly, there is a Radium CAI thread on the go too at the moment and I am easily confused. I don't have any experience with the BOE but would expect similar behaviour opening up the intake is what I think reveals the sounds, the Radium was so much better than standard and I would imagine the BOE would sound great too. 😇
  5. The Radium intake is only noisy at wider throttle openings so is easy to control, it is also only really audible from inside the car (or when stationary)but it makes the V6 sing. It's a no brainer, if you have the option you should fit one. cheers -Chris
  6. cweeden

    S4S info

    Pictures please, and I agree, Steve is very helpful. 👍
  7. They should set a £50 minimum, then you'd only visit the pumps when you have space for a decent amount of fuel. Maybe that would ward off the idiots.
  8. Thanks for the update Alex, it is really helpful. cheers -Chris
  9. I might try and pop along in my new (to me) 500hp V6. 🙂 cheers -Chris (sorry, it's not a Lotus)
  10. I'll check with the decision maker and will PM you if it's a positive response. 🙂
  11. Hi Filip, I've just replied to your message and welcome you to the channel, in my view the more the merrier. 🙂 I've also scrolled up a little and noticed Kendall Faeth, @cashiew86 has also asked to be added to the list. This is proving to be very popular. 👍 Kendall, I notice you are in the US, are you aware that the US emissions equipment might be in the space needed to install the charge coolers? @ProAlloy-Alex, can you confirm that you can add @Escape (Filip) and @cashiew86 (Kendall) to the list of customers please? cheers -Chris
  12. Hi Mike, sorry I didn't see this message, for some reason I am not being alerted to updates on this thread ( @Bibs any setting I need to tweak?). I don't have any new info, Alex is the man to update us. cheers -Chris
  13. At the least you will want to look at the in tank hoses. If they are original I'll bet they have many cracks. Be sure to use hose suitable for submerging in fuel as well as carrying it. 👍
  14. It can be quiet as a mouse or "too loud" apparently, according to my brother when I did a fly by in front of him and his neighbours to test. 😇
  15. Ooh, shiny. What's the final drive ratio (to save me trying to work it out 🙂 )
  16. cweeden


    I think the point here is that there is a system, your legal status won't affect the love you have for each other but it may impact the support she is entitled to by the state or perhaps her legal guardian. I don't think for a moment this is a measure of your commitment, I will echo the comments on what a lovely act this is, good on you. 👍
  17. It strikes me that there is a safe position for the crank and also a safe position for the cams. At 45deg BTDC #2 is the crank safe position where you can do what you like with the cams and valves. With the cams locked with setting pins, you seem to be safe to do what you like with the crank and pistons (according to the text in the manual). Thanks for the feedback. cheers -Chris
  18. that is how I read it too but I wanted a sanity check since it's quite a leap of faith after the time and effort of a rebuild to rotate the bottom end while the top end is static. I have visions of spoof moments in films where the slighted touch is exaggerated into a huge explosion translating to a piston kissing a valve and launching the whole cylinder head into orbit. 🤣
  19. Hi All, I've been reading the notes on setting the timing and the following paragraph leads me to believe that when the camshafts have their setting pins in place the valves must all be in a safe position where no piston can hit them. Is that true or am I going mad? With the camshafts still locked, turn the crankshaft clockwise, dragging the cam pulleys just until the crankshaft positioning tool TO0011339 can be inserted through the sensor plinth to engage fully with the marked vane on the crankshaft pulley (timing disc will read 10” BTDC No.2 cylinder). If the crankshaft is inadvertently turned too far, do NOT reverse direction, but continue clockwise for a complete revolution. cheers -Chris
  20. I'm even more unhappy about this today so am now wishing I had just bought it. 😖
  21. Yup, I've been down the forgiveness route and whilst this is disappointing it won't hurt for as long. 🤣
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