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  1. If it's just the price you don't like, it's probably worth having a conversation with the seller. You never know unless you ask.
  2. I think its pretty special too but I might be a little bias. 😄
  3. Hot off the press, the list has grown again and we have 10 confirmed. 🙂 1 Chris Weeden confirmed 2 Mike Sekinger confirmed 3 Dave Excell confirmed 4 Dan Tebay confirmed 5 Steve Middleton confirmed 6 Sacha Gyte confirmed 7 Jason Suttle confirmed 8 Peter Donato confirmed 9 Jeff Hedden confirmed 10 T.J. McCallum confirmed 11 Paull Colcough not yet confirmed 12 Andy Blackman not yet confirmed 13 Jan Elholt not yet confirmed
  4. I've shared your picture with them and asked the question. 🙂
  5. Hi All, I spent the last week confirming with individuals their continued interest and I'm happy to say that the list is still in very good shape, unfortunately Alex Adamou has had to drop out due to an exciting new business venture and I am still waiting on one or two additional confirmations. Here is the current list. 1 Chris Weeden confirmed 2 Mike Sekinger confirmed 3 Dave Excell confirmed 4 Dan Tebay confirmed 5 Steve Middleton confirmed 6 Sacha Gyte confirmed 7 Jason Suttle confirmed 8 Peter Donato confirmed 9 Jeff Hedden confirmed 10 Paull Colcough not yet confirmed 11 Andy Blackman not yet confirmed 12 Jan Elholt not yet confirmed I have managed to re-establish contact with ProAlloy after a period of radio silence and they have said they will contact Nick shortly to get his car in and get started on the templates and jigs. Mike, I did get a picture of the pre-rad (I'm not sure if it's the type you were hoping for?) but to the others I am working on a clear and concise list of what additional parts will be needed (I am not expecting any) to complete the installation. The kit does require a modification to existing turbo to inlet pipes, Mike has a few sets that he is willing to sell if people are interested to preserve theirs as original and also minimise any time where they need to be taken off the car and sent to ProAlloy for return. If anyone is interested in those, please speak up and maybe we can appeal to Mike for a great price to help the project. 🙂 I've had the offer of help from a gentleman on Facebook who lives near to ProAlloy and drives a 4 cylinder Esprit, Ralph Wilton. Ralph is a retired engineer and is the inventor of Belt in Oil Technology and he also created the first long life cam belts. If we need a site visit for any reason Ralph will help us. I will be sending the list to ProAlloy today and telling them to build 10 kits minimum, further updates as things progress. cheers -Chris I should also state that if there are any newcomers to this thread who would also like to join the list please just shout, there is still time. 🙂
  6. Hi All, A quick update. Nick's car is available now and I am trying to get ProAlloy to agree a timeline to copy the kit and begin production (it would be much easier if they would return my calls or emails but I will get through eventually). I plan on sending a private message to each of you to ask for your email address and to ask if it is OK to share your details with ProAlloy as they would like to confirm that customers do exist. If anyone on the list below has changed their mind please let me know now so that we can avoid any embarrassing conversations with ProAlloy later. 🙂 1. Chris W ( @cweeden ) 2. Mike Sekinger (for stock) ( @mike_sekinger ) 3. Alex Adamou ( Facebook) 4. Paul Colclough (Facebook) 5. Dave Excell ( @dave excell ) 6. Dan Tebay ( @DanT ) 7. Jan (Lotus Talk) 8. Steve M ( @esprit17 ) 9. Sacha Gyte ( @Mightymetro ) 10. Andy Blackman ?? ( @andyblackman777 ) Also if anyone else reading this wants to join the group buy please let me know. cheers -Chris
  7. I read something on the site almost every day making it the cheapest magazine I get delivered. Without support a lot of good things simply disappear. cheers -Chris
  8. What do you do for a living? That would influence my advice, International man of mystery or traffic warden for example... 🙂
  9. Sorry, I can't help you with that, I sold my car without fixing the camera.
  10. I believe the cameras get damp and then things get intermittent. Barry is right, you are probably best off replacing the camera. cheers -Chris
  11. Hi Fabian, Where did you get that anodised? (sorry if it has been stated already) cheers -Chris
  12. Couldn't agree more, the Radium CAI on mine (when I had an launch edition NA one) was awesome. It raised the noise level inside but didn't make it anti-social from the outside (drive by) and track days were never an issue.
  13. What diameter stock will that handle?
  14. Volvo have done some fun stuff in the past with Yamaha, but then I suppose it's a Yamaha engine and not Volvo.
  15. I'll be interested to see what other more seasoned V8 engine builders say but if it is just for normal driving then I expect it will be just fine with standard components. cheers -Chris
  16. Hi @v8GTmac1, I may have asked this before but not sure I've seen an answer (I may not have been paying attention, sorry). At the moment my car is a huge collection of bits in preparation for rebuilding with nice new and refurb'd shiny stuff. While it is apart I am wondering what modifications, additions etc I should be sorting out to give me the option of running your ECU and code (should it become an option, I don't want to be too presumptuous)? Is it possible to have the car built with all the necessary bits to be able to swap between the two ECUs quite simply or is it an either or situation for some of them? It would be great if I could prep this in readiness while I am building it up to save revisiting bits later. 🙂 You've done an amazing job and your reward might just be people like me becoming a PITAs while trying to adopt your great work. 😇 cheers -Chris
  17. Hi Bibs, I echo the sentiments at this sad news and send you my condolences and sympathy. cheers -Chris
  18. Hi Tom. Where did you get the heat proofing from? cheers -Chris
  19. Hmm, just read it and am not sure I would have posted it if I had done so before. It's difficult to run through all the things you should care about but perhaps I would recommend a common sense approach, look for a good service record or evidence that it has been well maintained privately. I would aim to by the latest model you can afford, post 98' the interior had a face lift but around then (maybe even before?) so did the clutch and bell housing to improve the weight and feel of the clutch and reduce vibrations. Early cars had cylinder liner sealant issues but if it is running well now is most likely either been fixed or won't develop the problem, make sure its not losing water with no evidence of a leak. This is well documented on the web and you should be able to find all the info you need on that. As with all Esprits the fuel tanks are steel and prone to rust and are a real pain to replace and are not easy to check, so I don't know how you reassure yourself they are fine but something to be aware of again. Parts are generally readily available either from Lotus or Lotus Specialists in the UK and JAE in the US (who have a large stock as far as I can tell). Due to their age whatever car you find is likely to have tired suspension if its not already been addressed. There are plenty of options (and guides) on how to do this but worth budgeting for. Then it's possibly more common items like making sure all of the electrics work and hoses aren't perished. Check the cambelt service history or plan to have that done, it's not worth the risk. I'm sure I've missed loads of details but I hope that helps. 🙂 cheers -Chris
  20. Hi Ogi, You may want to take a look at the Esprit buyers guides found here I've not read them recently but I expect them to give you a good basic knowledge of what to look out for. cheers -Chris
  21. What, you mean my drawing is not good enough to send as it is? 🤣
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