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  1. Yup, that would have made perfect sense in hind sight. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  2. I know how you feel, V8 conrod bolts are over Β£50 each and there are no obvious alternatives from ARP or the like that I found. Not fun when you need 16 of the little buggers. (this is where @mike_sekinger tells me of a secret supply at half that πŸ˜† )
  3. 6 hours of sliding GT40's mmmm... 🀀
  4. I think it is one of the best events on the motorsport calendar, assuming not much has changed since I was there last. Access all areas, including the pits, for all days without busting the bank (was 30 euros when I was there if I remember correctly) and not too crowded unlike F1 for example. I am very envious. πŸ™‚ Plus the cars are cool too.
  5. Is that so you can give him a piece of your mind? 😬
  6. I use the recycled compressed wood chipping logs that seem to burn for a long time with little ash and very little smoke, the glass stays clean for many burns unlike logs I have bought in the past (probably not seasoned for long enough).
  7. I'm expecting you to be very pleasantly surprised.
  8. Hi Mike, What are the engine components that are lighter than stock? Is it rods, pistons, flywheel and clutch or are there more lightweight bits too? The way it revs is so appealing and it sounds great. Are these with stock exhaust manifolds or tubular ones? Sorry if this is all documented here, I haven't been back through the thread to check. cheers -Chris
  9. Now I feel bad, @Bibs maybe you should move these last few messages to the 'unhappy' thread. πŸ™‚
  10. Looks like a perfect choice of towing vehicle. 😳
  11. Without being too personal, I wonder if we can determine what the average age of those who have had cataract surgery is? I've just turned 54 and my eyes are getting worse for focussing on stuff at a steady rate now, so not sure what aspect will deteriorate next. πŸ™ˆ
  12. Hi Barry, In an attempt to help you while "the bits I got my fire and drive from are absent." and since we share a common affection for Triumph Spitfires etc (I had a daggy one in my early 20's but I still miss it today) I thought you might like to know about this tremendous GT6 build on Youtube, apologies if you are already aware of it (I may even have mentioned it before but senior moments are coming thick and fast these days so who knows). I am in awe of their whole approach to giving new life to a beautiful classic and their tenacity to keep going, maintaining high standards and refusing to rush things. The style of their production is a little rough in the early episodes but quickly settles down into very watchable restomod episodes that might allow you to live vicariously through their endeavour until you can get back to spannering your cars soon. Spoiler alert, they are not finished yet and the speed of new episodes is very slow, so don't expect to see a finished car in the published videos or for some time to come I suspect. πŸ€— cheers -Chris
  13. That is awesome news, I am very happy for you both and have my fingers crossed her condition continues to improve at pace. πŸ‘
  14. I need to call Alex, there are still activities going on which suggest this isn't dead yet.
  15. cweeden

    Goodwood FoS 2022

    I'm guessing the Red Arrows will be with you soon, they've just gone over Dorking. πŸ‘
  16. Hi @eeyoreish I'm sorry for hijacking your thread, for the brake pipe work which is all 3/16 the two tools you found on ebay are the same or similar to the ones I've been using successfully (I think, not pressure tested yet) so you should be fine. πŸ™‚ cheers -Chris
  17. But doesn't do 1/4" tubing which is what is used for the clutch on my V8.
  18. I still need to check but I think it is a DIN type which is why the search is hard. However, if it is SAE I'm going to be eating a lot of humble pie. ☺️
  19. Ok, your first comment was helpful, this one less so. I've spent soooo much time searching for components that this one hit a nerve. πŸ€ͺ
  20. Thanks Ian, now I need to check if I need a DIN or SAE, I should have been more specific before. Oh and can you find one for less than a queens ransom please. 😱
  21. I need one like this but for 1/4" pipe, any pointers please.
  22. Hi Mike, Did you get any DM's ? If you don't I can help but I suspect there are others who are closer. πŸ‘ cheers -Chris
  23. Happy Birthday Bibs. πŸ‘
  24. Thanks for the feedback. The body is off the chassis so I don't want to fit the wrong something that is easy to do now but will be much harder to replace once the body is back on, no room for experiment I'm afraid. The 77% increase is more than I'd realised because I've been too lazy to do the maths (or think about it, doh!) and yes more movement too, so now this is starting to make sense. I'll stick with 1/4", thanks. πŸ™‚ cheers -Chris
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