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  1. I just purchased a 2001 Esprit. Right now I'm all smiles and I'm enjoying it for the few weeks I have before winter comes.

    I am coming from an e46 M3 (inline 6) so they exhaust note is completely different. Well what I want to know is, how can you tell the difference from the OE exhaust and the Lotus sport exhaust? The only other Esprit I've heard was an 04 US spec with the center exit exhaust. From what I've read, the OE and Sport exhaust look the same externally. So how would I find out which I have? I planned on getting an aftermarket one, but if I have the sports exhaust on there already I'll hold off for now but I plan on getting hi-flow cats and straight pipes down the road.

    I have uploaded a clip of my car. Hopefully this may help you tell me what I have on there now.

    Hi Spoonito,

    That sounds like the sports exhaust to me, both of my V8s only had this but for reference a friend of mine had the sports version before being hit from behind. The garage who repaired the damage replaced it with a standard exhaust and it was quite noticably quieter.

    Lets see what others think.

    BTW for anyone else looking at the clip it seems to sit on the web page for about 2 minutes before playing so just hang in there it will load. :-)



  2. My rebuilt box is ready and I should be going to GTO tomorrow to pick it up - three weeks after I dropped it off as promised. The clutch I have had rebuilt by an AP Racing dealer/specialist for half the price of a brand new one.

    I was at Donnington on Sunday and the Classic Lotus Racing Team was there with 3 - 70's F1 cars. I got chatting with a guy on the team who currently works as an Elise development engineer and has been at the factory 20 years. He said they always new the Renault box was a weak link in the V8 (as many of us know to our cost) but the car was already going to be so expensive they had no margin to do the job right.

    His opinion was the Quaife/Derek Bell upgrade is the way to go on a rebuild and gives the V8 the box it probably should have had in the first place.


    Hi All,

    Since Jack Knights are going bust I don't feel too bad talking about them. I suspect the 'good will gesture' that they promised me is unlikely to arrive now anyway (not that I ever expected it would!).

    I put my gearbox into Jack Knights in about February/March this year for the Derek Bell upgrade and I for one am not going to be sorry to see the back of them.

    I had no end of missed deadline with them and it took over 6 months to complete my gearbox. Now I know they had technical issues and I could live with that, I like to think I am a reasonable guy, but their customer service was non existent. I would have to call them all the time for any updates. If I left a messaqe it was NEVER returned. I spoke to everyone from the shop floor to the MD, he promised me a daily update on the week leading up to my wedding as I had hoped to arrive at the church in my Sport 350. I didn't get one phone call, the day before my wedding I was told (after calling them) it would be ready on the Monday after I was married, 2 days too late (again!) and when I would be on honeymoon. I bet you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that news.

    When they invoiced me for the work more than a month later, I began to get excited but when I went to collect the 'box it still hadn't been assembled!! :)

    Fortunately I am still of the opinion that their engineering ability is of a high standard and I do feel for the engineering staff who will be the losers. If I was them I would be asking their managerial staff some very tough questions because I for one would never have recommended them to any of you.

    This is no reflection on Derek Bell, I believe that his upgrades are excellent and should be made available through Lotus, but I think they would price them out of that idea. :(

    Jeff, I hope you are pleased with your 'box I am looking forward to hearing about it.

    I will let you know about mine when I eventually get it back on the road.... its a long story. :lol:



  3. 46 & 47

    1 - Chris Weeden

    2 - Esprit Sport 350 '99

    3 - Yes TBD

    4 - Yes for Sunday night only

    5 - No

    6 - Yes

    7 - Yes (if allowed :-) )

    8 - Surrey

    Thanks guys for organising this you are doing a great job.


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