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  1. Had forgotten to check back on this thread, will add the photos you've posted since March. Thanks to all who contributed so far! 😎
  2. Hi everyone, Some of you may have crossed paths with my website in the past which have color options and special editions of the Exige and Evora among other models covered pretty well. I finally decided to create the Elise section of the website and will create a similar gallery featuring the car in as many available colors as possible. Most of the standard models and special editions have been added and I am now looking for your potential photos featuring the Elise (S1, S2 or S3) in any available color and I will add them to the website with credits given to the owner/photographer. It's a pretty big project but I will add photos as I come across them and hope some of you want to contribute with your amazing shots 📸 Photos can be posted here or emailed to [email protected] Cheers 🍻
  3. Thanks, added these as well! 💚
  4. What a great looking car, Solar yellow is awesome 😎 Will be adding these shortly, thank you!
  5. Fantastic photos, will add some of them for sure! 😎 Looking for Toxic Green / Isotope Green if anyone got some please post 🙏
  6. Nice one! Have added it as well 😎
  7. Thanks again, have added these as well! 😎 The grey I assume is the Metallic Grey the Cup 360 was offered in?
  8. Thanks a lot!! I have added all of the photos 😎 Do you by any chance have any more of the Vivid Green? 💚 Cheers! 🍻
  9. Hey again everyone, time to revive this thread as I've been adding a bunch of new content to the Exige S3 section over the past month but hope to add even more color options! If you have a photo of a color which is missing or if got better photos for any of the existing colors, please submit them in this thread and I will have them added! Cheers! Photo credits are always given to the owner / photographer as well.
  10. Thank you so much, I have added the both greens 😀
  11. Thanks, lovely color! Added it. A rare sight in Sweden!
  12. Nice! Ardent Red, am I right?
  13. Which shade of black does the LF1 feature?
  14. That's awesome, would you mind sending me some high res versions of them? Which shade of blue is this? Really like these shots:
  15. Thanks for the heads up. I will get in contact with those users who have provided Exige S3 images for that gallery for sure!
  16. Greetings everyone, Content creator here of some Lotus color option / special edition galleries (now kind of outdated in terms of technology) , , I am currently looking to modernize and add the Exige S3 section to the website which will feature photos of all color options available. If you own the copyrights for a photo of an Exige S3 (any model) which you think would be a good fit to represent a certain color feel free to send it my way and I will of course give you full credit for it on the website. You can either reply in this thread or reach me at [email protected] Currently looking for all available and previously available standard color options + custom ones as I just started the project. The work in progress for the website can be found here: currently only has the official press photos for the standard and special editions but I will make overall website improvements and add the color options over the coming days/weeks as I get hold of them.
  17. Hi Yes I can do that but I need permission to use the images from the one who has taken them. Could try sending pm:s though. Kind regards
  18. Hi everyone! I have just uploaded the Evora section to my gallery website, So far it's just got the Special Edition models / concepts and 3 colours available but I was hoping you guys could help me out with photos of the entire range now that it's been available for a while. Here is the all new gallery Kind regards Jens Strandell
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