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    I have an 84 S3T project underway that will be a road comp car when all done.

    I have a facebook web page dedicated to the project.

    My background is in Engineering and have spent many years restoring and racing cars in solo events and racing Formula A karts in Canada and USA.

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    Jan H
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    84 S3R
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  2. ..and why the hell not.. one should ask.. ..with the current run on the prices of collector cars, we as a collective have to stop letting our cars be valued so dammed cheap.. .. in my opinion, a good example is indeed worthy of triple its current valuation. So, from now on, I am going place the value of any Lotus Car I own/ sell at at least three times its present valuation. If we all follow suit, Classic Lotus' valuation will be where it belongs, and perhaps, finally, the marque will develop recognition as worthy collector they indeed are.
  3. Love this project. I had plans to build a replica F40 back in 2005. I was going to use the new Ford GT drivetrain and fabricate the chassis by reverse engineering a 1/5 scale F40 model kit. I abandoned the project because of the lack of a source of body molds. Add to that.. a bill of materials of over $130,000 USD, plus labour and it seemed pointless, because at the time, a real F40 was about $300k. I decided to do an Esprit instead.. See my Facebook page : F1 Motorsports - Lotus Esprit S3R What is the construction materials you are using? Looks like coremat with 10oz overlays? Also perhaps you need one of my space frames built for you... Mine has been designed on lotus oe geometry using Susprog 3D and 40mm lower ride height. Jan
  4. Hi Filip... Thx for the input.. That was the conclusion I came to as well.. But since I have no key, I had to work them out by force and juditious use of a pick.
  5. Hi guys... Thanks for the kind words.. I am truly enjoying the journey and hope the end result is worthy of the effort .. Jan
  6. Has anyone figured out how to extract the key cylinders from the exterior BL style door openers? Once all the circlips and levers are removed from the backside, the cylinder can be pushed about 80% out of the front of the housing, but seems to need some form of trick to release and pop out. I can't see or feel any retainers or release pins and resist the idea of using a bigger hammer.. Who is a good source for new cylinders and keys? Thx. Jan
  7. Work is progressing well on the S3R 'razorblade'.. enjoy... Jan
  8. Hey folks.. Hope all is well. Its been a while since I visited. The restoration page has got lots of new information posted.. http://www.facebook....178516808826230
  9. The engine can handle the boost.. but watch the AFR (minimum 12.5:1) and IAT (anymore than 160Fand your in big trouble.) My advise.. test AFR and IAT on a road dyno before cooking your pistons..
  10. If anyone can help, I am looking for an intake cam cover with the oil filler cap located in the middle or forward to clear the factory intercooler. If you have one pls send me a pm or message on my S3R Restoration Facebook page thx Jan
  11. If anyone can help, I am looking for an intake cam cover with the oil filler cap located in the middle or forward to clear the factory intercooler. If you have one pls send me a pm or message on my S3R FB page thx Jan Also.. BTW If anyone needs parts, I have the entire original 84 S3T parts and components available, everything.. less body and chassis .. all in good condition. I would prefer to box it all in one package if I can vs part in bits and pieces.
  12. Thanks Jim.. ...recently added more content to the site.. check it out.. S3R 'Razorblade' project
  13. Thanks for all the great feedback.. just added more pix to the site.. jan
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