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  1. Belated b-day greetings Kato .. (is that your real name) I too appreciate all you have done to improve the Lotus Esprit community.. Jan
  3. I was contemplating making it up from black LDPE, basically produce a 30mm wide horizontal curve the shape of the u/s of the air dam (or whatever fits), from say 4mm stock, then plastic weld the vertical blip portion onto it. The horizontal piece would be sandwiched between the the backside of the air dam lip and the radiator undertray. Hopefully then when I run over stuff with it it will be flexy enough to bend out of the way but tough enough to hold its shape... It should be cheap to make and build few as spares as well.. who knows.. thats the plan for now.. may change as time goes by..
  4. I think the basic design is OK.. I just hate the fit and finish, and like Slade mentioned, the feedback. Take a close look at one.. not exactly well made are they? I may go with the shaved kit that fishy has and loose them all together. Even more disgusting are the interior releases.. butt ugly and cheesy feeling... any good ideas for replacing those??
  5. It looks a bit in your face being such a contrast.. I quickly photoshopped it in black and it blends better..
  6. Lets face it, collectively, we probably own, or know where a good portion of the Esprit are in the world.. we may even be influential enough to have the ability to set prices. We could start by advertising mint cars on LEW at higher prices.. advise buyers to only buy the best of the best. Make it so it is worth an owners while to maintain their car in mint condition for the sake of resale value. I am still amazed that old american muscle cars, which really are pieces of shit (imo), fetch such high prices these days.. thanks to the web and Barrett Jackson!! We can do the same by projecting a sense that our cars are VERY rare (which they are) and in BIG demand (which they could be) Before becoming stinking rich re-selling our cars at insane collector car prices, we must buy as many as we can, at a good price
  7. Im not so sure I agree completely... sure, track car, OK.. but why not a performance road car? Design proportions, I dont agree with at all... regulatory requirements, definately.. the ride height and bumbers are all federal regs, nothing to do with design intent. I am sure Lotus hated the bumbers they were forced to put on for the bloody NA market. Ever seen what Lambo and Ferrari had to do to their cars meet the regs.. hideous. I avoided the license plate area cause I kinda need that area for the license plate Besides, I want to keep all the rear storage area in the car, so that kinda precluded the idea. Im no aerodynamicist (sp?) but I recon there is a decent negative pressure at the back of the car, allowing air to be drawn in thru the side skirts across the lower half of the engine and brakes, past the exhaust, and out the back. My line of thinking was "the bigger the outlet the better" If it draws additional air from underneath, then so much the better.. I am actually hoping that the outlets, along with the extractor will produce a more "organized" and improved airflow under the rear of the car and thru the engine bay.
  8. Thanks.. I am following in your footsteps.. I have all the OE stuff...everything... and the car can be returned to standard if desired. My objective is to not hack the car up for the sake of the modifications. I will make new parts, like Im doing with the engine cover instead of destroying good OE parts. My target is to make subtle modifications and changes, within the intent of the original car.. to build the car as Lotus may have if it were to be produced today. Some people may thingk Im crazy, but then maybe I am
  9. Thanks.. I will also be adding a flexy blip under the air dam.. kinda like the C5 Corvette use. It will reduce the front exposure to under-car airflow to about 80mm.. That should help as well.
  10. Appreciate the compliments Dan.. Actually, the muffler will pass right past the openings, so I recon Ill go for a black finish on the muffler so it isnt in your face.. mesh or not to mesh, I dont know for sure at this point.. I like the mesh on the new Jag grill.. an 8mm open weave style.. Id use that if I added a mesh (black of course). I have had ideas offered where I should consider poking a couple of 120mm center dump exhausts out the openings.. Im not sure.. its only a 4-pot.. the twin 120 is kinda more suited to V8 cars. The nice part about the openings are they will allow the heat of the exhaust system to escape easier..(ever noted how hot stuff gets in the back)
  11. I know what it is... What do you do if your battery goes dead
  12. Dammit, thats a nice looking car.. yellow.. my second most favorite color for a Giugiaro.. How about some high res shots of it? The enlarged thumbs are still too small for my eyes. J
  13. This topic is an expansion on discussions that have taken place on: Thinking out loud....., Renault box on a Giugiaro block..... We started discussing wheels, which then led to more off topic stuff... Thought that the discussion was best moved to a new topic area, since it kinda drifted off the discussion on the gearbox.. moderator now --------------------------------------------- Anyways.. I have had interest from some of you regarding some of my body-works in progress. This new front bumper has been shortened about 60mm and integrated into the OE airdam.. Note the airdam is about 35mm lower than OE. (It is actually now level with the side skirts: This new rear bumber is also about 60mm shorter than OE and has had the openings added to improve engine bay ventilation. I will probably add a smaller version of the "Lotus" word with dk grey graphic text font: This is a pic of the form Im making for part of the CF extractor/ diffuser that will fit under the rear of the car..
  14. Thanks.. yours looks pretty nice as well! The diffuser you see is more of an enhanced vent for the engine bay, incorporated into the new bumber Ive made up. It basically opens up the small OE under-bumber openings. I am busy making up a CF diffuser for under-car airflow management. Ill have to take some more shots of the bumber to post. J
  15. f1karting

    smoking poll

    Im not so sure its that simple.. for example, lets talk about the quality of food we eat; pesticides; addictive additives in fast food; drug companies manipulating the medical practitioners; un-necessary drug regimines that keep you sick; non-acceptance of preventative therapies. Then add: std; aids; pollutants knowingly and carelessly being discharged into our environment; global warming; broken homes; self centered and non-caring parents; rampant and harmful drugs victimizing youth; gun and hate crimes.. etc etc... sure, tobacco is bad, but lets face it, we need to all take a long hard look at everything else we do to destroy our health, society and this great planet we all live on.. .. I dont smoke.. never have... hate the smell. Sure.. Ive done my share of smoking recreational drugs in my youth, but who hasnt?
  16. 23% and told to soften up.. soften what?? "I stood up for ya the other day.. this guy told me you were a cock-sucker.. ...I told him you didnt do that anymore.."
  17. The wheels and suspension kit are being mocked up in the first two shots... as well you can see I am busy fabbing some body mods (may start a new discussion ) The shell comes off next for a complete strip down. Rear tire is a 275/40 on a 17/10 wheel.. they are within 3% of OE diameter Fronts - lots of clearance actually.. these are 17/8 with 215/40s.. these are within 2% of OE diameter The target appearance shown here .. these I photoshopped onto a mint S3 photo. It was this mock-up that sold me on the wheels
  18. They were about 800USD each.. yeah I know a bit rich, but there are not too many options available for much less..except maybe the HT from Split-Rim. Still 800 is better than 1400USD for HRE (who make beautiful wheels)!! Only downside to Fikse is that smallest available diameter is 17, so 16 fronts are out. Fikse actually make wheels for most of the ALMS prototype cars that race in that series in the US.. kinda nice knowing they are race proven.
  19. I have it on good authority from Mike Rodregues, who has a lot of experence on the SM box; he told me it comes down to two main issues; the SM case is too weak and gearcase flex (at higher HP numbers) will allow the gear lash to change causing rapid tooth wear.. the other is the fact that the gears themeselves are quite narrow and have to carry a lot of psi vs a wider tooth, and will tend to break easier. Thats why the SM is shorter and lighter than the UN1. He also mentioned the size of the CWP.. its small diameter is its undoing in high torque applications. The other big issue I found with the SM is the clutch..there just isnt anything with enough clamping force that can be made to work with higher HP/Torque. The disc spline drive is very unique and nothing else is available in that config (that I have found) I was originally going to consider Tilton but no luck.. my next option was to custom fit a BMW Plate to a one-off flywheel and have a disc made using an original SM disc center..ugly!! Then god knows what issues Id have with setup and hydraulics..forget it.. thats when the UN1 became a real consideration.. it would be easier to fit inboard brakes than go thru the BS with the SM and then still only have a marginal box. I have plans for about 300-320 hp so the SM option was a non starter.. You may be right about the economics of it, but who knows.. I dont think Citroen or Maserati had any idea wing nuts like us would try and crank 300hp thru them. new suspension..ahh yes..
  20. Hi Andrew.. if Jim decides not to take you up on your offer.. I would be interested in them. Let me know at Jan
  21. Troy, maybe the people at LotusBits can help with a one-off piston and liner... see down the page. I may be able to salvage one good nikasil liner from a recent replacment we did.. dont know if you want to risk using "used" parts though. Maybe as a last resort.. Teigan.. the crankshaft on these cars are not problematic.. besides where would you find such a beast as you describe?
  22. I am in the process of fitting a UN1 to my S3T. I will use the S4 clutch, housing, and hydraulics. I plan to retain inboard brakes, although not the originals. At the moment I have been considering 10x285mm full floating, non vented rotors with single piston 35mm calipers along with a separate hydraulic spot caliper for e-brake. E-brake will be actuated by cable via a remote hydraulic master. The driveshafts will likely be mid-80s BMW 5-series (same as S3 only longer). To make it all work, I will need to engineer and machine special rotor hats, spacer blocks, and mountings. I will be adding information to my "Garage" as things progress. These are my rear Fikse Profil-10 17/10 3-piece wheels.. Fikse now have my build sheet for both the fronts and rears, so if anyone decides they would like to order wheels from Fikse, it will be fairly straight forward. I can help with recomendations for tires and rim widths.
  23. check these regs out..pretty much gives the picture.. SCCA GT regs
  24. You are very lucky... we dont have direct access to the true enthusiasts at Lotus.. dammit. We seem to have a hell of a time getting good info from Hethel. have a good one...sheeers..hic.
  25. Hi Mark.. Thats a shame. Perhaps a NA version would make more sense. Couldnt they have resolved the turbo issues somehow??
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