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  1. I dont think you are too far out in left field with that idea. Iff Lotus can match the likes of Ferrari, Lambo, Aston and market it with thick layer of its rich motorsports history and achievements.. I think they would hit the mark. The Elise is perfect.. there is a huge buzz over that car. Lotus just need to keep the momentum going... why not even develop a similar series like the Porsche cup cars, factory prepared cars at a fair price, ready to run a series... Id be in in a second if I could get track time with 20-30 other similarly prepared road cars.. reliable fast cars that can be driven to and from the track. Now add factory track support and owner events and youve got a program everyone wants to be part of. Something Lotus could do starting now, is to become WAY more customer friendly. Ever tried to get technical help or other information from them? They just dont seem to be happy to hear from owners of their cars. That needs to change.
  2. A bit late on my reply here.. sorry Racial no.. culture, yes. I agree, in the 50s-60s British cars were king.. they could hold there own on the world market without a doubt. I can tell you that in the 70s and 80s most of my friends and I, knew exactly what Lotus was, so did many others. However, we all earned too little to be able to afford one.. we had to make do with tuning Leyland and EnFo products. That was all good in itself, we had a blast. The only other cars available in the NA market, at that time, were sh*t, unless you liked old muscle cars. New Lotus cars were just not affordable by the average guy, and anyone who had money usually had enough for a ferrari or other Italian exotic. Even though the lotus was suppose to be affordable, it just wasnt. It fell into the void of the buying public.. my peers and I couldnt afford one, and the more well to do bought Ferrari or some other pricey exotic because they could... and because the ferrari and other such Italian cars were perceived as the ultimate in sex appeal at the time. The people that I knew that bought and owned Lotus (or Jag) were very strong supporters of the British motor car and their motorsports teams. The only thing we could afford at the time that was close to Lotus, were JPS cigarettes... we wanted to at least support Lotus' F1 program. Thru the 80s... In NA, the number of Ferrari and the other Italian road cars grew and developed .. Japanese tuner cars arrived.. the 240Z for example... BMW had some great new cars.. the M3. British cars simply faded into obscurity... what remained were groups and clubs of various marques. Lotus indeed had some very stiff competition and had to cope with a declining interest in British cars in NA. Lotus it seemed couldnt maintain the excitement and passion people once had in Lotus cars... until the Elise arrived! IMO..If Lotus were smart they would ride the wave they are on...continue to improve and develop the Elise so that each year, owners would want the "newest" one. Lotus should focus on continuous improvement, and work very hard to lower the purchase price so that more people will find it easier to rationalize buying one. I know quite a few people that are waiting for a used one, because the "new" price is too high! Now.. if those used cars prove to be unreliable.. then Lotus' reputation will endure. That cannot be allowed to happen if any new Lotus cars like the Esprit or Europa are expected to be successful. This helps as well...
  3. no worries.. Apparently, BMW, in a gesture of good faith (or by contract perhaps) were willing to assimilate the old workforce into the new operations. One of the UK workers (that managed to make the team) was interviewed and said it was a huge culture shock. Discipline, a clean, well run plant, and decent pay for a decent days work, made it all worthwhile. Apparently, he was happy and motivated... (or perhaps he was paid a kings ransom to say so) I wish I could remember the name of the documentary.
  4. I think you are right.. Did you ever see the documentary about how BMW renovated the old culture and operations at Rover (or whatever they were last known as) when they introduced the new Mini? Man, that was an eye opener.. Apparently you can ask anyone who survived the transition, and they will tell you it was a bloody fantastic move.. now look.. success.. big success. If the current management of Lotus can work the same miracle, and re-engineer the company, then maybe there can truly be light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps it is unfair to compare the resources of Proton to that of BMW.. but it just shows you what can be done.
  5. IMO it is simply that the Italians and the Italian exotic cars exude more romance and sex appeal. The James Bond branding helped, but it is more than one person..its a culture that the English cant capture and the Italians own.. The NSX, well.. technology, performance, reliability and dammed good pricing sells cars.
  6. Very interesting design study.. I kinda like it.. wonder how it would look in BRG with yellow wheels
  7. 50mm less overhang would have made all the difference IMO. in a 20mph front end collision, I bet the back bumber would break as well... Even if they are rated at 5mph.. I bet there would be some body damage.
  8. I never really liked its styling.. sorry.. I hear it was a decent driving car tho.. The thing going for it now, is you can buy a decent one for peanuts.. at least out here anyways.
  9. ... ohhh I need a new pair of jeans..
  10. I prefer the old Europa TC.. However Paul...this Europa would be going to the same school.. ..not as refined mind you..
  11. Heres one we would all like to know, and that is: Why did the S3 get such great ugly bumbers?!
  12. Click on the history tab...
  13. Excuses are like as*holes .. everybody has one
  14. Who really cares where Danica finished.. If shes keep moving in the direction of her current marketing strategy, she will wind up making her next few million being front and center on Hughs magazine. That is not a flattering pic of Herta.. he looks like one of the "Designer Guys"..
  15. I understand your point.. however, topics quite often get sidetracked, and so far content has not been removed.. thats the issue.. the off topic content in this case was basically a three paragraph comedic diversion.. nothing more. I had a good laugh over it anyways.. cause... I Am Canadian.
  16. Perhaps some constructive feedback on the thread by messrs ED Fish would have been more appropriate vs the cut and trash method.. We have a great group of people on the forum.. I think we all appreciate each others contributions and cultural differences. Personally, I enjoy your humourous interjections.. I believe proper communcation would have served us better.
  17. A gearheads dream girl.. sooo sweet.. dark side or not.
  18. I believe it is also because it sits about 50-60mm lower than stock..J
  19. Mike thanks.. I found the article on the wing, no wings etc and their effect on the S4 handling, but nothing on the aero forces acting on the car. I am kind of interested to find out the story.. rumour has it that the Esprit, at least the S3T, actually had a small amount of downforce front and rear.. 100# or something like that. In contrast, I understand even the newer 9-series of Porsche have 300# of frontal uplift. I was impressed with the Esprit numbers, if they are indeed true. I had hoped that Messers "Kimbers" would be able to confirm them. I would love to eventually model the Esprit on Fluent or some other CFD program to find out for myself.. and then play with the aero on the cars. Jan
  20. Doh.. and for few pennies more you will tell where to find it on LEW???? cheques' in the mail.. J
  21. I have to say, I dont like the Audi gear ratios much.. J
  22. Hey Karl.. just want to let you know.. I just visited the garage to check out this car of yours, that people are dissing.. I think it is FN awsome!! My opinion, to anyone who cares.. screw the rednecks in SELOC Post more shots of it.. Jan
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