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  1. you might as well save your time and money then.. you wont be needing these brakes for neighborhood errands..
  2. There is also good information here: With 17/7.5 to 17/8 fronts and 17/9.5 to 17/10 rear wheels fitted, 275-285/40 and 215-225/40 fronts are perfect. 235 fronts may work.. I am in the process of checking that at the moment. Be careful with going too far with front-spacing and bigger tires on the front wheels or you may develop clearance problems, especially if the car is lowered. Also, with excess FS, you can wind up with too much scrub radius, which will give you heavy steering.
  3. My car probably wont see much "street muck" so it wasnt a design requirement for me. I believe the pistons can be special ordered as sealed units, but cant be sure. I would have to ask. I cant advise on the long term enviromental effects on the non-weather sealed units. I would say that anyone fitting these should pay more attention to maintenance if used more on a daily basis. They cost me about $1000USD per side including the machine work for the rotor hats and caliper adapters. They are "bolt on". For a given brake pedal input, the kit provides about 15-18% more brake force to the front wheels than OE. Which is a close as I could get to balancing the front/rear bias using OE rear brakes. The bias can be adjusted from there, to some degree, by selecting from about 5 of the 15 available pad friction compounds. I believe that using modern tires, which have higher grip, that under braking, the front weight transfer would a bit higher than using mid 80's tire technology, so figured that additional front brake force would be a benefit. It is important to maintain the brake force balance of the car, otherwise, even though the big brakes may provide better heat management, they wont result in shorter stopping distances. This is something many people forget when upgrading to "big" brakes. Sure, high grip tires help, but a properly heat managed and balanced brake system along with high grip tires will give optimum results. Many people also do not realize that with big brakes, there is at a certain point in the sizing, where increased mass and unsprung weight become a factor, adding work load to the suspension and work to the brakes themslves just to control there own rotational inertia. On this kit the assembly is actually 2.5# lighter per side than '84 OEM but there is likely slightly more rotational inetia to overcome because of the moment of inertia of the vented rotor. That is another reason why we needed to factor in more effective brake force in the design.
  4. The 85-on brakeset is as a waste of time IMO... The OE rear rotors are crap.. the heat causes the rotor to distort and go cone shaped. They have much room for improvement. I am presently working on an affordable floating rotor inboard brake set up for the S3.. should have a mock up ready in a few months. It will include a mechanical/hydraulic e-brake system.
  5. I developed this kit, which is available, if you are interested.. contact me at if you want more info. Jan OE 15" wheels fit without modification.
  6. Where I live, I bought new trick LH and RH rod ends and made new rods for peanuts.. If you dont like the way the car is engineered.. fix it.. thats what is fun about these cars. We cant complain, we all knew what we were getting into.. buy a Honda if you want a car to just wash and drive. J
  7. Fair enough.. How are the aerodynamic forces distributed on the S3 Turbo Esprit? Jan
  8. Hi Tony.. thats understandable.. perhaps then, the questions could be included as customer feedback for consideration in the technical design input. I am sure all of us would truly appreciate such features... Jan
  9. OK... now for something completely different.. How are the aerodynamic forces distributed on the various Esprit? J
  10. You know, I contacted the producer (forget his name right now) of that TV series and he told me that Lotus was to be included.. I wonder why it hasnt? Dammit.. Lotus has a wonderful racing history.. (OK so the road cars werent all that elegant by comparison) but someone needs to get on to those boys and make it happen!
  11. Hi Mike/ Tony.. a few questions.. Is this the new Esprit concept? Are there any renowned designers providing creative input. (eg:Giugiaro) I know these may be tough questions... if you cant elaborate, then yes or no answers are OK where applicable. Will the new Esprit have a carbon fibre body or parts thereof? Will the new Esprit be as well engineered and constructed as say a Porsche 996? Will the new Esprit be as visceral and fun to drive as say an F40? What will the new Esprit be powered by? Will it make all the right sounds? What transaxle will the new Esprit use? Will the new Esprit cost less than say a well prepared ERA GT40? If you can answer yes to all the applicable questions.. then you WILL have a winner!! appreciate your input...Jan
  12. choose your weapon...
  13. I know this should be carried on in a different thread.. but doesnt zinc turn to white powder as it oxidizes.. perhaps it is some zinc alloy or post treated zinc coating you use? For my projects I tend to use black oxide treated fasteners with a thin film oil based coating applied. I sometimes apply thinned linseed oil as a surface treatment..assemble parts wet... the linseed will seal and cure as a semi gloss dry surface ... it seems to provide a reasonable level of corrosion protection.
  14. Mike Rodregues has a mint 6-speed Quaife already fitted to a G.. it would be perfect for your track car... I am sure he would be willing to sell it to you, along with all his development expertise, at a very reasonable price. He is a member of this forum, or I can put you in touch with him if you like. If you are interested, I can help you with enginering and set up for brakes and suspension. For my own S3T I have developed a 300mm vented rotor and 4-pot brake conversion along with fully adjustable, rose jointed, front and rear suspension using Carerra/Eibach coilovers. I have also modelled the S3 on a 3D suspension design package and have all the information on the cars chassis, suspension, and geometry. It is a dynamic model and can test all manner of settings. Also, maybe check with Richard Jenvey at Jenvey Dynamics, he raced a G car in the early 80s and has lots of information AND the molds for his old race car. Check out Powertecs website for a trick V8 package (very expensive mind you) Jan
  15. I honestly think that this is where lotus was spending their money in the late 70s and 80's. Wouldnt you, if you had the chance?? Apart from the poor quality finishing.. from an engineering standpoint the Esprit was brilliant for its era.. a real drivers car. Think about it.. mid engine, low weight, excellent weight distribution, low polar moment of inertia, tons of power.. for god sake, in 83(ish) it was named the fasted car in America!! Not bad. Put things into perspective.. the 80's S3 G-cars were a top performing car, lotus transferred a lot of its F1 knowledge into the design, and like Ferrari, offered a road car to the public, only it was 10000gbp cheaper. I remember a time when the Lotus S2 and S3 were one of THE exotic cars to own. And anyone that did own one was dammed lucky.. the rest of us were envious. Of course, as time went by the design became dated and the Stevens era cars didnt have the same impact as the early cars did because technology caught up with them, and companies like Ferrari and Lambo had some serious competition for the Esprit. ------------------ I love working on my Esprit.. it s a treat after working on some of the other sh#t out there. It is up to us to improve the fit, finish, and niggly idiosyncrasies.. Lotus gave us a pretty good platform to build from IMO. Enjoy the cars.. they deserve your care and attention. Jan
  16. Hi Jon.. thats cool.. where are these located..
  17. I understand from Derek that he may beplanning a production run early in the new year. It sounds to me like he prefers to do the upgrade for you, on your box. He has been very helpful and responsive with me so far.. Jan
  18. Read thru the discussion on the V8 technical page posting for: SEMA SHOW: I spoke to the Quaife representative Very interesting discussion for those like me, interested in transaxle upgrade options.
  19. Note: Anyone buying one of their new boxes will be a "beta" tester for them. So beware. Before spending the 18K, Id make it a point to get a commitment from Quaife to provide full after sales service and support AND to make available, at cost, all product technical fixes and updates. Get their MD to put it in writing. You can buy the proven ZF RBT 6-sp for about the same as Quaife, the ZF 5sp for $8800 (with LSD) and the ford GT 6-sp trans can be bought from ford comp for only $13K... and I hear that customer service is included in these options.
  20. Thanks for the lead.. Ill follow up on that... any idea what the final drive ration is on that box? Apparently its UN1-021
  21. Thanks.. I have located a couple of 369s in scrap yards. However, my first prepference is for a UN1-26 or 27 with the RH shift. Then anything newer than UN1-13, then the 369.00 series I believe the Renault 25 version is probably fine.. I actually highly doubt that Lotus did any such "severe modifications" .. I believe its been a ploy by Lotus to suck us into thinking that only the lotus supply is any good for these cars.
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