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  1. I guess it all helps keep things moving in the direction its suppose to.. I would be curious to know if and how it effects the wave dynamics in the ports and manifold. I think TR comments have to do with the fact that the cam timing being retarded to 110 vs 104. [which I understand serves the purpose (to some degree) of 'EGR'].
  2. Thanks for your input Wayne.. didnt mean to give you a hard time back there.. B) The AR valves I used were on a Cooper S I built back in the late 80s. The valves were made by APT (David Vizard, Dave Anton) in Riverside, CA. They were basically a custom SS valve that had a machined 'trough' for lack of a better word, on the perimeter face of the valve, creating a poorly flowing valve in backflow conditions.. similarly for the exhaust valve, the face edge had a nice generous radius to facilitate flow out of the chamber into the port. They worked well. The headers had the 'cones' on them which flowed well in the correct direction but lousy in backflow. As it turns out, the sharp edge 'break away' on such devices, actually loose very little energy as flows exit them, but create huge losses in reverse. The Cooper S I had was a seriously tuned road car that had a special steel billet cam made by crane, designed by APT, it had a huge base circle with very rapid ramp rates, high lift and duration, and the engine would pull clean from 2300 foot flat, and pull hard to 8000 without complaining. I was impressed to say the least. I have actually taken stock valves and machined in the AR with reasonable success. I dont think the Turbo Esprit would benefit from the intake AR, but could from the exhaust flow improvement of a radiused face. A tuned NA 907 with hot cams may be worth a try. J
  3. How about "End of an Era #9186" or "#9186 - The End of an Era" Jan
  4. Wayne.. I cant subscribe to that idea for some reason. It just doesnt make sense from a gas flow POV.. the 40mm diameter section length is only about 10mm; so small in comparison to the overall tract length, that the flow velocity increase profile would be too short to be much use in increasing overall tract gas flow velocity, IMO. With the insight of your observations, I could rationalize their benefit in adding turbulance to the gas stream and perhaps improved atomization at low velocities. Maybe the goal was to be able to run a leaner jet for improved low speed emissions/ economy, yet maintain driveability by improving gas mixing at low speed? What I have used on other tuned engines, were anti reversion intake valves.. those worked very well in impeding reverse flow effects from cams with larger overlap... but to add AR into the intake manifold.. I dont know.. the esprit cams are hardly 'performance' profiles. I am surprised that if low speed performance was an issue with the 45 carb then why did Lotus use them vs the 40s as used in DOM/ ROW engines? The 45 choke sizes are realistically sized for the application according to sources Ive read. I see the restriction as an added loss that the turbo has to overcome at peak boost, hence more charge temp for a given output... I guess it all had to be weighed out in the original technical design of the car. I guess Ill find out once I try the car without the OE spacers. Any Nascar engine tuners out there that can shed some light on restrictor tuning? J
  5. OK heres one.. I am in process of rebuilding the 45 DHLA on my 'new' 85 TE and notice the OE carb spacers are 40mm ID and include an anti reversion ring machined into the downstream face. I decide to order the proper ones for the 45 and guess what.. the same dammed parts appear in the post. It turns out that those are the OE fitment on US fed cars.. at least they are the PN shown in the book. I dont buy into that being the best setup for performance, as the spacer ID and ring protrude into the intake stream like a 40mm restricter plate. Because Lotus apparently dont make a 45mm spacer for the 45, I am now forced to adapt the cosworth style molded o-ring setup to improve the gas flow thru the section. I will need to make a spacer block to sandwich between 2 of the orings on each barrel to get the offset to match OE so the turbo plumbing aligns with the compressor outlet. Whats with that?? Has anyone ran into this before? And if it is OE why? Confused (again) Jan
  6. Hi Hilly.. I have been doing some re-engineering to maintain the inboard brake configuration since I will be converting my S3T to the UN1 box.. maybe we can share ideas on it. Jan
  7. I just got one as well and they are VERY nice. J
  8. Not complicated really, but the down side could be the marring of the paint and seam sealing finish on the top surface of the car depending on what you have. My 83 had urethane sealer, which is tough to clean off painted surfaces.. My 85 had silicone, which can be easier to clean off, but is hard to refinish when repainting because of the silicone residue. This is what worked for me: 1) Carefully cut both edges of the seam sealer clear of the hatch and louver edges using a new exacto or razor blade 2) pull out and remove any sealer between hatch and louver on top surface 3) lift hatch and remove the half dozen of so retaining nuts from under the hatch (thru holes in the hatch underside) 4) lift off louvers (unless of couse it was removed and re-installed improperly by some PO who may have bonded it in place) hope this helps J
  9. Dave Bean have a set for sale. Jons is the yellow one.. not sure which year S3T tho' Jon has been a busy boy the last year or so.. he moved, got married, I believe, and maybe even expecting.. thats likely why things are quiet with him and his lotus.
  10. Hi John..glad to help out. I actually live in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Not the same as Vancouvers' big city life.. more laid back. Here is where most of the brits and other europeans moved in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Right now we see lots of new people moving in from Alberta with all their oil patch money, wanting a slower lifestyle, and from the US wanting that, and less crime. I love it here, mind you, to leave, you need to take an expensive trip on a car ferry to the mainland. Havnt been to the airshow in years.. best of the season.. Jan
  11. good pricing..
  12. Does anyone have information on those harmonic tensioners?
  13. Great, thanks.. can the graphic be printed by a color laser printer on the BL film? J
  14. would that be here... if not what would be the link page please..J
  15. Mark.. your project was a collaborative effort about a year ago.. we have a dwg file for the panel 90% completed I dont think anyone actually went and reproduced them yet. I tried to attach an ACAD R14 DWG however the forum server wont accept DWG file extensions for some reason. If you wnat a copy of the file PM me with your persona email and Ill send it along.. J
  16. Hi Kato .. thats great news.. any chance of geeting on the list for two? I would be willing to pre-pay. Jan
  17. I remember a few months ago a discussion we all had about the graphics panel. A few of us were considering remanufacturing them and some progress was made. Did anyone manage to get something sorted or should I just get an OE one from DBE or JAE thx J
  18. Hi AJ... I had to modify my duct to fit a 1.5 inch lower opening.. I am actually in the middle of turning my modified duct into a buck.. I will be building a mold of it, so I can reproduce it. Once you get to the point of doing the project, I may be able to help you out (if the dimensions are compatible).. even so, if not, I could crank out a thin part that you could modify and reinforce yourself. A single layer of Kytex vacuumed in epoxy would be a good basis to work from. J That makes sense.. I thought about that. With my solution, the duct is opened about 1.5" but the area under the chin is reduced accordingly. With my splitter added, the total closure of the chin gap to road surface is 3.5 inches.. thats quite a reduction in the airflow volume able to pass under the front of the car. I was curious tho' how much venturi effect (suction) the curved front undertray provided, and was lost by my mods? J
  19. Good advice guys.. thanks Hi Louis.. I was in the market for an F348/355 spider but realized that 2006 is not the best time to buy one, especially in Canada. As it turned out this 85 showed up November 23, 2006 shortly after I had decided to wait 2-years for an F-car. I am pretty excited about it. This one will be restored and kept original.. (the 83 is taking care of my creative desires). I couldnt drive it, so I dragged it home, parked it, and snow covered it that night.. I got her dug out on Sunday but the drive is still covered with enough slush (now that 90% of the snow has melted) that I still cant move it into the garage (now that I have made a spot for it.) Hopefully this weekend. I did manage to get a few small things sorted on sunday (like the dryer hose!) and some parts ordered for it from DBE. It needs a full interior re-finish as the windshield leaks (it has popped free at the top) so the interior is soaked...the dash leather is all lifted and curled up. Once I give the car the once (or twice over) mechanically, I will deal with the cosmetic stuff. The car is actually in pretty decent shape other than the few issues it has. It even has rose jointed rear suspension and Spax adjustables all round.. which is cool.. that why it sits so low. Id like to find out more about the "development" engine in it tho'. It has great potential, but was quickly on its way to being a basket case.. rescued just in time, I say. My 83 is a big re-engineering project, lately Ive been mostly building molds for the new parts. Been working on the bonnet, louvers and tailgate bucks, and have made some new mirror shells that are a bit more stylish but still use the OE mountings. I have a local shop working on my UL flywheel and have most of the linkage bits for the UN1/ GT3 clutch conversion (thanks to Mike Rodrigues) I now have a Pectel T6 ECU, S4 throttle body injection setup, and Mikes digital Smiths speedo (so I can loose the cable and read a wheel speed sensor thru the ECU instead). I have all the servo drives for the heater control valves and flap doors, and a electronic controller for mounting the dash knobs. All fun but time consuming. I am really looking forward to driving an Esprit again.. the 83 has been a work in progress for 2-years now!! Jan
  20. Borla SS exhaust.. nice touch and has a decent sound to boot!! Gold wheels I am not sure if Ill go that route yet.. I was thinking of just buzzing the top faces of the spokes to expose the nice BBS spokes. Black is my fave, as is yellow and silver.. for some reason I like the esprit in those colors. J thanks Kylie So how is your car doing these days? havnt talked with you for a while...J
  21. thanks for the input.. all seems well in that department tho' J good point!
  22. I am glad there are people around, like all of here us here, to save the world from Lotus wreckers... heres a pic of the car for anyone interested...
  23. there is great info on light flywheels on this page..
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