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  1. Thanks Troy.. my entire wiper assy is worn out... I can re-build the arm but the blade fixing part has had-it.
  2. Assuming the arms are similar to an S3... Unless you go for adding adjusters to the arms.. which I wound up doing.. you may be able to relocate the upper outer BJ in its mounts by filling and redrilling the holes in the upper CA to gain camber.. dont know how much room there is to play with for what you need. Just a thought..J
  3. Ive built this setup for the S3.. 298 rotors and the caliper fits under 15's. Not sure on the fitting of the toyota setup, but a bespoke rotor hat may just do it.
  4. you need one of these.. this is what it will do for you this is what it will do to for your lap times...
  5. I believe normal DOT 3/4 brake fluid boils at somewhere between 350-450 degrees F depending on if it is new and dry or old and wet. The caliper temperature I would think would be well within the working range of the brake fluid to prevent fluid vaporisation which will result in the loss of brake pedal. Given say a max of 350F in the fluid, I would guess the caliper outer surface would be a good deal less than that. I would just use a good epoxy paint and to hell with the fancy stuff..
  6. Ill take the blonde one
  7. thanks.. no they are the swiss cheese style ones like VW use..
  8. The early immigrants in North America were tough European adventurers looking for opportunity and a new life. So of course the generations that grew here learned how hard work and sacrifice, in a free society, gained success and wealth. So it stands to reason that the US people have always been known for their get-it-done approach and good work ethic. It has definitely resulted in success, respect, wealth, and pride. However, in the last 40-50 years, for those in power and with influence, this get-it-done approach had sometimes been implemented with a lack of understanding of cause and effect, and, because of past successes and confidence, a certain "cant-fail" arrogance. Get-it-done worked thru most of history, but lets face it, the strategies of the last 40 odd years have not always been wise. Taking people
  9. Hi Wayne.. thanks for the feedback.. I never really liked the big bumbers on the S3.. the early cars with the small bumpers do look good though. I just had to do something for my own sake.. I wanted something that reflected the OE look without the great lump of foam attached to it. I had one chance at getting the shape to what I wanted.. could have been measure once cut twice.. I wasnt sure if more top radius or frontal shape was the ticket. I took a chance on it.. ...the cool thing is they are about 8lb lighter each end.. and not CF! I believe Mikey has done something to his bumpers, but cant see much by the pix. He lives in Brazil and the car is in CA. He only gets back to CA a few weeks a year.. so getting more pix have to wait. He has more plans than time, it seems. His car is very well sorted by the sounds of it. Mike is a very knowledgable fellow on the topic of Esprit tuning, (amongst other things)
  10. Mike Rodregues on this forum has tried every possible turbo combination on the 2.2. I would ask him for advice as well. I bought my Stg3 T3-60 from MJM.. he was good to do business with.. cant comment on his product though.. havnt run it yet.
  11. It will give you more scrub radius which translates into heavier steering. It will also cause small changes to your suspension geometry as you turn. Spacers will also redistribute the load on the wheel bearings. I am not sure on the S4, but the wheels may be hub-centric mounting, and rely on the hub spigot for true fitting. You wont want to loose that. Personally, I probably wouldnt consider any more than 3/16 inch spacer, if any. If you consider any spacing, make sure you dont loose any wheel support or bolt thread depth in the hub.
  12. This seems to be a key to the problem somehow... maybe its the sender gone foul. Did you get any overheated wires or components on your enduro run? I believe those fans will draw about 8 to 10 amps each, so maybe the relay rating is too low, but then if that were a problem, then you would think the relay would weld itself in the on position??? What Wayne said about the draw makes sense, but with good motors, maybe the thermal trips are weak and cant manage the current. I have a wiring diagram I can post if you like..J
  13. I am surprised the heater core doesnt have an air bleed, considering it sits pretty high in cooling system.. airlock maybe a possibility. Paul: I would also check to make sure the luke warm air isnt caused by the front fresh/ recirc door allowing too much cold outside air into the mix. There is a vacuum dashpot on the air source options door under the cover in the boot area (where the fans live as well). If that door is open to the louvers at the base of the windshield, outside air will pass thru the heater core.. to boot if the dashpot on the rhs side of the heater box fails, depending on how it was set up, it will allow additional unheated air directly into the cabin thru the center dash vents. That dashpot controls the ac max door. So if the dash vents are all running at full flow, I dont imagine the heater core would see much airflow since most of it (cold air) would get vented to the cabin before it gets thru the heater core. Close all the dash vents, make sure the air source is recirc and bleed the air out of a clean and flushed heater core and hoses as Louis suggested. my 0.02, hope that helps..J
  14. Thanks and cool project!!.. tell me more about your chassis stiffening plans. how much do you figure the LS1 engine/G50 gerbox will add to the cars weight? Have you seen the M71 project pages?
  15. Without a doubt, everywhere you go in the world there are good people. I believe that. I think that the problem plaguing the people in the US is that they are becoming victims of their countries politics and propaganda. And I believe the rest of the world could be falling into the trap and making it worse. We should all take a hard look at ourselves and realize how much damage that can do. We all deserve better. It seems to me that the American public is being conditioned to fear themselves and their neighbors. Look at what the documentary, Bowling for Columbine reports. Add to that, news events that support its content, and you get kind of concerned about the state of things. The CBC aired a documentary that provides an interesting perspective:: Then there is Michael Moore
  16. I am a chartered engineer, and CEO of Hoel Engineering Ltd. We specialize in civil and structural engineering. Link to my Corporate Website Website doent seem to like firefox.. What kind of engineer? Shah
  17. f1karting

    Looking for..

    Hey.. anyone have a mint OE S3 dash speaker grill assy they want to sell? ..also any idea what the S3 wiper blade is off of? Thanks Jan
  18. I could think of much better things for the girlfriend to be doing... her.. me..
  19. I wonder how they did this.. Performance Data * Class: SPORTS GT * Weight: 1100 lbs 1100lbs.. crikey.. sure thats not suppose to be kg??
  20. Speaking of Smart.. this should blow your mind...
  21. I took mine out and had a look.. the slop is from worn pivot pins and poor action on the actuator assy in the back. I think some careful re-construction with more durable parts would do it right.
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