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  1. Hi Louis.. hows the esprit running now that its all done. The GT40 sounds like it has lots of nice stuff with it. Any idea how much they are hoping to get for it? Sabre kit.. god knows who they are. The things I would be concerned about are: The fiberglass and component fit after spending so many years in storage. Fiberglass can creep and change its shape over time, especially if it has not been jigged and exposed to heat. Some of the early kit cars had god awful heavy body components and often not that well constructed. I would want to check out what the chassis and suspension are like. It may be hard to tell, but its important that the chassis is true and the pickup points accurate. The welds are another thing to check. I dont know that the mustang ECU will be much good unless its fitted to the same engine as it came off of. I dont know if the mustang ECU is tunable. I would figure on getting an Autronic or Haltec ECU instead. The brakes are nice and so is the TWM TB setup. The G50 transaxle I hear is a good choice for the GT40. I would try and find out more about Sabre and what success they had. You should try and get ahold of Ron Earp.. he is into GT40s.. he used to hang on the Esprit pistonheads forum.. he is approachable for sure. J
  2. Hey Louis you and I have the same thoughts.. I considered a GT40 but really want to do something completely different.. I actually started planning a Ferrari F40 replica project, from scratch.. I found a source for an accurate 1/4 scale model with ferrari assembly drawings, started the cad drawings for the body panels, and bought a suspension design software package. I eventually worked out a bill of materials.. it would cost about $100k in materials, components and subcontract work and another $45K worth in labour to produce all the molds and panels in CF and to assemble the car. I realized at that point I was going to have to wait on this one because Id have to sell all my toys to finance it, or find investors and build more than one. I had plans to use the ford 32 valve SC-V8 and a ford GT or RBT transaxle. An amazing car you could really flog without the Ferrari O and M.. nice... maybe later.. finish the Esprit first. Jan
  3. I believe the fun in the kits, is in the build, not the owning.. sure anyone with money may be able to buy one.. but wheres the pride in that.. J PS I think the interior of the newFord GT sucks.
  4. I am looking for a UN1 transaxle, preferably one with the rh shift, but will consider anything anyone has to offer. Please email me at Jan
  5. I am looking for a UN1 transaxle, preferably one with the rh shift, but will consider anything anyone has to offer. Please email me at Jan
  6. Personally, I would be wary driving it without FULL water and bleeding the air from the system. You may have to crack the top hose loose a bit to bleed it but thats only a "work around". It cost a fellow I know a set of nikasil liners and pistons because of air and low water in his cooling system. He had only owned the car two weeks! Not a good first experience for him. I would hate to hear that happen again. J
  7. For cable ends solder(tin) the last 5mm then use model aircraft collars (dubro) on the ends.. they have an allen set screw and come in perfect sizes for small dia cable... Ive used them for years without failure and no more f-d cable ends. Jan
  8. Mark.. I have a mold made for the S3 undertray and an original I can take some photos and dims of if you prefer. The mold is designed for use with the vacuum bag system, of which I have tools and equipment for doing. Havnt made any parts from that mold yet, but is ready to go, waxed and all. If you are in no rush I could do a glass or even CF/hybid/epoxy one for you. Jan you can email me
  9. Hi.. I am looking for a used SM or UN1 belhousing, any condition, for use as a machining and alignment template for a ZF conversion BH Im working on. you can contact me at Thanks Jan
  10. Hi.. I am looking for a used SM or UN1 belhousing, any condition, for use as a machining and alignment template for a ZF conversion BH Im working on. you can contact me at Thanks Jan
  11. Looking for feedback on the durability of the Citroen box. What sort of problems have people had? What can one expect? I have heard that you best have a supply of spare CWP if you have anything near 270hp, (unless it is driven VERY conservatively), and that anything over 300hp, one is pretty much guarateed it will eventually self destruct. Jan
  12. Hi Teigan.. I havent got that far yet.. I just mapped the system so I could understand it better. My car is in process of restoration so havnt done anything on that system yet. All I know is its gonna get removed, except for critical parts The RO valve is a good idea to keep, otherwise the vents need to vent to the underside of the car so that in case of a roll over (heaven forbid), and the car is inverted, fuel wont drain out the vents. Also IMO, that bloody fuel vapor recover tank is a fire hazard.
  13. Hey guys.. the attached link is to a PDF of an ACAD drawing I made of the emissions system on my 83-84. It may be handy for those of you who want to understand the emissions system better before messing with it. I am removing all of it on my project, cause IMO its a bloody niusance to maintain, messes up the engine bay, and serves only to satisfy the law-makers.. Jan enjoy.. lotus esprit S3T emissions diagram
  14. Hi Trevor.. it makes sense to me. Is steel is exactly half that of aluminum? The nikasil sleeve is actually an alloy sleeve with a nikasil coating on the bore. I am confused why they had 0.002" clearance even though the block and sleeve were both an aluminum alloy. If 0.002 is correct, then based on your theory, the early cast sleeves as used on the 83-86 910 engine may have been designed for 0.001". However, given the expansion rates of the components, neither sleeve would likely to be an interferance fit at 80C. Hence my question about the clearance spec and stability. It would be nice to find out the technical data and blueprint specs on the liner to block fitment. But it seems likely lost with its designers. Perhaps Dartons engineers can enlighten me. Do honda use a sleeve system on their engines? What is the practice on other performance engines using sleeves? Thanks for your input. Bibs.. I see you moved the thread. It was originally placed in the general chat to get better coverage since it is not a g-car only tech question... any chance you could link this thread to the other technical pages so I can get more feedback? Jan
  15. I am in the process of building up a 83 S3T with a target HP of about 280 and am planning to use Dartons nodular cast sleeves. The plan is to also have Darton machine o-ring grooves in the spigot end with the intent of completely eliminating the usual sealing issues. My question is.. what fitting clearances are ideal for cast liners in an alloy block? I measured some nikasil sleeves on an 88 and they appear to be about 0.002"... seems high to me. I would think closer to 0.0005 would be best in that case. However, I dont expect the cast-in-alloy clearances to be quite the same as nikasil. Also.. any ideas on how to improve the sleeve stability at the top of the bore? thx Jan
  16. Hi Louis.. that problem is nerve racking.. I had the same issues with my twin cam.. I tried everything, even greased up the pump impeller to tighten the seal. In the end, I found all was well, so I crossed my fingers and fired it up... gave it 10 secs (seems a lifetime in that situation) and couple of quick blips to about 2000 and magically the OP showed. The one thing I couldnt check, and was concerned that maybe the PU pipe had failed or was sucking air from somewhere. Needless to say, I was scared s-tless that my next job would be redoing the bearings as well. Its been fine since... Good luck my friend.. Jan
  17. Good to hear Jon.. Got my Fikse wheels.. they are awsome!! Jan Hi Louis!
  18. Not sure if this is valid, but maybe a split in the G-car pages so that the S1-2 group have their own place and the S3 and S3T have their own group. There must be as much different in those car groups as the G vs S-cars. Besides maybe it would encourage the S1-2-3 Yahoo's over... just my 0.02
  19. I have tried QED and Farndon, but they are too lazy to get back to me...even though they say they can make them... Frustrated to say the least.. has anyone got any pull with either of them or know an alternative source? Jan
  20. Now look what he is into!! I contacted Richard recently and he still has all the molds for his G-racecar. Which he hhas offered the use of. He can also provide a full TB injection system for our cars.. He is very helpful and accomodating. Jan
  21. An information resource for the S3 and S3 Turbo owner. Anyone can add or edit content using the wiki format that the admin, Jon Sweet has set up.
  22. Good to meet all of you... I currently have an 83 S3 Turbo which is undergoing a full ground up restoration. Please feel free to read a bit more more about my project and interests in my profile. Please also feel free to email me off line if you wish. Regards Jan
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