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    Frederic de Ryckman de Betz
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  1. Show us your Garage

    This year... 😂 *sorry not very helpful I know, but following for ideas hope that's ok 😊
  2. What's your speed?

    A little slow in West Malling this evening.
  3. Bought My First Lotus on 17th August

    👏👏👏 Welcome! 🤓
  4. LEF Jokes & Gags thread

    ***News flash***
  5. Fantastic day today, the boys absolutely loved it and so did the missus.... which of course means so did I 😂 Great to be welcomed to the TLF stand, thanks for the water and Lotus biscuits too - well done to all involved 💪💪💪 Thanks for everything Bibs - you're a gent.
  6. Esprit bike carrier

    I know it's not for an Esprit but had to share... 😊
  7. First Race Victory!

    But there was no sound. What were you thinking
  8. Vehicle: Lotus Elise 111s

    Name: Lotus Elise 111s Click to view: Lotus Elise 111s
  9. Lotus Elise 111s

    Lotus Elise 111s
  10. Luvyalizzy

  11. First Race Victory!

    Have you considered an external mic on a wire? They're not pricey or heavy and can be stashed somewhere to get decent sound without so much wind noise. I have one for my GoPro but tbf, it's only a basic thing compared to yours 👍 Congrats on the win 👏
  12. Hello I need an excuse to polish the car. Don't think the boys will be able to stand it all day, but I'm sure I can make a plan with the wife - if there's room that is! If not we'll park in the field, no stress - boys just love having a go in the car. Hoping for good weather
  13. EMEG - Viable?

    We're in Chello, 52 plate dark red 111s that doesn't get out much :-( Would welcome opportunities for a run out, even if it's only to Donny, but don't check the forums very often I'm poo at that, lol Cheers Fred. Ps have seen plenty of Loti about - happy to drop stickers / cards on their windshields if bibs sends me some ;-)