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  1. Is this a Classic Car show? forgive me but thats rules out any car not 15 years +
  2. Do you mean the air bleed hole at the top of the radiator? - The one with a plastic screw type thing that can be undone by hand? I have not got any other drain/bleed plugs on mine
  3. Having read this thread, and then looked at the UK Sportscars prices, I thought
  4. Laura, Has any decisions been made on the show, the Cars, the Theme, the Logistics?
  5. Dam, I only have one turbo any V8 takers ?
  6. I may also pop down, can you put me a ticket in the post - cheers Nick
  7. I spotted this on Tuesday travelling up the M6 on a transporter, was wondering where it was going to. It looked pretty good from the offside, but i did not see the near side where the damage is But if it
  8. Bought mine, told the Mrs. it cost half what I really spent, picked it up, had an engine fire on the way back, eventually got it home on the back of an AA truck and 11pm, it than sat in the garage for two weeks before i dare look at it but now I love every min I spend with her
  9. Bet your glad you spotted that before you took some serious bends, saying that the break is quite rusty
  10. Graham, Say hello to the Stag boys for me, I have a BSA thats got to be up and running for the Hotton tower show the week after (I have been challanged to finish this project thats been sitting around for two years now)
  11. Yeah, I was so lucky, when I rang they said
  12. Laura, Reading back through this thread, there are lots of offers of Cars and Help over the 3 days. Now you have decided on the theme, could you decide on the cars, and then arrangements can be made for the weekend, I am assuming that the cars have to be onsite on the Friday and cannot leave until the show is over on the Sunday I am avalable with car for the duration (80's)
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