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  1. Im gona change mine tomorrow - if the weather is good - ill let you know how many times I trap my fingers
  2. In my experience - If something does not feel right from the initial contact - walk away - nothing is unique when it comes to finding a car - except number 1 of course !!
  3. The answer is quite simple, relatively cheep and effective, (assuming they don
  4. Great looking interior - and the Original radio - WOW I want that !! Glad you to have a switch under the steering wheel - Mine also has this - it
  5. Can you clarify something, Does fitting a Chargecooler to a std LC turbo - simply give more power due to the cooler air into the engine - or are you changing other things ?
  6. Hi chris My 85 turbo did exactly the same, ran at normal temp, until it got on the motorway and at high revs the gauge climbed towards the red, turned out was radiator, fitted a new 3 core - never gets hot nick
  7. Graham, Ive joined the October shine - Thanks Not leaving - Just looking for an S1 to restore from ground up
  8. Bibs Mat Me Alex Dave Oneshot PaulC CarlC Lisalotus Dodgy Stagowner (northern Meeting point anyone ?)
  9. Hiya Guys, Yep I am selling the brake kit, but if the 20 watches don
  10. Graham, It was not mine - it was Raining on sunday :crybaby: and it was muddy
  11. Chocs away! Being the furthest away I am strapped in and ready - just waiting for the passengers Lets Hope it a memorable flight Feel just like Biggles as I strapped in with shades and donned my leather jacket for what will be a truly thrilling experience. My heart thumping, I'm about to climb in the shiny white peril and we take to the fast lanes. Chocs away! To all us guys and girls in our magnificent flying machines
  12. Ill be at Sanbatch also for 7:30am
  13. 1 backmarker V8 ? 2 Mat S2 3 esprit350 S4 4 Dodgy S3t 5 oneshot S350 6 Davebarny S4 7 BigSi S3t ? 8 NoneShallPass SE 9 Gasmangt3 +1 10 Simon GT3(with new suspenders!) i mean suspension...... 11 nicksoldies 9 of 40 12 Stagowner S3t :-)
  14. Dave, I have ordered a set for mine from PNM, I have the disc's just waiting for the callipers, the ones for the Pre 85 use the same pads as fitted to the standard callipers, I would have expected bigger pads, but PNM assures me with the 4 piston calliper and the vented disc - there will be a noticeable difference. Interested also to find out who else has them fitted and are they much better? fenton - Nice to see the finished result looks great - what
  15. First outing for me and the lotus this year - unfortunatly im supporting club lotus at the Classic car event at Cholmondeley Castle May 13th Another night of looking at all the photos from the oxford meet :-(
  16. Sadly I am working - up for the next one
  17. Graham, big thankd for the organisation, Doggy - thanks for the lift there - i might even try to lower my front suspension Dave - Thanks for the lift back There will be one more Esprit on the May Hoon ??? - Ive got some sunroof hinges Nick
  18. I will be there Sunday jn15 8am - If no spare seats ill follow in my new motor :crybaby:
  19. Nick (stagowner) possibly travelling there in day car Will be day car - Platers have lost my sunroof hinge clips !! if anyone spots any for sale - They are MINE Or a lift ????
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