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  1. 554 - miles Smiling all the way :-)
  2. Tell me about it ! Nearly had to cancel - Leave well alone ! How many time have I heard that ? Decided to adjust my door to fit better when shut, removed the two c/sk alan screws from the latch bracket on the B post only to hear the threaded plates behind drop out of sight I have come up with a temporary fix, but will be asking advice on the day on how to get behind the B post - looks like petrol tank out ? - I hope not ? Nick
  3. You guys have me slightly worried now, was told months ago it will be "Sunny END OFF" Just to be on the cautious side I will bring my roof along in the boot, taking up valuable space for all the goodies I hope to win at the auction and buy from the shop !!
  4. Thanks James / Steve Now covered with RH the lady in question is Rachael Morris - I did ask her if she would like to accompany me
  5. James, Did you talk to RH - I am not having much joy with them, Ive now faxed them a letter t oexplain in detail - did you call them - who did you talk too ? Thanks
  6. No problem , I also have a spare seat
  7. Thanks , definately leave me a spot to park in, as i strugle to count past 10 once I have ran out of fingers
  8. I was planning to go down the back roads and arrive early- so figuring there would be 10 or so parked in the car park that I would gladly drive past, admire , overtake, and pay my dues
  9. My Pledge Well I have just planned my route for next Sunday, I will be travelling about 10 mph below the sped limit on the roads, (Just to ensure I make it there and get to enjoy Monday) So here goes
  10. I have just go around to giving my car the once over for the trip down to the Factory, and being ever so excited about the prospect of these new dampers I read about a month or so ago, I checked the condition of mine and they are ready for replacement
  11. Carl, I was planning to go down the same route, will you be making a toilet break at Knutsford !!
  12. 1984 Esprit Turbo White Full Red Leather Interior As it left the Factory + lots of Polish
  13. Rory, I have recently changed my system from the original Lotus exhaust (Mild Steel) to a Sports system from PNM. Looking at the photos - it
  14. Drivers, I spend many days down at Lotus, working on various project, I would not be surprised if the pace car is a Proton
  15. 140 1 - Nick Woodruff 2 - Yes - 1984 Turbo S3 3 - No 4 - Yes 2 Nights Sunday/Monday 5 - No 6 - Yes 7 - Yes 8 - Rochdale
  16. Troy, Fantastic engine bay, I will never let anyone see beneath mine again, I will just tell them is a good as the outside of the car and blag it. Where / how did you replace the silver foil around the sides and bulkhead - is it obtainable? Nick - ps. anyone know how to display my picture in the top left of the posts?
  17. Its great to see the engine in my opinion, but it wont stop there, prepare to spend 1000's on detailing the engine bay, I dont intend to do it with my Esprit, but did it on a Stag, (dont laugh it share the same air filter !!) post photo if you do it
  18. Hello, This was my first year at Donington, I came down with my son to exhibit my car (White/Red S3 Turbo) an meet as many people as possible. I found the event extremely good; meet many esprit owners and took in lots of advice (this alone was worth the expense of travelling down + the hotel for the night) on how to keep my Esprit in tip top condition. I could not talk to you all as my son fell Ill on Sunday
  19. Hi, I have been the proud owner of an 84 turbo, The car is as origional except for the radio/cd player. Does anyone know the model number of the radio that was factory fit for an 84 turbo Does anyone have one ! before I take a shot at eBay I hope to meet most of you at the Lotus events - probably Donington will be its first outing now the salt is on the road cheers for now
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