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  1. Laura,

    Reading back through this thread, there are lots of offers of Cars and Help over the 3 days.

    Now you have decided on the theme, could you decide on the cars, and then arrangements can be made for the weekend,

    I am assuming that the cars have to be onsite on the Friday and cannot leave until the show is over on the Sunday

    I am avalable with car for the duration (80's)

  2. stagowner I'm glad to be of service we got to keep these cars on the road!!!

    Hope they didn't try and rip you off for the sunroof.( well no more that any of the Lotus dealers would anyway) and hope you found the place ok as I know its not easy place to find.


    No problem finding it, and compared to

  3. got there this morning to help set up the pitch and sort the gazebo, noone there, so left around 1.

    nice weather though, and it was nice to see what was coming through the gates.

    Well we all mised each other, never mind we will form the group tomorrow, The pitch looks a little bare, and already some one parked what looks like an early SI in Orange


  4. So now it's:

    Jon (Hopo) s3 NA Blue, one of the days... yet to be confirmed

    Graham (GC1) S4 Blue Fri,Sat & Sun.

    Daniel - Sport 350

    GT3-Sat/sun ?

    Tony -Sat..

    Stagowner- Fri/Sat/Sun.

    Sunday only NMEG gate-crashers

    Backmarker Graham


    Dave Oneshot


    Nice one NMEG - We will have a full house for Sunday

    We can now compete against the TVR boys who at 2pm have an engine revving session/ followed by the Subaru guys - only kidding with 10 Esprits we will draw the crowds

    I am trying to find a way to get the gazebo on site for the weekend - not easy in an Esprit

    any news Graham on the LEF/LEW banner for the pitch ?

  5. Wow that sounds great,passes have now arrived ,our pitch has changed though,but for the better,were now B11 all on our own, no sharing with anybody else.Also were very close to the beer tent.

    I will post a copy of the plan with the passes as soon as I get them photocopied.Might try and post it has part of this post,we'll have to see.

    So now lets have some good weather and some Esprit's......10 would be good on both days,were right by the main entrance so we must look good !!!!

    I'll try and bring the gas cooker for bacon sarnys too.


    Could you confirm my ticket, and send me a site plan - I don

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