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  1. Evora still high on desirable list - flat rear bench seat ideal for dog to lie on. (Real reason for moving on from my 10th Elise)
  2. All the BRG one needs now is a red interior and a single yellow stripe front to rear to be perfect!
  3. Yup, the car there is Ice White -have some nice pictures of it in the sunshine from a couple of weekends ago when we gatecrashed Cammeron House with a few Elises on the way back from a small tour of Scotland. The Lazer Blue looked incredible in the sunlight as well. The wife fell in love with the canyon red one though - might have some baring on future purchase colour....
  4. Guy Don't say things like that, otherwise we may have to pay a visit when we come up for the Elise Garden Party at the end of the month................(boggy 111r for the Evora fund here)
  5. Stike the LAnd Rover from the current fllet - some scrote has nicked it (if you do see a metalic Grey Defender 90 station wagon, reg M111 HET please let the BiB know). Given the current climate the replacement will probably be a second hand Fester
  6. I suspect that the standard windows will have a slight tint. Unfortunatly legal restrictions limit the tint on side windows to 30% on front windows, and any after market flim can put you on the wrong side of the law - if a copper takes offence he is quite within the law to order you to remove tint films at the side of the road or impound the vehicle until it does comply with the law.
  7. Sounds like fairly typical Auto express poor journalism - this is the same Authoritive Publication which claimed on the front page to have "Driven the M250", which was complete bollox because there was never a drivable M250. (Mules yes but they were built several months after the Auto Express story)
  8. Given employer's current state (LDV) I'll be holing back for a while....
  9. Would go for Solar Yellow, Charcole & Grey wheels, but hten again I might be tempted by Racing Green, Paprika, Grey wheels and a Single Yellow Stripe down the midddle <Type 25 Faction>
  10. Given Catmando's current car, I think my first suspisions were right - is it half term?
  11. AndyShep

    IPB 3.0.0

    Ah ha being an IT Numpty - no! Probably the problem then!
  12. AndyShep

    IPB 3.0.0

    Hmmm bombed out when I tried to get the the Hello thread.
  13. Yup -that and the need for a hard top and an itch which i haven't been able to scratch since the death of M250.........
  14. Yup -I admit it -I did work for Lotus, as project manager for M250 among other things, and yes I could probably get a quick trip in to Hethel to catch up with some of my old collegues, just waiting for a wee while as job isn't quite as stable as i would like at moment....
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