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  1. If so you might enjoy It's a look at the history of the Targa, features Alain de Cadenet, who nearly died there..
  2. beak


  3. We've done a little video of last year's Run.. if this doesn't get you in the mood then may we suggest Viagra?
  4. Sounds like a plan! Sign up now and you'll be ok!
  5. It'll be worth it - or have a little night away, bring the wife, sort of things
  6. As always thank for your support Bibs, see you Sunday!
  7. Following the success of last year's event, we're back this year for another Roundel Run! As before, The Roundel Run is part 'run' and part 'car show' - we actually start off at Brooklands/Mercedes Benz World, from under Concorde, and then make our way to Biggin Hill Airport, to the Festival, where we'll drive by the crowd of 18,000 people (so you can't be shy), before parking up in the arena, where people can come and have a look at your car, take pictures, etc. Last year we raised £5,500 for charity! Would love you to have you guys along again this year.. as before, tickets available from -Alex
  8. Ah, so new server, less traffic. nice one.
  9. Emailed Maxine What time is stuff happening, will pop down after the school run..
  10. The last part of our gymkhana blog is up.. ..and it's packed with surprises and results.. We announce the winner of the slalom, we release the points from the event and the overall drivers standing.. AND.. ..we have a look at what might, at this stage of the competition, be the best £2,500 sports car on the market.. Find out more at:
  11. And the brake test results are in! And they're a little surprising. Did the Toyota GT86 - a brand new 2015 sports car - take the crown? Did any of the cars fail to match or best the Highway Code? Only one way to find out.. read this:
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