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  1. Were thinking of coming along to this for the first time, looks great! We haven’t bought a ticket yet. Whats the deal with camping, do we need to arrive early on Sat to get a pitch?
  2. Hmm.. I need to try this then. I tend to get it into Sport before I press on, so maybe I've just never noticed!
  3. Does Sport / Race mode affect the throttle response? I didn't think it did.. isn't it just the DPM and exhaust valve that is changed?
  4. If it's just for photos, then I'm up for it! But if they want to rag it..
  5. As much as I hate to admit it, that does sound pretty good..
  6. I seem to remember at the demo day at Goodwood we were keeping the Exige V6 in 4th gear through the chicane to prevent it exceeding the drive-by noise limit. Can't recall which mode we were in.. probably Touring.
  7. I've used e-tyres before (when I lived in Eton), they seemed to be OK but I guess it depends which fitter you get. Probably better to go with a local company by specific recommendation.
  8. It won't take long to 'pay off' the £2k option price with the lower tax bracket. Not for me though, I like a manual box.
  9. I'm with Admiral, no tracker required. I don't think they cover track days though.
  10. It'll be worth way more than 50%. Go for it!
  11. I have a rattle coming from somewhere behind the DPM switch.. nothing I touch makes any difference which makes it very difficult to locate!
  12. Could PS be Premium Sport?
  13. Have you gone for Chrome Orange? I know Jamie is delivering another one on Saturday, and he said my pictures on SELOC / Facebook have resulted in a few more orders! I should be getting commission.. or maybe a free service..
  14. A few pictures from collection day
  15. Myfavedave

    Exige V6 Roadster

  16. From the album: Exige V6 Roadster

    © Antony Greaves

  17. From the album: Exige V6 Roadster

    © Antony Greaves

  18. From the album: Exige V6 Roadster

    Chrome Orange

    © Bell & Colvill

  19. Great RT60 on the end of that! /soundengineer
  20. I think I'm right in saying that the Exige is the same as the Elise at the front, with the Evora rear subframe. I'm sure someone more technical will be along soon enough to confirm though..
  21. Nice. Gear changes were on the slow side though! Do you know what time it did?
  22. Haha! Careful, I'm a former WRX / Elise owner myself!
  23. You know what, only in a place like this would anyone make such a generous offer
  24. Thanks Bibs! Due to a cruel twist of fate, the delay in production has coincided with a family holiday.. So I'll have to wait till the end of May to pick her up.. at least it's something to look forward to on the flight home!
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