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  1. Took a 6 hour drive to Hethel and back today, to get this photo Do I look happy...?! Thanks to Jamie at B&C and Paul Bing at Lotus for making the arrangements. They even sent along their PR photographer to take the shot (and ensure I didn't take any secret shots to feed to you lions!) The car was being worked on when I arrived, apparently just a few door seals and bits and pieces to go before it goes through it's quality checks. One of the guys working on the car started talking to me about how it's the fastest model, it was great to hear such enthusiasm coming from the person bolting bits on. Not long now! :brum
  2. Hi Wolfi, I ordered mine at the end of December. I guess mine is due slightly sooner because it's staying in the UK?
  3. I saw some stuff I can't talk about.. but nothing that I'm itching to tell people about, so don't get your hopes up
  4. Hmm, sorry I don't remember seeing one, but then the yellow might have stood out a bit more. There were certainly lots of cars being worked on, most of them exiges
  5. Sadly we were too early to be able to see my car on the line Had a good tour of the factory though. I did see a nightfall blue roadster.. looking good!
  6. Finally getting to see it on the production line, after an agonising 4 months! Due off the line on the 12th May, which can not come quick enough. I'm sooooo excited!
  7. I had paintshield on my yellow VXT from new years ago, and I hated the way it looked. It was always difficult to clean along the edge of the film, so it was obvious it was there. I won't be fitting it to my new car when it arrives. I'd rather get the full effect of the colour (particularly as I'm going for a rather lairy orange), then respray if it gets too bad.
  8. I went for the 50/50 deal when I ordered mine in December. I assume the deal is still available, and it definitely swayed me to place an order.
  9. Good vid, I love a long, detailed review. Loving the comedy editing though
  10. Is there a noise difference? I doubt the numbers would convince me to upgrade (3% difference in peak power?) but the sound might.
  11. I'm so predictable! Considered white, but it would have to be pearl white and that's been problematic. But let's face it, it was always going to be orange anyway!
  12. I'm back in Lotusland! Well I will be in 4 months... photo by My Fave Dave, on Flickr
  13. Dammit.. now i'm liking white again..
  14. I can't find that deal on the Exige at the moment..
  15. Ahh, I'm with you now I can't see any mention of it on the Murrays website, and B&C didn't know about it when I last spoke to Jamie.. it would certainly be an attractive deal to me.
  16. I'm in the same boat. I like the styling of the Coupe, and soft top conversion is relatively easy. But if I buy the coupe, I would have to spec the Race pack for resale value, which I don't really need.
  17. I remember that video too. It's obviously been on the cards and understandably shelved in favour of other projects / financial woes. I wonder if they'll bother releasing it now, it might make sense to hold it for the next incarnation or at least for a facelift model. I think it would need to be an electric roof though. They won't attract any new customers from other brands with an Elise style rollup roof!
  18. Let me predict the verdict: -Exige has the best performance -M3 is the most practical -Cayman is the perfect compromise
  19. Thanks Gert, hopefully it won't feel too different to drive.. But I guess I could always order a coupe and add a soft top / premium interior to get the best of both worlds.
  20. Cheers Bibs My understanding was that this car was a rolling clay model, so I just wondered if there were any production line cars yet. I imagine all the dealers have ordered the coupe for demos.
  21. Right, I'm back. It's been a few months since I sold the Evora. Time to start scratching that itch again! Jamie at B&C let me take his demo car out and I was sold within about 30 seconds... but my next car must be a convertible, no sense waiting for the elusive Evora droptop any longer. The only pics I've seen of the Exige roadster so far have been the clay show car, and I'd really like to see how other colours suit the styling. Has anyone seen any others yet? Or does anyone know if the factory have produced any roadsters yet?
  22. I took the less painful option and sold to Jamie at B&C. So if anyone wants it give him a call. I have no doubt I'll be back in a Lotus within 6 months!
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