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  1. I thought the clutch issues were on early cars though, it's the first I've heard of a 2011 car having such an issue. I would certainly challenge the dealer, and suggest it is due to a malfunction rather than normal wear and tear. I've done 7000 miles normal driving and the clutch is fine. Has anyone on here had their clutch changed due to normal wear and tear yet? it would be interesting to know what mileage it lasted to.
  2. I've done this upgrade too, just for the hell of it!
  3. Myfavedave


    Phil at B&C has always looked after me well with warranty work and servicing.
  4. Be careful getting more than one dealer looking for the same car, if they all end up bidding on it the price they pay will be higher - then so will the price you pay! I use the parking sensors and camera all the time, so they're well worth having if you can find the right car with them. I don't use the cruise control as I don't do motorway miles. I use the TPMS to check everything is OK whenever I feel something unexpected in the handling, so it is useful in that respect.
  5. This one too pricey? Jamie was trying to get me to upgrade to it last time I was in!
  6. My previous experience of retro fitting anything like this (not with Lotus I should add) was that it was a nightmare. Non standard parts were used, which basically made the car look like it had been messed with by amateurs rather than being specced that way from new. If all the wiring is already in place, and it's just a case of changing the Nav, steering wheel and rear bumper / diffuser then it might not be a big job. I can't comment on how well the dealer in question could do it, but I'd wait for the right spec car instead. What exact spec are you after? Maybe we can keep an eye out for you.
  7. There are rumours that there might be some Evora upgrades announced at Goodwood this year, could this be Lotus incorporating the Radium system on the NA...? We all know the engine is capable of so much more than 276bhp, so Lotus must have been aware. Perhaps that was in the plan all along.. ie product development over the life of the car, gradually getting the NA up to 300bhp. IF this is the case, I hope the Lotus offer upgrades for existing owners!
  8. Hi Bibs, that link doesn't work for me..
  9. I think B&C have that car! Have you checked it out? Or is that too new / low mileage for you?
  10. I agree with pretty much everything you said Justin. I said exactly the same thing directly to the Lotus rep who was there on my test drive, "If the roof came off we'd e talking numbers!"
  11. The joint pipe would be an S. There is also the sports exhaust option which is the same twin pipe arrangement as standard on the NA but with burnt tips.
  12. Looks nice! I'm afraid the ramps in my work car park rule me out though
  13. I might be interested in getting involved (from a distance!), although I'll probably wait till I've had the decat done to see how that sounds..
  14. I had to wait about 6 weeks for them to come. Unfortunately I didn't get a look at the cables before they went in, I'll see if I can find out from the dealer..
  15. Does it depend on whether you have the sports exhaust on an NA?
  16. I'm assuming they're the MY12 cables, although they were replaced under warranty so I'm not sure of the exact spec.. Definitely worth it.
  17. I do find the mpg a little scary on the R8, but only because I use it to commute for part of the year and I don't want to be put off using it because of the expense!
  18. Hi Bibs, I was hoping to catch you at B&C today but I couldn't make it down again. I hope you enjoyed the car as much as I did!
  19. I must admit I anticipate there being a lot more options in 18 months time.. although I'm still not sure any of them float my boat as much! The MY12 is quite a big step forward in quality. It's still not a Porsche, but then I find Porsches quite soulless. The addition of extra leather and soft trim on the doors makes it feel more special, and the new seats are lovely. Not sure I like the red stitching in the black seats though.. but that's just personal preference. MY12 S IPS Build Quality: 7/10 Sound: 8/10 Auto box: 7/10 I'd still go for a manual as I missed having a clutch. It all felt too easy. Having said that, if you fancy an auto then I rate it quite highly. There is a slight lag in gear changes when you're using the paddles, probably about 0.5s. Which is enough to be noticed, but not enough to feel like you're not in control. It's no dual clutch system. Bell & Colvill were doing some good discounts on the MY11 cars, but I had to say I would rather pay the extra for the MY12. We might see MY11 prices drop further, which won't be good news for us current owners!
  20. Good stuff! Let us know how it goes! Justin, I spoke to one of the Lotus engineers yesterday and he said that the convertible is 18months to 2 years away and 'not a priority'. After driving the MY12 S I made the point of saying 'if that car had the roof down we'd be talking numbers!'
  21. What's the roadtrip? I did Boston to San Francisco a couple of years ago Hoping to get out to Austin for the Formula 1 this year and bit of a Texan roadtrip too
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