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  1. Just got home from having my gear cables changed. Wow! It's now almost too easy to change gear
  2. Has anyone had the decat on an 2010 NA with the sports exhaust? Just wondering whether it's possible in warranty, what the sound is like and what the cost was fitted.. I've just got back from playing in the new MY12 S IPS car at Bell & Colvill.. sounds fanbloodytastic!
  3. If the S is the same as the NA, it's every 9000 miles or 12 months.
  4. Just the cables I believe. My car is booked in for the 2nd April, so I'll let you know what the difference is.
  5. I'm having mine done soon, the parts have just arrived
  6. That's rather encouraging. The sport back box won't make a difference will it?
  7. Depends what it's 15% of! I've not tried any of them though.. I'll give them a go next renewal.
  8. I can imagine it would be desirable for the buyer anyway, but that's assuming they're local to Parky!
  9. That seems like a pretty good deal. What happens if you sell before the end of the deal? Can you simply stop paying?
  10. I tend to use the rear camera just for confirming nothing is behind, I use the mirrors and sensors and could probably cope without the camera.. not sure I'd pay £400 to add it (although I did pay £350 to spec it in the first place!)
  11. I was told the na is designed to run on 95, so I wouldn't expect any significant gain from a higher octane. The S might be different though as said above.
  12. How about the feed to the audio system? I haven't had my stereo out, but I would imagine there's access back there.
  13. Myfavedave

    MY12 Evora

    I think that might be Moxie's photoshop skills
  14. I think that might be standard if it's under the doors and in front of the rear wheels. I didn't spec it but I think it's there (from memory)
  15. I had it on my VX220 from new, but I didn't like how it looked. The edges were too visible, and cleaning the edges became tiresome. I haven't had it on my Evora, and I don't have any stone chips after 6k miles. The paint seems to be stronger on the Evora than it was on the Elise - my Elise was the same colour but looked pebble dashed on the nose!
  16. I don't think a warranty would cover a clutch anyway.. wear and tear. Unless it was proved faulty of course.
  17. Myfavedave

    MY12 Evora

    2 months?! Mine only took 12 weeks from order to collection. Must be an issue with geting them to the US.
  18. I'm inclined to agree with Mikie, Lotus have offered extended warranty on Elise variants in the past - or was that just Bell & Colvill? Either way I decided it wasn't worth the £500 (roughly) to cover my 111R when there wasn't enough things that could go wrong with it!
  19. I'm completely undecided on the styling, I kind of like it.. but I'd look a right tit parking it at Sainsbury's.
  20. Not sure of the official parts numbers... but this is what you want. Pop it out, pop it in.
  21. A few of us have done it. Piece of cake
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