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  1. it might be the first Chrome Orange roadster but it won't be the last - it looks fantastic! 


    Hope it's that sunny when I pick mine up in a few weeks...


    Have you gone for Chrome Orange?


    I know Jamie is delivering another one on Saturday, and he said my pictures on SELOC / Facebook have resulted in a few more orders!


    I should be getting commission.. or maybe a free service.. ;)

  2. Took a 6 hour drive to Hethel and back today, to get this photo :)


    Do I look happy...?!

    Thanks to Jamie at B&C and Paul Bing at Lotus for making the arrangements. They even sent along their PR photographer to take the shot (and ensure I didn't take any secret shots to feed to you lions!)

    The car was being worked on when I arrived, apparently just a few door seals and bits and pieces to go before it goes through it's quality checks. One of the guys working on the car started talking to me about how it's the fastest model, it was great to hear such enthusiasm coming from the person bolting bits on.

    Not long now! :brum

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