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  1. She's back in the UK now. Managed to get her registered with DVLA before the end of the transition period. Worst car to have here in Malta!
  2. Hi All Its been a while, since posting on here. I have relocated to Malta (yay Brexit!) And taken my GTE with me. The Exige and Elite are in safe storage in the UK for now. I think my GTE is the 1 of 2 lotus on the island! My evora has suffered an electrical fault with the drivers side window. The window goes down when the door is opened and returns to the close position when the door is closed as usual, however the switch inside does nothing. I managed to swap over the switch with the passenger side which made no difference. It can't be a fuse, perhaps relay,? Any advice would be welcome Dom
  3. What an experience! Amazing day out. Big thank you to everyone that helped organize the best Lotus event to date!
  4. Both lots of fun to drive, but if i had to pick I think the s1 exige would just have the edge.
  5. These are amazing pics, I'd give up a kidney to own one of Chapman's F1 cars...type 25 at the top of the list
  6. Couple of photos taken for insurance company
  7. I chose to have the entire car fitted with Xpel, the uplift in cost seemed very reasonable vs only having the impact areas protected. My GTE paintwork is starlight black, I'm not sure which brand of paint Lotus uses (seems quite soft) but paint swirls from cleaning etc after only 12 months started to show. I decided to have these removed, chips blown over and the entire car Xpel'ed. The paintwork now has a deep uniform colour, even in direct sunlight.
  8. 11.50 am Junction at Aldgate East. Looking very cool!
  9. Why not have both? I bought my S1 exige in 2000, it was my main driver for 14 years. Tracked it, drove it hard and loved every minute! 18 months ago it underwent a full restoration and now enjoys a more sympathetic life, away from salted roads. My motivation was nothing to do with money, I simply love the car and wanted to preserve one of Lotus's purest and finest. The fact that values have shot up is a welcomed bonus, if they had gone the other way I'd love the car just the same.
  10. My insurance for my Climax Elite is very specific: no MOT no cover! Sounds like a minefield to me!
  11. Not quite the £60k but close enough
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