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  1. Anyone know what the new ICE headunit is that they are now installing? Is it still an Alpine?
  2. The SUV will undoubtedly be either XC40 (due this Autumn) or XC60 (based on XC90/S90/V90) chassis based. Even with more money to invest the Porsche Macan is an Audi Q5/A4 chassis. Almost impossible to be a bespoke alloy chassis. Geely have already used the XC40 for the new Lync&co car and I would bet good money they'll use that again for Lotus. Expect the availability of this car to shake up the dealer network as well. 16 dealers will be totally insufficient for the volume expectations. No point doing it for less than 6000-7000 units a year and Lotus have never done that.
  3. Unlikely to use the 8-speed gearbox (is it a ZF unit? - I guess I should really know as I have one - I'll go and check). That'll come as they switch next gen products to 4-cylinder + electric motors 350bhp to 400bhp. That must be 2-3 years off unfortunately. Elise can take the 256Bhp 2.0 4-cylinder unit which is outstanding output for the volume.
  4. Couldn't disagree more. London Taxi is a great opportunity. Currently selling taxis in a tiny UK market with an opportunity to sell an iconic electric product to several global markets. Bought for peanuts/nothing and an opportunity to create a valuation many multiples higher. No brainer business decision to cross leverage electric powertrain and battery technology. Done well, this is the next MINI of this market.
  5. Let me leave you with this. Who was the head of Peugeot during the cars covered in this very funny episode?
  6. JMG is a bean counter, when what is now required is a business builder with product expertise - someone inspiring and capable of hiring the industry's best talent and shaping a next gen portfolio. As we all know, JMG's idea of product management is sticking labels on sub assemblies and asking everyone to find it cheaper. Could you imagine Elon Musk doing that at Tesla? The car industry is going through its biggest transformation since the invention of the car, driven by; shift to shared and non-ownership, electric drivetrain, autonomous and next gen connected car. As enthusiasts who own and ca
  7. I don't get this whole assembly debate. Name me a single car company that isn't today. They are all brand and factory plays today assembling components from Bosch, ZF, Valeo, Siemens, Denso etc. As brands they design and define the characteristics and marketing requirements for the vehicle. Companies like Ricardo even design the engines and transmissions for many of the big names. Most brands feature gearboxes from ZF. Mercedes is probably the most in-house product line I can think of. It also important to separate the Proton years from the DRB-Hicom years. The later switched off the mon
  8. I do wish you luck! Keep fighting the good fight.
  9. Does look good in white with black pack and wheels. It really shows off the proportions and the design.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to do that. Really helpful!!
  11. Likewise. I feel like people have been a bit harsh here. Lets hear the story. I remember feeling so angry with JLR about my F-Type ownership. It reached a similar point of emotion where even the smallest things just took me beyond boiling point. However, it came from months and months of continuous issues, a belligerent manufacturer and incompetent dealerships. It felt like visiting the hospital where each time I went in to be cured, I came out with another/greater illness than I went in with. Porsche is absolutely no better. I remember finding one of Porsche Reading's screw drivers rat
  12. Any chance of a look at the battery and wiring?
  13. That is brilliant. Great to see. Just out of 'beginners' interest, do you have to have special permissions to put it on the road or does it benefit from regular Evora homologation? And are the parts essentially development components from the Tesla era at Lotus?
  14. Interested - Mawheele - Evora 400 - Red with Black Roof.
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